Effects of Internet Addiction

The effect of internet addiction

As far as the developments that have changed the world considerably throughout the history are concerned, the internet is one of the most notable ones. With the internet’s becoming widespread all over the world, one can easily find a computer connected to the internet where he goes. However, there are certain bad effects stemming from using the internet excessively. Having trouble establishing social ties, neglecting schoolwork, and facing some health problems are some of these bad effects.

To begin with, just as the television weakens social ties among individuals, the internet also has an influence on this matter. Once a person becomes addicted to the internet, he gradually begins to live separately from other people. Consequently, it becomes inevitable for him to end up being alienated from society. Apart from this, he will not be able to distinguish reality from fantasy. Because of this reason, he will begin to turn a blind eye to what is happening around him, and thereafter, he will be faced with a lot of problems concerning his social life.

When it comes to neglecting schoolwork, it can easily be said that a student who can be regarded as an internet addict cannot find adequate time to study for his schoolwork. For example, it is an undeniable fact that the time when internet cafes are filled to capacity is the time when students begin to leave school. It must also be taken into consideration that students addicted to the internet cannot concentrate on their schoolwork even though they find the opportunity to study. Therefore, it can be observed that the more time a student squanders on the internet, the less grades he gets in school.

As for health problems, it can be asserted that using the internet excessively poses a great menace to one’s health. Sleeping disorders, for example, are pone of the most common problems about which almost every person addicted to the internet complains. Moreover, a person who regularly spends more than for or five hours a day on the internet is likely to suffer from some eye disorders because of the fact that rays given off by computer have a bad effect on the eyes.

It can be concluded that even though at fist glance the effects of the internet addiction are generally ignored, they might contribute to some serous problems in the long run. Social ties, schoolwork, and health are considerably affected by using the internet excessively. In my opinion, people who have drifted into this addiction had better use the internet less, know that life is not impossible in the absence of the internet.