IELTS Writing Reference Pham Van: How can I be happy?

Happiness is considered very important in our life. Why it is difficult to define? What factors are in achieving happiness?

It has been widely noted that happiness is very important to our life. However, what is happiness? It seems difficult to define, for different people have different ideas. Some people are brought up that most important thing in their life. They obtain happiness from seeking fame and profit. Other people are in pursuit of mental edification. They serve people heart and soul and find happiness from it.

In my view, according to philosophy, everything is in process of development including happiness. We spare no effort to achieve our goal and obtain happiness from success. However, after that we have another new aim to achieve. There is no limit to gaining lasting happiness.

Then how to obtain happiness? I think true happiness can be got in the following ways:

In the first instance, true happiness comes from hard work. A student is very happy when he has gotten high score in his examinations. His happiness is the result of his hard and patient study. Thus, happiness abounds in hard work.

Secondly, happiness is rooted in optimistic attitude. In our daily life, we should face a lot of problems, which may lead to setbacks. If these defeatist sentiments seize us, happiness will be far away from us. The only way is right attitude and sparing no effort to overcome it then you can find happiness.

Last but not least, happiness comes from frugality. Many example display people spending money wastefully for satisfaction of their desires may suffer from poverty in the long run. So living a simple and content life makes one happy and cheerful.

All in all, happiness is very important to our life. The good method to find happiness is making our mentalityand physicality both strong.

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IELTS Writing Reference Pham Van: the star makes more money whether it should?

Is it fair that sports professionals earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions? Give both sides of reasons of the argument and give your opinion.

The 27th World Football Cup has concluded. People around the world enjoy great fun from the excellent performance of the football players. But meanwhile, a new issue arises. Should athletes have a high salary? From my point of view, I think they should get a good pay.

Firstly, the development of athletic level represents for the power of a country. Athletes make great contributions to the society and earn great glories to their country. When our national anthem is played in the stadium, we feel very proud of our country’s strength. Therefore , a high the salary is a reward to the efforts athletes make.

Secondly, athletes devote themselves fully to the training and exercises. Every day, they do a lot of exercises with a view to setting new record in the sports games. Athletes are apt to be hurt in the matches, because some sports games are dangerous, for example, football, boxing and Wushu. High pay guarantees prompt and good medical care if they get hurt.

Thirdly, the athletic career is very short. Many athletes retire when they are still quite young. High salary can ensure that they can have a better life after they retire. If they want a further study, they will have no financial burdens.

However, we have also noticed that some athletes cheat the referees and spectators in order to get money. Some of them even bribe the judges and referees. The government must take some measures to prohibit this kind of corruption.

To sum up, it is reasonable for athletes to get high salary, because they are worth of it.

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22 classic argument of IELTS essay topic to expand

IELTS Writing, I believe that most duck are the most troublesome is the lack of arguments, trying to think out of the view, but they do regardless of evidence. Below, we provide everyone with the 22 most popular topic of the IELTS Writing both positive and negative point of view, helping to expand the answer thinking.

1. Smoking

For: (means agree or advantages)

1. It is pleasurable and relaxing

2 it is one’s right

3 it is difficult to the stop smoking

It makes socializing easier

It is an important source of revenue, the tax

Against: (means disagree or disadvantages)

1. It is harmful to one’s health (eg, heart disease, bronchial trouble, lung cancer)

2. It is harmful to those nearby

It is addictive (ie, nicotine)

2 School, Uniforms


1 they eliminate class differences

2. They allow students to better concentrate on their studies

They are popular with parents and administrators

4. They are inexpensive

5 they are attractive and neat

6. They eliminate the need to. Choose what to wear every day

7 many countries have them


1. They are disliked by students (students like to primp)

2. They create a military mentality.

3. They are an infringement on our freedom (different strokes for different folks)

4. They are ugly and childish

3 Legalized Gambling.


1 it is a source of government revenue

2 it is an old practice dating back thousands of years

3. It is pleasurable (eg, horse racing, casinos)

4 many people the play poker and mahjong


1. It can become addictive

2. It can the destroy happy families

It can lead to suicide

It is are able to controlled by the Mafia, (eg, bookmakers)

4 City Life


It is in my field adequately

It offers the best schools, hospitals, and stores

3. It offers many entertainments (eg, swimming pools, bowling alleys, and sports stadiums)

It offers many chances of employment

5 cities have an risk group public transportation system


It is unhealthy (eg, water on and air pollution in industry)

It is not a good environment for children

3 it is noisy and dangerous

It makes people nervous

5 cities are overcrowded and expensive

5. Informing Patients Of Cancer


1 patient’s right to know

It is wrong to hide the truth

It gives the patient a chance to. Plan his the last days

Doctors must do it “(in some country like the U.S.)


