General guide to academic essay writing

Jobs that do not exceed five pages are usually oriented to textual analysis, with few references to criticism or, in any case, use short . By extension, this is essentially the analysis of one aspect or character theme in literary works chosen. The limits of textual analysis are determined by the specific content of the text along with its historical context (historical period, author, country, genre ..). A good textual analysis requires detailed and thorough reading of the words of the text, explicitly or implicitly connecting with other fragments. Thus, our critical perspective shows consistency. When we are unfamiliar with the historical period in which it is inserted, we must avoid assuming that our categories of thought are the same as those of the author and let the text itself that determine the individual or social or formal schemes. It is better not to include links to the historical period if our claims are to be superficial. However, if you have special interest in the historical conditioning, we then search literature (not manual) that is relevant to our subject of analysis. The literature should support us and in no case replace our own intellectual analysis. Of course, adopt the opinion of a critic without quoting constitutes plagiarism.

Format : The text of the paper should be typed double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12. The top, bottom, left and right should be 1.5 inches.

Grammatical Correctness : Any of our written work must be done with a dictionary at hand. The errors of vocabulary and grammatical structure will be received with understanding, if they come from casual and non-native speakers. If our errors are numerous is because we have not checked in the dictionary or grammar correction terms. Errors in complex structures disappear with effort and practice.

Topic : For the extension of the work we will focus on one aspect, a fragment, relationship or character. If possible, find a topic that is relevant to our interests, we produce curiosity, rejection or fascination.

Title : You should inform the reader of what is available to read. The best titles are those that offer some indication of the subject but also the perspective that presents the analysis. If necessary, you can use a title followed by a colon and an explanatory sentence. A good title requires creativity and / or synthetic brainpower.

Thesis : Our hypothesis of reading, that is, our critical proposal, go to the beginning of the work in the first or second paragraph. Along with the proposal includes briefly what are the arguments for having reached our conclusion.

Development : We will include and expand the arguments presented in the beginning. These arguments must be reasoned, explained, and refer at all times to specific fragments of the text.

Appointments : 1) the literary text, our arguments must be accompanied by quotes that demonstrate our claims. The intuition in reading should be followed by the objective analysis of the specific words of the text. Not enough to say anything and then include an appointment. This must be accompanied or preceded by an explanation. 2) Appointment of critical studies: We must acknowledge the source of our statements when they are not originally ours, citing the author, the work and the page (the title of the work is optional, but must be included in the bibliography). The full reference for the work, publisher, place and year of publication is included in the bibliography, on a separate page at the end of work.
The quotations included in our study (of text or a literary critical study) are in separate paragraph when they exceed three lines. Whether you’re indoors paragraph as if you are in a separate paragraph with double margin, the quote is preceded by a colon. If you want to use single words of a particular appointment, must be accompanied by quotes and page number. Quotations in separate paragraph usually go to a space.

Transitions between paragraphs : When writing an essay, it is our responsibility to connect the different ideas, different paragraphs, and its elements or phrases together. Thus, we have an orderly and coherent argument. That is, we need to explicitly include your relationship.

Conclusion : We remind the reader our our initial thesis and how we got to it.
Long essays
The trials of eight or more pages are usually a combination of textual analysis and critical dialogue with scholars / as the theme we have chosen. The final testing should begin to prepare well in advance so that the student has access to the best and / or latest studies on the subject.

Structure : Similar to the structure of a short essay. In this case, the test begins, we briefly summarize the state of criticism on the subject of analysis. At the same time, we offer our own thesis and how it relates to existing studies. In a few lines, we note what our arguments. Often it will be necessary in the development of our analysis, use of specific claims of some critical analysis to show our agreement or disagreement, and we quote them properly.
Citations & Bibliography : MLA should follow the format: Joseph Gibaldi, MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers . 6th edition. New York: The Modern Language Association of America, 2003. The literature of the tests includes only the references of the texts cited in the body of work and this list will continue in alphabetical order. Since there have been some examples in regard to appointments. Here are some examples in regard to the literature.

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What does IELTS mean?

What is IELTS?

