You must understand the United States to study 10 questions

In 2010, the United States Institute of International Education (IIE) Open Doors report published by the United States shows: the first time China has become America’s biggest source of overseas students. This report speculated that in 2011 the number of Chinese students studying in the United States is expected to exceed 150,000 people, and the countries with the highest proportion of student’s reelection.

United States: the world’s countries with the highest quality of education, there is no one

The United States has nearly 4,000 colleges and universities, and allocation of resources in teaching for the majority of students can provide the most broad and most unfathomable choice for any condition-level students are provided a wide range of admission. At the same time, advanced diploma in the United States is widely recognized and respected around the world. Therefore, the United States can be called the world’s countries with the highest quality of education.

Insider on the United States to study

Summarized in these study abroad students, parents are most concerned about several types of problems and expert Q & A, hoping to study in the way of your help and reference.

Question: If a child scored a decision is not ideal to study, in August 2011 went to the United States can do?

Answer: Yes; Some U.S. schools still fall admission, but space is limited; also can choose to study in the college entrance examination and thus avoid the risk of double insurance.


Question: Children present a computer professional, sophomore at the time, financial professionals can apply for it? How to apply for the top 50 computer professional expertise?

Answer: engineering backgrounds, it is recommended to apply the financial engineering. Top 50 professional universities in general is the hard conditions of the lowest average score of 80, TOEFL 80 or more, GRE1300 above, of course, the general terms of the United States concerned about students, specific analysis of specific cases.


Question: children with learning bio major, but students want to study media professionals can it?

Answer: can, and this year we have successfully applied to the students at New York University, University of California at Los Angeles and there is a scholarship application if you plan to inter-professional graduate students, proposals must be prepared in advance.

Question: applying for a U.S. top 50 undergraduate institutions, domestic students should have what conditions, the acceptance rate will be higher?

Answer: Students apply for schools following aspects need to know

1, familiar with U.S. EA, ED, RD of the application process, if the August 2012 admission to the United States, beginning January 2011 to submit their applications 8,9

2, TOEFL, SAT scores have to come to the fore, the best scores over 2000 points more competitive

3 also highlights the different background conditions, participated in the municipal, provincial, national competitions, artistic talent, athletic achievement, etc. have also been

4, personal statement, resume, essay should not be overlooked, this part of the preparation time at least 2 months, early planning is important


Question: In the junior children to read, but not GRE test to apply to the United States in autumn 2012 in time?

Answer: in time, now ready to choose the school and the instruments, the students go all out to increase domestic GPA and GRE test preparation in October

Question: freshman at the time, belonging to domestic and international educational projects, would also like to continue preparatory reading, but cannot apply for a good preparatory school to college?

Answer: The biggest advantage the United States AUP: Docking scores of schools in the United States, the domestic original materials freshman courses, foreign direct school sophomore, free SAT can apply for scholarships; and domestic universities matriculation docking countries, the curriculum is not relevant, In addition, the teacher is not teaching full-time. Also, remind the domestic 2 +2, 3 +2 carefully chosen projects, students must be enrolled in a foreign country more than 3 years, returned to academic qualification to be proved.

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Ireland and scholarships to study errors introduced

Interpretation of the Irish abroad errors:

1) That Ireland’s education inferior to other European countries, but in reality? Ireland’s education has been very good, but because it did not like the other European countries to encourage China to promote chess Zhang “educational trade”. Therefore China’s education students have a lot of Irish to think that level is not high; (this also another reason: that is, the current enrollment in the Irish universities in mainland China are generally large, and even can be used to describe RUBBISH), which Ireland’s education makes students more and more a misunderstanding;

In fact, Ireland’s world-class education can surely be described as (of course, I am referring to the National University of Ireland and the Institute of Technology, and not those language schools and private schools in Dublin). Otherwise, how Ireland could become the world’s largest software exporters (previously ranked second, after the United States, and now the Yankees have thrown in the back).

But, the current Chinese students studying in Ireland, the vast majority do not have the opportunity to enjoy first-class higher education in Ireland, and secondary education, (which many students with their own qualities, because many students do not come here to learn, but to go abroad and abroad, such a student you can enter the National University?)

