Causes of corruption

The causes of corruption

As far as the social problems which are widely prevalent in modern societies are concerned, corruption indisputably stands out as the most prevalent on. Corruption generally arises when a society becomes degenerated. Even though most governments take measures to root out corruption, they are usually disappointed. Problems with the judiciary in a state, possibility of making huge sums of money, indifference of politicians to the issue of corruption can be regarded as the primary causes of why corruption is so widespread.
To begin with, problems with judiciary, it can undoubtedly be asserted that judicial system of a country plays an important role in the matter of corruption. Lack of laws to punish those who accept bribes is a concrete example of the fact that judiciary can prove to be ineffective in some cases. Therefore, an individual who realizes this fact might resort to illegal ways in order to make money.
When it comes to the likelihood of making huge sums of money, it is a fact that in today’s world most people cannot resist the temptation of making a great deal of money when they find an opportunity. Those people who live in deep poverty might regard illegitimate ways such as embezzlement as a way of recovery from misery. Consequently, governments or policy makers must introduce new laws in order to provide the poor with satisfactory salaries.
As for indifference of politicians, it can easily be said, in this respect, that every party in the parliament promotes its supporters to significance posts. Furthermore, they turn a blind eye to these supporters’ activities in their posts, causing the supporters to resort to corruption in the absence of investigation by the government. For this reason importance must be given to the deeds of those who are in charge of a position.
In conclusion, corruption generally stems from the problems with the judicial system, possibility of making great sums of money, and indifference of politicians. In my opinion, governments should give priority to this shameful issue in their agenda, if they want their countries to advance not to deteriorate.
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