Analysis of IELTS in the thorny topic of several

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Ya Chang Su, Central Court: Good afternoon!

User: my first IELTS 4.5, but, only 4 points the second time, I think so hard about the question I hear the examiner, to be constantly repeated, but the English listening test is no problem?

Ya Chang Su, Central Court: Hello, you IELTS speaking test is to listen to the biggest problem right? If the oral exam is always repeating to the examiner, will affect the verbal score. Because listening and speaking are inseparable from the house. Listening and speaking are equally important in the oral exam. You say no problem in hearing exam, perhaps because of your IELTS examiners who have more heavy accent, and hearing test recording is also generally is more standard. Recently I heard a young black student said the examiner, he spoken quite heavy, if you met him or other heavy oral examiner, you may wish to begin the examination when the very polite and asked him to slow down speech rate, denoted must live in Canada please. his usual sure a lot of listening, no matter what accent I suggest you listen more. For a native speaker, the accent is no impact on them, such as when the UK was once again met a middle-aged man from the south-east England, and his spoken I could hardly understand, but that the British people problem at all. Therefore, in the pro forma period, hearing we must continue to adhere to listen to their ears to be familiar with all the words, sentences, accent, intonation and so on. Finally, the results of your spoken twice with 0.5 points deflation, this is actually normal, probably because there is inconsistancy between different examiners is inconsistent. For example, 4 different understanding of the examiner is another difference. May also be because of your state. Therefore, when the examination must bring the best out of the state, active, lively, confident, friendly, full of hope, do the best you can.

User: teacher, my English level can be, but the subject did not suffer for some ideas how I can prepare a unique answer?

Ya Chang Su, Central Court: Hello, if so, I suggest you read widely, through the network such as google and yahoo, there are English books, reference books, or IELTS, you can find a lot of useful material, you read time, not only new vocabulary knowledge, but also broaden the ideas. If your answer is still not ideal to prepare, then I suggest that you can apply for a one to one class, so one on one speaking teacher to help you prepare a unique answer. Or you can add distinguished vip the qq 157072265, above a lot of front-line teachers and students can share with you a lot. Good luck!

User: Teacher Hello, my last exam when the exam, a dance that dance, traditional dance … also asked how to answer this, ah, I do not know the exam next month, will not encounter. .

Ya Chang Su Court, Central: Dance this topic in 2009 and 10 more years exam. Yes, you said also obtained his traditional dance. First we need to know we are talking about traditional Chinese dance has Yangko dance Yangko, fan dance fan dance, waist drum dance inspired waist. Then the next one or two sentences about details (remember, in the IELTS Speaking to the details that can never be wrong in the.) Can be said that traditional Chinese dance props to use some props like fans, handkerchief and drum. Often have arm movements. Sublimate can then look at the last, we should protect these cultures: safeguard the intangible cultural heritage. Or may wish to confess at the beginning of time, well , I have to say that this question is of tremendous difficulty to me due to my limited knowledge to this filed, but I do know a little. means: I think this problem is very difficult for me because I am in this field of knowledge limited, but I know that.

User: Hello Zhang, said the students had to listen to test a new theme this year is about time management, said that huge metamorphosis, mainly asked what ah? How to answer ah?

Ring Ya Chang Su Court: Yes, that Road organizing time. About the time the topic of previous years have test to, for example Q: Do you think time is very important? Do you think time flies? How do you think of being on time? For 2011, the emergence of new problems organizing time, increased the difficulty. Common problem is: How to organize time? We can refer to the answer: Well, firstly you should estimate the time correctly; you have to take your travelling time into account. Also keeping a diary is pretty helpful, you jot down what you need to do and you always mark these priorities. In fact, this topic is the question of time management, but also be more familiar in our lives the topic, but we never thought about this issue. You can google or yahoo.answers read some of the relevant material, build their vocabulary, develop their own ideas.

User: Hi Zhang, I think the art of IELTS in the particularly difficult subject, every time I test to answer is not good, how do ah?

Ya Chang Su, Central Court: Hello, art topics in the last two years appears in the IELTS Speaking infrequent. Many students told me that hard, mainly because we lack is the first experience in this area, and the second because we artistic vocabulary is relatively scarce. Causes more than two people are very afraid of art topic, psychological guilty fear, fear is inevitable when the hand of the exam fear feet. So I suggest that you first have to do is accumulate the art vocabulary. For example, the art of common topics are: Music / musical instruments, paintings / drawings / art galleries / museums, dance, fashion, movie / concert, craft / sculpture / pottery and more. We usually can find some of these aspects of words are classified memory, combined with the problem, then I will order some of my own hair in a blog on the art of words, for all to see.


Ya Chang Su, Central Court: Thank you! I wish you every success in exams! Test to their desired results!