1. It is heartless and cruel

2 it may make the patient give up

It causes depression

It can lead to suicide

6. Social Security,


1. The state should help the poor, aged, unemployed, and sick

The state should provide good health care for its citizens

3. There will always be social misfits that need the help

All religions focus on the charity

All advanced countries have some form of social security


It costs too much

It encourages laziness and destroys the work ethic

People should look after themselves

It results in heavy taxes



It is natural (ie, adult society is not segregated)

It gives men and women a chance to better understand one another

It gives men and women a chance to compete with one another

4. It has many practical advantages (eg, school plays, music groups)


1. Women do better academically in their own colleges

2 women are in the colleges of to get an education, not a husband

3 it is still rare in some countries

4. It robs women of their self-confidence

8 Corporal Punishment


Children are not adults

2 children respect discipline

It is a form of training

4 it builds of real character

It works to the control juvenile delinquency


1. It is not a civilized way

Love is better than physical punishment

It can cause, psychological problems

4, there is the saying: Violence begets violence

9.Organ Transplants


1. They prolong life

They are supported by the medical profession

3. Critically ill people want transplants in order to live


They are too expensive

They are unnatural as seen by the body ‘s rejection

3. They are often unsuccessful

10.Civil Disobedience (civilization to resist)


S no one is above the law

2. It can quickly destroy law and order

It leads to the chaos of society

4 it leads to contempt for all Hurtado De Notaris



1. It is murder (infanticide)

2 it is an unnatural practice

3. A fetus is a human being – unborn but viable

The rights of a fetus must be protected,

5. It causes many women to have guilt feelings

Equality 12. Of the Sexes


Both men and women have equal human rights

Most companies have adopted equal pay for The equal work

3. There are no skills women can not the master

Women are superior to men in some fields

13.Foreign Aid


It is humanism

The. Rich should help for the poor

All religions teach the charity promotes national security



1 it is the logical solution to a bad marriage

It allows both persons to seek happiness in a second marriage

3. Remarriage is a right

4. Children are better off living with one parent than with both in an unhappy environment

15.Compulsory Military Service


It aims to strengthen national defense

It teaches young, men discipline

It builds character and physical fitness

4 it teaches valuable skills

5. It nurtures a spirit of comradeship an equality

It offers opportunities for overseas travel

It exists in many countries (eg, Switzerland, Singapore)

It reduces unemployment

9. It instills a sense of patriotism


It is unnecessary in view of today ‘s, professional armies

2. It is a step away from peace

It is useless peace in today’s world

4. Today ‘s armies do not need unskilled manpower

16.Voluntary Euthanasia


It is a Basic right-the right to die

It allows one to die with dignity

It allows one to choose the time and place of death

It is painless

5 it is the solution to a the terminal illness with suffering


1 it is murder or suicide

It is illegal in the most countries

Most doctors oppose it

17.Capital Punishment (death)


1. It frightens would-be criminals (acts as a deterrent)

It serves as a just reward for killers

3. It lowers crime rates

4. It is more economical than a life sentence (saves the state money)

18.Trade Protectionism


1 it invites retaliation

2. It invites reciprocity based on a quid pro quo basis

3 it agriculture and industryto develop poor, underdeveloped countries

It leads to trade wars

5. It costs taxpayers large sums of money

19.Nuclear the Power


It provides huge amounts of energy from of small amounts of fuel can

The world ‘s supply of oil will be exhausted in 90 years

3. It could supply all the world ‘s electricity for millions of years if fully developed

4. Nuclear power plants create less air pollution than fossil-fuel power plants

20. Library: Computer VS Books,



1) Efficiency

2) Large storage capacity

3) the Multimedia attraction

5) Sharing is information

6) Network or Internet

7) the Rapid updating is



1) Traditional medium,

2) Easy to carry

3) Conveniently read

4) index of the academic environment


1) Not durable

2) Low, rate of updating is

3) Can not be shared by any people

22 University: library, the VS the Physical training facilities



1) Major goal to impart knowledge to students

2) Index of the academic environment

3) Attract more excellent professors

The Physical Training:


1) Help to improve one’s health which is basis of study

2) Students learn to be cooperative

3) Provide 263. The

4) May produce good athletes

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Classic opening paragraph of the IELTS Writing

Beginning Paragraphs of the classic opening paragraph of the IELTS Writing


When asked about the ongoing uproar involving / concerning the increasing divorce rate, most people say the affair involves a purely private matter. But / while many other people regard this as a side effect of the drop of social moral standards. I personally think the latter can hold water.

Sample 2

When it comes to the increasing use of motor vehicles in the cities, some people think that use should be limited. Others argue that the opposite is true. There is probably some truth to both arguments, but emission controls must be instituted regardless of the number of vehicles.

The Sample 3

There is a general debate nowadays about the problem of itinerant workers. Those who object to the rising migrant population argue that increasing numbers lead to rising crime rates and harm social stability. But people who favor the influx of the cheap labor force, on the other hand, maintain that migrants are needed to support the massive urban infrastructure construction program.

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IELTS Writing material: meat or vegetarian?

Carnivorous Diet or Vegetarian Diet

Carnivorous Diet:

1. Human beings are a part of the food chain, and eating meat is natural. So then, how can eating meat be wrong?

2. Humans are type of animal and eating meat is normal and simply a part of life.

3. Animals provide essential protein for the human body. Protein is biologically essential, for every living creature needs a certain amount to survive.