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System (System International English Language Testing)

IELTS: Your life, your skills, your future.
The International English Language Test, IELTS – acronym in English – is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who wish to study or work in institutions where this language is used as an international form of communication.

Global recognition
The IELTS is a direct assessment of the English language with the highest quality and integrity, readily available anywhere in the world.

This test is used by a growing number of international educational institutions, government agencies and professional associations, among others, such as skill assessment for those wishing to demonstrate competence in the language

The test is specific and meets all requirements for entry to academic courses in most colleges and specialized in the United Kingdom and Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa .

The recognition of IELTS in the U.S. showed a dramatic increase in 2005 in undergraduate and graduate schools, including seven of the eight Ivy League universities and members of more than 800 universities and colleges

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IELTS score high on the three elements

IELTS score high in the three elements

1, the first is to establish self-confidence.

To know that even 9-point composition are still a puzzle out a word, we review the long term one from a well, not examinations is not high. IELTS Writing a total of only 250 big words, pinch that we generally just write the count on almost Sentences 15-18. The paragraph is very clear: beginning, middle and end of discussion. So as long as the structure to determine their own compositions, each at least a few words can say clearly, can write a complete composition of the IELTS. Whether good or bad your English and writing have failed or are still failures, must have confidence I can certainly write good articles.

2, the second is to have the courage to think of myself as stupid.

Can not fool than cattle! Benniao to fly first! Benniao do not wait until the last week before beginning to review the composition, at least in the exam in January start. Again, my view is the same, I am a little Little Bird, but I will be able to fly high.

3, think of myself as the machine of courage.

The machine is constantly writing, finish the afternoon one to write a small essay writing at night to write a small little essay.Must begin to tell yourself: that he is above the second kind of person to write one, you can more than 0.1! This enhancement down, a couple of days you will feel well placed to exploit, when the robots do not have time. In fact, if every day a little write a big essay writing, etc. 3 days after you write you will form habits, habits of this thing called happiness, if you did not write the fourth day but will feel no revision to the very comfortable, in fact, should not necessarily see themselves as machines, but through the formation of a habit to write to, so every day you will have a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence will improve.


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Advantages of IELTS in 2011

IELTS advantage in 2011 is a lot. Each year, more than 140 million worldwide candidates in 125 countries and regions take the IELTS exam. IELTS candidates in China have exceeded 30 million.

IELTS exam, you pass a global
IELTS worldwide by more than 6,000 accredited institutions, whether you want to study abroad, immigration, employment, or English proficiency test; Whether you want to go to the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada or the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa; you only need an English test – IELTS.
Test of English for the global leader in reliable English test
Test of English for the IELTS test in 95 years has a long history and rich experience in design and development of Cambridge ESOL, the first from the listening, speaking, reading and writing aspects of a comprehensive assessment of English proficiency.
IELTS exam in order to communicate oriented, so you apply what they learn, easy to integrate into the life and study abroad.
IELTS listening, speaking, reading and writing aspects of the overall English ability, true assessment, so that your English up to people to be authentic.
IELTS study contains many real scenes (such as teacher lectures, class discussion, etc.) and scenes of life (rent, travel, bank accounts, etc.), have learned to use in advance of your life and learning abroad a full understanding, than others living abroad adapt faster.
More focused on the real IELTS English proficiency examination, a large number of rare words without rote memorization and grammar. Through the IELTS exam, study and life abroad you on every point.
All the dialogue spoken mode, test the best
IELTS that language is to human communication. So IELTS one to one oral test mode first, the true test of your ability to communicate in English. You will be in a relaxed environment in daily communication with the examiner, and cold compared to man-machine dialogue, can eliminate the sense of distance and tension.
IELTS Cambridge ESOL examiners have passed the professional training and strict certification criteria under the uniform rate, and improve the quality of monitoring and training system to ensure the fairness and reliability ratings.
Good play, makes a good IELTS score
IELTS model used pencil and paper, in line with the Chinese habit of candidates, can eliminate the sense of the face in adjusting to the computer to answer, while IELTS well ordered, quiet, non-interference in the examination room environment to ensure you rapid access to test status, allows you to play optimum level.
IELTS exam in order to ensure the good condition you will be separately written and oral, to avoid the exam for hours will let you have tired of play.
Close examination services, convenient visible
32 cities nationwide total of 35 test sites, registration only 1-2 months in advance, and can sit for the exam 2. 48 test dates throughout the year more and more on weekends, do not delay your normal learning and life. Registration convenient and adequate test-bit, for your convenience.
IELTS official website provide you with convenient one-stop service, easy to pro forma, early familiar with the test, done enough to prepare, easy to deal with all aspects of examinations.
IELTS official for the candidates to offer free online preparation course “IELTS Road”, explain in detail the various kinds of questions and provide the examination method, pro forma for the candidate to provide official guidance.



