Essay grammar correction

Essay writing, we need big time with 40 minutes to write a 250 word article, we can spend 6-8 minutes to view the article idea and structure ,28-30 minutes to write the article, sure to set aside the final 3-6 minutes to be checked. So I believe the candidates will have a question: where should I examine several aspects to it? Exam time is very valuable, so if you do not after a certain amount of training, only the last few minutes in the exam to check their own articles, candidates must not start. So I suggest that the majority of candidates in training in peacetime, we must check and modify it to do a job. Specifically from the following aspects:

1. Punctuation and spelling errors;

2. Whether to use the correct grammatical structure, for example, candidates often make mistakes in several aspects: the consistency of verb tenses, verb is the same part of speech (especially nouns, verbs, adjectives), singular and plural nouns, articles, and error preposition errors;

3. Sentence if there are changes (such as the use of various clauses, word structure, etc.);

4. Are clear points of view and arguments;

5. The theme in each sentence indicate that the central idea of this paragraph, all the extended sentence are closely linked to the theme;

6. Use of transitional words between sentences and paragraphs which have logic and between the rational;

7. Does the article provide sufficient detail, examples, or arguments.

Candidates in peacetime training, you can only focus on writing articles, but there is no check and modify the process seriously. As everyone knows, if you examine and modify the job done well, will write more than just results. We can even come shouting modified to modify an article, summed up his own mistakes, a deeper impression. I wish you all able to achieve their satisfaction with the results!