Entrance students studying in Canada to double to force the insurance

From the entrance there is currently less than 2 months, international students Australian first quarter of 2011 statistics show that in 2011, continued to increase the number of applicants to go to Canada to study in 2011 showed the number of students studying in Canada continue to increase.

According to statistics, in 2009 the total amount of Chinese students studying abroad goes to Canada in 1999 to 3.7 times. In the past 2010 years, this figure was a breakthrough-type growth but also, to go to Canada hit a record high total students, of which only a high school student to an increase of more than 2009 times. In this background, the application to meet the massive demand to speed up the visa approval rate in Canada, improve service quality in Canada visa, Canada and China established a number of visa application center, which includes Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, including three Visa Application Centre.

In addition, the Government of Canada has introduced in 2010 to force the three to go to Canada to study immigration policy, namely the SPP scheme, CEC Experience Class of immigration policies and the provincial nomination. One SPP scheme, called the China-Canada Cooperation Programme students to apply for the Canadian Institute of Chinese students courses provide more convenient, more secure visa application success rate policy. CEC Experience Class of immigration policies, mainly to help those who meet the standards in the professional field with the skills required to provide, it has a high success rate, the quota sufficient speed and so on. The Provincial Nominee to Canada’s policy is to make prospective students or immigrant students tend to the people’s desire to be more easily achieved immigrants.

For example, in Ontario, a master’s degree graduate students can apply to emigrate to Manitoba immigration, college graduates, while the school’s dual enrollment in Canada, the school issued to students at the same time language course are conditional admission + admission notice, admission threshold of elite relative reduction, whichever provides the students go to Canada to study the fast track. For developed countries, Canada, the highly educated people is still the first choice of its immigration, in particular to rapidly integrate into the local life of the people. System of higher education in Canada, foreign students, especially high school students studying to go to Canada just to meet these conditions. Students for the national college entrance examination for college entrance examination and students while preparing to give life one more choice, will contribute to the early realization of their goals in life.