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How to overcome the IELTS Speaking and Writing two “weakness”

Experts have concluded that 20 years down the overall situation of China, and candidates with little change: scores came in several countries around the world, after the candidates, speaking and writing is still “weakness.” Speaking not overcome the biggest “weakness”, “duck” Do not ever expect to break through.

Had oral examination “syndrome”

Exercise less difficult is the main cause of pro forma

British Council office in China has published the results of a survey: two years of global statistics 2004,2005 IELTS examination results, the Chinese candidate was significantly lower than the global average mean score, verbal score came in last.

All along, the four individual IELTS, the speaking and writing the most headaches for Chinese candidates. Why Oral become the biggest “weakness”? Many national language training experts believe that there are two main reasons: First, English teaching in schools ignored the daily oral practice, the lack of professional speech training system; Second, IELTS preparation, the oral review is difficult to find a suitable starting point, leading to a lot of candidates to go detours.

Note Do not make oral examinations and common problem

Three ways to look at two methods

Speaking to break off, first of all, candidates have to understand the purpose of IELTS test, not only to study investigated daily conversational ability, as well as logical thinking.

IELTS exam, many candidates will face the awkward silence condition. This will directly affect the rating of the examiner the impression, leading to their speaking ability can not be fully displayed. “To get high scores is to have new ideas, develop thinking training can help add a bright spot in the answer candidates.”

Expand the idea of ​​the two methods

A. it is necessary to multi-angle, but also comprehensive

Oral examination, candidates often make a single point of thinking, the content is not rich problems. In fact, the answer from the multiple perspectives, but also reasonable. Need to give a clear answer directly to ensure you have grasped the examiner to understand the intention of the problem.

B. Logical to “show” what

Expand the initiative to learn the answer, do not just answer the questions the examiner, the examiner issues in the increase in the amount of information on the basis of their own. Flexible way to apply the question and answer, the key information needed to answer the content, together with hair spread out to convey the information with the examiner. Remember, the content should be reasonably complete piece, not fabrications, there is no logic. In addition, the need to pay attention is to master the principle of proportionality, or may also be found tricky question.

If the candidates talk about issues that they are familiar with, you can answer with a positive way. Statements by adding flexibility to the idea, find a vivid example for rich content and personalized.

Personalized way of three answers

A. good use of “reverse”, “indirect” thinking

Reverse thinking, surprise, to most people think of things occur, so that examiners have freshness. Only by succeeding in particular, to get high scores. In addition, the circuitous thinking, through the multi-angle, multi-level answer questions, to be accurate.

Theory of humor, proverbs and then point B.

Both want concise, want a bright spot, with the proverb is the most effective way. Very wide spread of English Proverbs, we always pay more accumulation, spend one or two test results will be very good. Also remember to play some imagination, use more humor.

C. into the personal understanding

Seeing learn to put personal thoughts, feelings rise to the realm of higher level and improve throughout the thought. If mishandled or difficult topics wider subject of personal emotions from the point of cut, the simplification of the problem.


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The highest employment rate in France to study the two professional

The highest employment rate in France to study the two professional


1)  Fashion design categories: Art should be a strong foundation


Speaking to France to study, many students think of learning fashion design major. Chinese students want to enter the French fashion design class institutions of higher learning, must have strong arts base, and French demanding. When students in the interview to the interview side to show their work, which requires students to study in France, requires good language skills. Some students think that art a firmer foundation, the language almost does not matter; this is actually a big mistake.


