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Cultural and Education Section British Embassy, according to the message, in the past in 2010, the United States for the first time China IELTS candidates choose one of the three study aims. IELTS candidates, interested in the number of people to the United States and Canada grew by more than 30%, far exceeding the rate of market growth abroad. According to introduce the candidates, such a growth advantage of IELTS is inseparable from its own, because the focus IELTS communication, able to live and study overseas skills to effectively help them. “In addition, U.S. universities to the growing recognition of IELTS is the main reason for this phenomenon. From the current situation of the United States recognized, there are currently more than 3,000 institutions in the U.S. to accept IELTS scores as their primary language proficiency test, and this figure continues to grow. This includes the top 90% of 120 institutions, and all Ivy League schools, candidates can have a wider choice. “IELTS China, Mr. Shi Zheming introduced the Business Director.

IELTS candidates in 2010 presented another trend is the diversification of the national study. In addition to the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada to study the traditional destination countries, candidates are now from a wider range of choice to study countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Malaysia and Singapore, where growth of selected candidates are Hong Kong, China more than 60%.

The third trend is the IELTS candidate’s younger age, the phenomenon of younger age with the whole study the market trend is consistent, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and the eastern region this trend is especially rich. With 18 years of age the increasing number of overseas staff, focusing on the exchange of the IELTS test can help this young group to upgrade their English skills, while more successful completion of language and culture of the transition.

In the past two decades, as an international IELTS English test, has been committed to helping students achieve their dreams. As a communicative language test IELTS is recognized worldwide as a high-quality English language test, and the undisputed language of immigrant students has become a market leader in the test. Cultural and Education Section British Embassy under the provision of data, in 2010, IELTS candidates in mainland China more than 30 million, ahead of other similar tests, and has maintained a sustained growth momentum.

In order to continuously meet the needs of candidates, organizers IELTS candidates focus on providing more convenient and better service for the convenience of candidates put forward for registration and examination measures. One of the initiatives is the “second register”, candidates can now register up twice the first test, do not waste unnecessary waiting time, which greatly facilitate the needs of those candidates, the initiative is also seeking candidates in a wide range of views on the basis of on the launch. In addition, organizers will continue for all IELTS candidates to provide “IELTS of the road” free online preparation courses, but also plans to offer this course there is a demand to more potential candidates to help them better understand the IELTS exam.