Advantages of IELTS in 2011

IELTS advantage in 2011 is a lot. Each year, more than 140 million worldwide candidates in 125 countries and regions take the IELTS exam. IELTS candidates in China have exceeded 30 million.

IELTS exam, you pass a global
IELTS worldwide by more than 6,000 accredited institutions, whether you want to study abroad, immigration, employment, or English proficiency test; Whether you want to go to the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada or the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa; you only need an English test – IELTS.
Test of English for the global leader in reliable English test
Test of English for the IELTS test in 95 years has a long history and rich experience in design and development of Cambridge ESOL, the first from the listening, speaking, reading and writing aspects of a comprehensive assessment of English proficiency.
IELTS exam in order to communicate oriented, so you apply what they learn, easy to integrate into the life and study abroad.
IELTS listening, speaking, reading and writing aspects of the overall English ability, true assessment, so that your English up to people to be authentic.
IELTS study contains many real scenes (such as teacher lectures, class discussion, etc.) and scenes of life (rent, travel, bank accounts, etc.), have learned to use in advance of your life and learning abroad a full understanding, than others living abroad adapt faster.
More focused on the real IELTS English proficiency examination, a large number of rare words without rote memorization and grammar. Through the IELTS exam, study and life abroad you on every point.
All the dialogue spoken mode, test the best
IELTS that language is to human communication. So IELTS one to one oral test mode first, the true test of your ability to communicate in English. You will be in a relaxed environment in daily communication with the examiner, and cold compared to man-machine dialogue, can eliminate the sense of distance and tension.
IELTS Cambridge ESOL examiners have passed the professional training and strict certification criteria under the uniform rate, and improve the quality of monitoring and training system to ensure the fairness and reliability ratings.
Good play, makes a good IELTS score
IELTS model used pencil and paper, in line with the Chinese habit of candidates, can eliminate the sense of the face in adjusting to the computer to answer, while IELTS well ordered, quiet, non-interference in the examination room environment to ensure you rapid access to test status, allows you to play optimum level.
IELTS exam in order to ensure the good condition you will be separately written and oral, to avoid the exam for hours will let you have tired of play.
Close examination services, convenient visible
32 cities nationwide total of 35 test sites, registration only 1-2 months in advance, and can sit for the exam 2. 48 test dates throughout the year more and more on weekends, do not delay your normal learning and life. Registration convenient and adequate test-bit, for your convenience.
IELTS official website provide you with convenient one-stop service, easy to pro forma, early familiar with the test, done enough to prepare, easy to deal with all aspects of examinations.
IELTS official for the candidates to offer free online preparation course “IELTS Road”, explain in detail the various kinds of questions and provide the examination method, pro forma for the candidate to provide official guidance.