2) The hotel food and beverage categories: in the world are “hot”


France in tourism, hotels, restaurants culture has accumulated a wealth of educational experience, access to world-recognized reputation, such professional study in France, almost a sign of the profession. According to the different study time, students can receive various types of the corresponding diploma. Zhou Ying said that with world economic development, tourism management, hotel management on a global scale are very “hot” profession, more and more international cooperation, international conferences will provide students with more of such professional opportunities.


France has nearly 900 train travel, hotels, restaurants, professional schools, 190,000 enterprises engaged in the field, providing a million jobs, and an equal number of indirect jobs, we can see, these professionals must be students studying in France of choice.

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What is IELTS

1. What is IELTS?

IELTS is International English Language Testing System for short.

It is ready to enter the medium of instruction in English as the leading institution of higher education attended the national training system designed for language testing, is also used to test for the English-speaking countries (mainly Commonwealth countries) to settle the English level.

This examination by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Board

Syndicate-UCLES, British Council (The British Council) and the Australian Agency for International Development Colleges (IDP Education Australian) co-management.

It is an internationally recognized test of English proficiency exam, the main test four areas: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

2. Examination by which of these components?

All applicants must participate in listening, speaking, reading and writing exams. Their participation in listening, speaking test model is the same. Reading and writing test mode by the applicant apply for classes vary.

3. IELTS How classified?

Overseas students should choose the academic classes. This model can assess whether the applicant is prepared to in-school or graduate level to study or receive training.

For immigrants, people who work or receive training, and wish to complete the re-education of the people should choose training class. To test this model is not a formal academic language skills required for various aspects of the design.

4. Academic and general training classes, which one harder?

This is difficult to compare. Two modes for different purposes, the test of skills is different, but usually, these two results are not interchangeable.

5. Apply what the applicant has the required IELTS standard of English?

There is no fixed standard, but overall IELTS is not suitable for people under the age of 16 applicants.

6. What is the usefulness of IELTS?

IELTS can be used for study abroad or immigration.

7. Which countries and institutions recognize IELTS?

Study: the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the United States (most of the schools have recognized IELTS), New Zealand, Europe.

Immigration: Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

8. IELTS and TOEFL which more difficult?

In China, English teaching on grammar and vocabulary, and experience the TOEFL test as a reference, in fact, writing and speaking do not have enough training. According to the characteristics of two tests of view, students do not even have enough practice to master skills can get a high TOEFL credits, so some students have a good TOEFL scores are not comfortable using English to communicate. Conversely, if the frequent use of English and students reached a certain level of proficiency, but also to understand the form of IELTS, they will get good results.

9. How to choose the time and place of the examination?

Now there are 105 countries in 226 test centers can apply for.

Some large test sites in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Wuhan, testing every month. And in order to meet the needs of application will be a corresponding increase in testing.

In other test centers, usually once every 2-3 months. Please contact the nearest test center to obtain accurate test date.

You can authorize any of the British Council apply for an examination center, results are recognized.

10. How to select application time?

Under normal circumstances, you must apply at least two weeks in advance. Some test centers accept applications at any time, but some examination centers such as Beijing registration date will be announced in advance.

11. The British Council Examination Centre or whether to accept the enrollment form by mail?

Accepted, but the applicant must personally fill in a form and provide relevant documents.

Note: At present Beijing, test center does not accept application by mail.

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Breakthrough in terms of the three short-term trick IELTS

Many IELTS candidates reflect the IELTS requirements for the high vocabulary, and its foundation is weak, it is difficult to break in a short time. Many candidates, “desperately trying everything” to the bookstore to buy a lot of vocabulary Manual “mad back”, each word is from A manual start back, the result is the back of each book a page or two would be difficult to adhere to the wayside. The result is that candidates particularly familiar words beginning with A, while behind the word or nothing. Candidates spend a lot of money and time, but with little success. This is methodology. In this paper, these questions of candidates put forward some suggestions for your reference.

