Different types of essay writing

Essay Writing plays an important role in the structure. A beautiful language, but there is no structure of the article is far less than a clear structure and plain language of the article. Writing in the visible structure is the top priority. Essay writing large total can be divided into two types. Report & Argumentation. And each type has their specific structure. The following question is asked with a topic everyone has been introduced.

Report: sitting in the examination room when we encounter such a subject: It is said that people’s life now is becoming more and more stressful. What are the causes and how to solve it? Or when such a word what is the reason, what is the affect, what should our government do? So Congratulations, you encounter is a typical one report.

Then report the structure of the article should be like? Very simple. OK as long as the sub-four paragraphs to friends. The first paragraph: Needless to say the matter, leads to questions like, just do not have a point the article report the existence of that phenomenon as long as you can. The second paragraph, we must rise to this matter written reason. The third paragraph: Nature is the affect of the. The question is asked on the subject along a section of written OK. Fourth paragraph: that is, how to solve it. How? It very simple. Report articles will not be much chance of the general appear. Therefore, a look at Google predicted before the test, second test will look at whether there the previous Report, If not, get ready myself. But such a good article to write na. Pleased to meet a little under on the first. To take advantage of language.

Argumentation: This is the most familiar essay. There are three total structure. One-sided 2 +1 Balance

One-sided: when we encounter such problems in the examination room: Do you agree or disagree? Or What’s your opinion? You should think of the wording of the one-sided. In the one-sided structure, proposed in five segments.

The first paragraph: Because there will be raised in the title in both views, so the first time the two sides also showed the point of view (do not copy the title, should mean another topic sentence statement) also show your agree or do not agree, or what your point of view. First there is usually a fixed pattern, so look at your own sentence sets is how to design.

The second paragraph: talk about why you support your viewpoint. Usually there will be 5 in this section of the sentence. The first one is why you agree with your first reason for this view (IDEA), the first two to four IDEA is your description of this sentence. Section 5 will be small for this short summary.

The third paragraph: support your point of view to write your second IDEA, written with the second paragraph.

Fourth paragraph: you support your point of view to write the third IDEA, written with the second paragraph.

Fifth paragraph: that is the end of the article above. This paragraph clearly your point of view once again.

2 +1: When encountered in the exam question that asked: To what extent do you agree or disagree? Or How far do you agree or disagree? Or Discuss the advantages and disadvantages about …? 2 +1 wording recommended here. 2 +1 for five-phase writing.

The first paragraph: This paragraph must be a direct reflection of the beginning of your view, but they must be shown. (In order to facilitate the exposition here will be BT as a point of view IELTS)

The second paragraph: This paragraph to write, is your own point of view a negative note, that is, you write you think this is not very IELTS BT. This section is organized with the wording of the paragraph.

The third paragraph: it is you support your own point of view (IELTS is BT) to support the first party IDEA. Written above.

Fourth paragraph: you support their views (IELTS is BT) of the second support side IDEA. And the method above.

Fifth paragraph: it is summarized above. The same clear view once again.

Structure of the 2 +1 we can see that some are opposed to our own point of view, there are two is written to support their views. We can see from the words on the surface of what our focus. Questions are asked in what extent do you agree or disagree. Therefore, we have written at this level, so from two to write their own point of view, that there were two of the support, but again, there is no absolute anything, so we write a point of view of the defects. Then some friends will ask, why should be placed against the second paragraph of that section of the fourth paragraph do not? This is because to maintain the fluency of the article. This makes three, four, five sections of all the support for the view section, in order to avoid examiner will misunderstand your position is not clear.

Balance: When in the examination room to face such questions are asked Do you agree? Or to Discuss the negative and positive. You have to come up with the wording of the balance. As the name implies, a lot of smart friends have know how to write. This issue came out, the title itself will tell you about a situation or a question that one’s own point of view. All you need to just come up with two IDEA. One is the support of the view of the IDEA, the other is against the views of the IDEA. Therefore, the structure of such articles can be divided into four sections.

The first paragraph: the sentence with your set of friends. But remember, do not write here to view the inconvenience. Topic analysis only on OK.

The second paragraph: You can write your views to support of the IDEA. Written above.

The third paragraph: it is against the view above.

The fourth paragraph is a summary.

How? Balance of good writing to write it. However, the usual test of good writing are not many. 33 met once. Accor is the last test when encountered.

Analysis of the structure of the above article, it will answer many of his comrades was to write four paragraphs of proposed or five-phase of the problem. Because according to the different types of problems asked to take a different law. Pressed for time, so could not come up with Pham Van to explain. If there are essay, I would like to have to be more clear.

Now we all know how review should be reviewed instead. 1, will have to understand how the IELTS exam question is asked, the question is asked by the skilled use of a variety of structures. 2, should they want a lot of IDEA. Written by the above paragraph when we can see an article usually requires three IDEA. So there is no IDEA how to support your own point of view? Articles will not persuasive. 3, is to fully mastering basic skills, basic skills training See how

Analysis of the structure of the above article, it will answer many of his comrades was to write four paragraphs of proposed or five-phase of the problem. Because different types of problems according to the law to take a different question. Pressed for time, so could not come up with Pham Van to explain. If there are essay, I would like to have to be more clear.