4. Vegetarians do not get enough minerals and vitamins as a result of their limited diet.

5. It is hard enough for vegetarians to stay healthy in our technologically advanced society.

6. Eating plats is also causing pain or discomfort to the plants. You only have to check out laboratory experiments that plants feel pain.

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Rhetorical analysis of “limit”

Rhetorical analysis of “limit”

Poem consists of ten stanzas, heroic verse quartet of rhyme, and alternative ABAB. The first stanza has personification hyperbole when he says, “deepen the west”, two hyperbaton: “a” and “since last time.” Concludes the stanza with an enjambment with the second in the words: “Whoever under omnipotent prefix rules.” Who is an allegory of human limits: death, or perhaps God. “Almighty rules” is also a hyperbole. The second stanza has polysyndeton in verses two, three and four in the conjunctions “and”. There is a list which means “life” consists of three elements: “Shadows,” “Dreams,” “forms.” The contradictions of life are marked with a chiasmus or pun when he says: “unwoven” and “spin”. In the second verse there is a symmetry between, “and a secret” and “hard measure”. The following is repeated symmetry, but in this case is threefold: “shadow”, “Dreams” “forms.” In the latter there is a new symmetry. “Unwoven” and “spin”. The third stanza begins with two chained polysyndeton “there” and “y”. A second list is presented as the antithesis of this, it means death: “term”, “rate”, “last time”, “never again”, “oblivion.” “In this house” is hyperbaton of “we fired” and, in turn, “without knowing” what is the first sentence. Antanaclasis is formed with a two person: one is the informer, the other the deceased. In the second verse of this stanza there is a threefold symmetry between “last time”, “never again”, “oblivion.” In the fourth verse “the night stops” is hyperbaton of “behind the glass and gray.” understatement is also a metaphor, it means: dawn, says this, at least most. and is also the first element, due to the formation of four metonimiaspor effect, “gray glass,” “vague table”, “truncated shadow”, “long shadow”. Furthermore, the two adjectives shadow (“truncated”, “long”) are themselves antithetical. Finally, there is a common semantic field allusion to the blindness of the author, who will refer later: “shadow truncated” vague table “,” book read “these are all forms of blindness, ie the limits of Borges. In the fifth stanza is a second allegory (antonomásica): The South, which is also generalizing synecdoche: the South is “south of the city.” In turn, this is linked with a second synecdoche, in this case particularizing “spent Gate” is the entire house. Coupled gate gives an ellipsis of verb “spent with his vases gate (wrought) masonry and tunas.” The last figure in this verse is a comparison between gate and lithography. The sixth stanza begins with a hyperbaton, “Forever.” There is also a personification in the phrase “a mirror that awaits you.” “The Crossroads you think open” is a tautology since all crossings are inevitably open, but ends in a paradox since, “seems to open”, and actually closed because it is impossible to “travel” to the past, although it can remember. Janus Consequently it is not possible allegory: not allowed to enter the path of the past. Concludes the stanza with a neologism: “cuadrifronte.” This stanza begins with a generalizing synecdoche: “memory” because it means memory. Next is a generalizing synecdoche: for “Lost” is broader than forgetting what you mean. “Sun” and “moon” are qualified by adjectives respective paradoxical, they symbolize, in contradiction, the irrecoverable at that time where everything is backwards, as the non-being. In this final verse there is a symmetry between “or the white sun” and “not the yellow moon.” Finally, “sun” is metonymy of cause for effect, then it means day. “Luna” it is also, and is only deductible for the symmetry established with “sun” because the moon is not cause for the night there, and yes it is the sun. It can ultimately add both “source” is a metaphor of time spent and “sun” and “moon”, together, are also pomposity. In stanza number eight is given the ellipsis of the verb be “your voice will not (be) that the Persian said,” birds “and” roses “are a metaphor in the presence of” language. “” Things “is a hyperbaton , which would go after “say”, “lake” is a generalizing synecdoche he says all the lakes and just means the lake of Geneva, for the same cause is also a quintessential. The same goes for “Persian” because refers to the poet Omar Khayyam. “Yesterday” and “Today” show as the antithesis. “tips” is a metonym for the concrete to the abstract (remember -> abstract tilt -> concrete). Apheresis “Latino” for Latinos. There is a metonymy of the concrete for the abstract when he says “Rhone” and “lake” and means yesterday. “Fire” is a synecdoche particularizing it means war. “erased” means destroyed, so it is an understatement. In the final stanza is primarily a metonymy of effect for the cause by saying “dawn” and mean at dawn. Although Borges is unusual, it is still very Argentine when he speaks of “multitudes who have wanted,” therefore speak of a hyperbole. “Dear” and “forgotten” are participles antithetical. The repetition of three “and” us evidence that this is a polysyndeton. It animizan “Borges space and time and” therefore is a personification. But in particular “Borges”, besides being pomposity is also a paradox, because Borges Borges leaves. Finally, “space and time and Borges” is an enumeration that means life, the last limit that fits the poetic voice that is, to Borges.

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Games for Learning English

Action Verbs Game

Animals Memory Game

Christmas Game

Clothes Game

Colours Game

Face Maker

Family Game

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Halloween Game

Halloween Flash Game for learning English :

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Food Game

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