Essay on Writing

Although writing comes with many complicated English rules referring to usage, grammar, mechanics, diction, and even correct spelling of vocabulary words, I enjoy writing. Writing is a great way to communicate, it helps with expressing feelings, describing things with specific detail, and personally out of the two most important and common ways of communicating it even has a few advantages compared to oral communication.

Expressing feelings can often be hard to do, especially when speaking it. So I seem to always grab a sheet of paper and write down my feelings, instead of speaking them aloud, which gives me a reason to like writing. It is so much easier to express yourself only on a sheet of paper. I am constantly looking for the easy way out. I always find myself writing poems to express feelings and emotions inside, that way you can let them out without having to tell anyone, and practice your writing skills during your free time. When writing your mind begins to wonder and you think of things to write. Finally you come to that point when you have so much to write about, and the best thing is to take those thoughts and write them down on paper.

Oral and written communication are quite similar, but written communication has some advantages. For example you would be able to write down what you want to say, brainstorm, make drafts, revise, and continuously look over what you have written.

While on the other hand, with orally communicating once you say it, you cant take it back. In my Oral Communication 103 (speech class) my teacher talked about the slang being used and your audience may often misinterpret what you are trying to say. Writing what you read is what you get. When you lose your voice from talking to much, what kind of communication still remains? written communication once again to the rescue.

Also when I need to elaborate on something and give specific details, I would rather write them down to help me out. It just appears that writing is helpful in numerous ways. That would be another reason for liking writing, it makes things so easier, I am constantly looking for the easy way out. Despite the writer’s wart on my finger I just can not escape from exercising my writing skills, and I seem to enjoy doing it.

Communication plays an important role in the world, and without it we would truly be lost. Though it may have seemed like my pass English teachers would assign a plethora of writing essays, and long research papers, I have realized that it will help me throughout the rest of my life. I like writing and do plenty of it. So all I have to say is you basically write everyday, so “if you cant do what you like, like what you do”.