Classic opening paragraph of the IELTS Writing

Beginning Paragraphs of the classic opening paragraph of the IELTS Writing


When asked about the ongoing uproar involving / concerning the increasing divorce rate, most people say the affair involves a purely private matter. But / while many other people regard this as a side effect of the drop of social moral standards. I personally think the latter can hold water.

Sample 2

When it comes to the increasing use of motor vehicles in the cities, some people think that use should be limited. Others argue that the opposite is true. There is probably some truth to both arguments, but emission controls must be instituted regardless of the number of vehicles.

The Sample 3

There is a general debate nowadays about the problem of itinerant workers. Those who object to the rising migrant population argue that increasing numbers lead to rising crime rates and harm social stability. But people who favor the influx of the cheap labor force, on the other hand, maintain that migrants are needed to support the massive urban infrastructure construction program.