Essay exam questions

May 12


There are more crimes involving young people because they do not have enough to do. Write to the concil: what facilities should be set up and what activities should be organised.


some people believe that government spend too much money on space research while there are still a lot problems on the earth.
do you agree or disagree?

May 17

1 job hotel near your home, many types of work, you find for your self recommend
2 school age children is different in each country, here we are 7 years old, may be in other countries 4 years old, some people say that early is good, you think, test analysis of the pros and cons

April 21

task 1
a library want to improve their are a user.write a letter to give you suggestion.must include:
1. The library you like
2. The library you don’t like
3. Your suggestion
task 2
some people think that it is more important for a single language as an international offical language. others think that it will make it difficult to identify countries and loss
culture. what’s your opinion? and show your reason and example.

March 24

task1: Train service is not good, in this diagram to write a letter to the conductor, half make recommendations for improvement

task2: school and college students away from home into the new environment will encounter many difficulties, please give some, and this comment.