First, the importance of memorizing words

Terrel linguists believe that once you have enough words, even without much knowledge of grammar, language learners can better understand foreign languages ​​and foreign language for expression. Wilkins had a classic linguists saying: “Without grammar very little can convey information, there is nothing words can not convey.” Diller American linguist studies show that if we recognize the 25 words, on average, we each page 23% knew the words; if we know 135 words, the percentage reached 50%; 2500 corresponding to 78% of the vocabulary; 5000 corresponding to 86% of the vocabulary; 10000 of words corresponding to 92%. Laufer from the perspective of reading comprehension study found that: recognize 5000 words, reading accuracy rate was 56%; know 6400 words, the percentage was 63%; know 9,000 words, the percentage is around 70%. Also in writing, speaking, listening, it is also generally the case. Practice has proved that in the IELTS exam, candidates often larger vocabulary than the small vocabulary of the students obtained higher scores. Generally believed that, to obtain IELTS score 6 points or more, it normally takes about vocabulary in 5000-6000.

Second, the manual selection of vocabulary

IELTS is no official announcement had a formal “IELTS vocabulary”, and the market IELTS vocabulary manual variety, but mixed. To sum up, generally have the following major categories:

1. “IELTS Words”

Among the candidates of these words guide, the most widely because it meets the candidates are “one step” needs. It is characterized by the large volume of accepting words, generally around 8000, are arranged in alphabetical order. Some words claimed to be in accordance with the “root affix” to “Memorize” to arouse interest in candidates. However, the compilation of such words is to Cambridge IELTS Zhenti series of listening and reading the words appear for summarization, and then order it. Familiar with the IELTS students know that not every word that appears in the papers where candidates need to fully understand. IELTS Reading Section in particular, only the title and the text appears the word is synonymous convert the focus of examiners examines. In addition, with the phenomenon of intensified IELTS younger age, more and more based on the weaker candidate to take IELTS test, and their vocabulary is often in 2000, while the so-called “root affixes Memory Method” is not only not help them to remember words , but more memory added to their burden, so that the back of the work more complex words. For large vocabulary (e.g., by University of CET candidates) who can help them to play such word manual leak filled the role, but for most other candidates, recite these words up time-consuming, effort, and the results are often less effective.


The biggest selling point of these words is their guide to the actual words IELTS speaking and writing in the four-part classification of the situation there, most of which were classified according to the scene. Manuals can often because such words “off now,” so by the number of candidates of all ages. However, these terms cannot be overlooked the shortcomings of manual. First, the IELTS speaking and writing is not an isolated part of the four-door, but the organic whole. For example, the IELTS listening and reading the article there are many similar scenes, and IELTS reading and writing in the selection of the above there is a considerable common ground there. But these words could have combined these words were artificially separated, and had a vocabulary of manual into four, substantially increased the burden on the memory of the candidates, most of the candidates difficult to uphold.

3. “Core vocabulary”

The biggest highlight of these words is that it contains the most frequently used IELTS vocabulary, and such oral and written words no matter which part of the examination are the point. Therefore, the majority of candidates best suited to such terms, especially the weak basis of candidates. In a thorough grasp of these terms based on IELTS go to the other terms of the recitation, is an effective strategy.

Actually, the most authoritative market can buy the “core vocabulary” will the number of university CET vocabulary list, because the University of forty-six vocabulary words with the manual preparation of the general methods, which is arranged according to word frequency , a collection of four English (Forum) in 4000 the most commonly used words, the six most commonly used collection of 5,500 words. The IELTS test 6 points just for the requirements of the vocabulary around in 5000-6000. If you master the vocabulary of CET, then mastered the English language which is equivalent to the core of the most commonly used words in this matter or in the future in the IELTS study is helpful in life.

Third, the recitation of the word method

1. To develop a reasonable plan, step by step, repeated cycles

The word back is a very arduous task, it requires a lot of energy. If you do not develop a careful plan, many candidates will be difficult to uphold. So this step is necessary. In general, the exam will recite three times the word man, the first pass careful study, the second time to consolidate, the third time leak filled a deeper impression. This effect played much better than just back again.

2. Speaking and writing go hand in hand

Many candidates in mind when the words just look, the result is often only remember the shape, which can be recognized in reading, but the hearing did not hear the inside out, which also cannot spell writing, speaking there cannot say more. This vocabulary of English learning, the only “negative words.” In addition, the best way to memorize the words should be read the first word, but listen to recordings of the standard, and then repeat it after kept his mouth again and finally to the pronunciation of the word by his own record. Only so much as feeling “go hand in hand” to remember the word the most profound.

3. Recitation and practice of sync

English words in the final analysis on the language or to be used, if the word is not only the words back into context to understand, then the mind will be greatly reduced efficiency of the word. So, when candidates must recite the words supplemented by a large number of oral and written exercises to consolidate in the repeated use of the word pronunciation, meaning and usage. Cambridge IELTS Zhenti is a good material to practice. Finished listening and reading in the subject and to conduct their own analysis, then the best time to conduct intensive listening the recording, will read the article to Reading, you will learn all the core vocabulary recorded in a dedicated notebook repeated recitation. Writing and speaking practice, they can learn from these words and more. Usually have to listen to BBC, VOA and other programs in English soundtrack, read The Economist, National Geographic magazine and other original, multi-angle contact, multi-position memory, strengthen the back of the word, “of the negative words” to “positive words.”

4. Note that the links between words

Huge amount of English words, many words there is a certain internal or external links, for example, some words have common roots, affixes, such as inhabit, inhabitant, habitat and so on. Some words can appear in a scene under the same time, such as name of disease: myopia, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and so on. The name of discipline: psychology, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, ecology, etc., there are many words and phrases defined relationship exists or near synonyms, such as cause, induce, breed, lead to, result in, contribute to, give rise to, be responsible for, and so can that “cause” means. There are many words there is a certain degree of relationship, such as smile, grin, chuckle, laugh laughter and so on. If the time to master the words in the back of the above rules, the original series into a network isolated words, then you can play a multiplier effect.


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IELTS oral communication skills

IELTS oral communication skills, how to answer examination be called to the point

For the oral exam, many candidates are confused and do not know how to answer in the end be called the point. Some students think that as long as they listen to understand the teacher’s questions can go on down. As long as there is not much middle of the pause on the line. So this part of the candidates pay more attention to that spoken fluency. While the other students, they pay more attention to practice pronunciation and intonation, that pronunciation is the IELTS speaking the main event. IELTS exam is not just a matter of fact the students study voice, intonation and fluency, but also the overall assessment of communication skills candidates. And this communication skills in the examination process is a specific test to measure the direction, the measure of the number of directions, including the size of spoken vocabulary, talking all the time is not logical, syntactic control of how patterns of changing circumstances, between sentences convergence, and the application of idioms and so on. Some students think the exam so much time and think outside the box so short, can not remember crystal clear. Here the candidates most need to focus on a problem is that when the exam answers must be relevant.

In fact, very similar to the IELTS speaking and writing, spoken language on the given topic must be cut to the chase, or they will be doing that is beside the point. However, a prerequisite must take the subject to listen to understand Caixing. The concept for us to stray from the specific examples cited;

Question: Do you like reading books? Many candidates answered: Yes, I do. I like reading books very much.

For the answer, many students asked questions that the teacher is too simple, I can only answer. And many teachers are familiar with this answer was. Australian International English ( forums ) viven teacher candidates to remind you that this answer is not beside the point, but too simple. Candidates not want to score high teacher asked Do you …… then you answer Yes, I do …… this is the case. Feels like the back of the text. Can be used Of course, Definitely, Sure, and Certainly to be replaced, and then I like the back of the object to say ahead of time to become a Reading books is one of my favorites in my free time. In addition, it can enlarge my imagination and widen the scope of knowledge. This is not cookie cutter answer to both ensure that the content is more substantial. For the first part of the oral questions, suggestions, candidates do not answer too much content. As long as the point, know the result of points on it. If the examiner allows you to talk about your home, we must first summarize the content focus to say, then one of the extensions on the line. Do not say a lot of endless; the teacher will think you are recited out of it.

IELTS speaking test of the pertinent issue is of concern to many candidates, advises candidates usually more time to practice speaking to the teacher for help, Australian International English wish you luck.

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Months in Turkish

January Ocak

February Şubat ş=sh shakira

March Mart

April Nisan

May Mayıs

June Haziran

July Temmuz

August Ağustos ğ=> Austos

September Eylül

October Ekim

November Kasım

December Aralık

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