Have to admit that the current Chinese students in Ireland, really on behalf of Chinese students from Shanghai’s students, because there most of the students studying at the National University are from Shanghai, and Fujian, from the northeast, and fellow , I would not evaluated.

2) the choice to go abroad to Ireland to study, because relatively speaking, in Ireland than in other European countries visas more accessible; (resulting in what kind of situation? Current Chinese students in Ireland is relatively poor quality, which we shall not accept the fact);

If the Irish choose to go abroad, I advise you not to; if to enjoy world-class education, Ireland is a place worthy of your choice, in general, to enjoy this first-class education, you need the following conditions (Otherwise, discussion, or only go to Dublin schools are RUBBISH)

If you want to go to college, the following conditions:

1 – Have participated in the college entrance examination and was admitted to university undergraduate studies in China (preferably a key university admission);

2 – TOEFL at least 550

Do not have these conditions, you come to Ireland can only be:

1 – or order to come to work;

2 – either to go abroad and go abroad

If you want to go to graduate the following conditions:

1 – University graduate degree to obtain the best focus of China’s university graduates;

2 – TOEFL at least 550 points, 600 points or more recommended.

If you have outstanding results, but also entirely possible to get a scholarship.

Scholarships guide to Ireland to study:

Ireland Scholarships are divided into 3 types:

An application for admission to professional schools of Ireland, the conditions of compliance of the students, accommodation fee waiver

2 apply for admission to professional schools of Ireland, with its embodiment in the form of fee remission.

For example: most of Ireland is decreasing year by year tuition, so some of the scholarship is 50% the first year of remission.The second and third years the proportion of scholarships are paid 10-15% sliding scale year after year.

Analogy Description:

€ 9,500 the first year of tuition, reduced by 50%, paid tuition € 4,750

€ 9,000 the second year in tuition fees, reduction of 70% paid tuition € 6,300

€ 8,400 the third year in tuition fees, reduction of 85% paid tuition € 7,140

(Proportion actually paid in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of the University of Ireland, have detailed instructions for each successful application.)

3 schools to apply to Ireland after taking professional + language, the payment of tuition fees directly to a tuition waiver.

Dublin Business School in 2009 for example, a scholarship is set as follows:

1. The first year of undergraduate tuition remission 500 euros, 1,000 euros relief for first-year graduate students.

2. A one-time payment of language courses (CBL) a year tuition fee + 50% the first year of undergraduate tuition fees

Can also be relief for 500 euros,

3. A one-time payment of language courses (CBL) a year tuition fee + 50% of first year master’s fees,

Can also be relief for 1000 euros.

Ireland is currently the largest school scholarships in science and engineering university and private institutions inside. Ireland, of course, comprehensive universities, but which also set up a scholarship will be set up in individual departments and professional inside, the applicant will have different requirements.


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Ireland in 2011 to study policy trends positive

Irish students will reduce the fees:

Studies are being conducted according to the International Education Expo information fed back by the Irish students to study tuition fees will be reduced.

Last month, the Irish government issued a new policy on international students; it is 2010 to 2015 five-year plan, in this part of the development plan, first mentioned in Ireland in the next five years to improve the quality of education. Secondly, it will rise global strategic. Which includes tuition-fee system reform, also contains many preferential policies, are very attractive for international students. We hope that students will reduce the tuition fees.

In addition to lowering tuition fees, we pay more attention to improve our teaching quality and teaching experience

Commercial Counselor Embassy of Ireland, said Ireland has seven public universities, seven schools, two located within the top 100 internationally. Now, there are 26,000 international students studying in Ireland. 4.000 Chinese students studying in institutions of higher learning in Ireland. The main choice of Chinese students in business, commerce includes accounting, finance, management aspects of the curriculum; in addition, some students choose IT, electronic engineering, and hotel management.

Before the Irish study Baggage Information:

First, the carry-on baggage (8 kg) basic personal belongings:

1. Passport

2. Admission Notice

3. Ticket (please book one month in advance)

4. Passport / visa / admission notice of the copy and the original points to open.

5. Cash, carry more than 3,000 euros in cash to prepare an urgent need (If it is possible for a small sum of money in the bank, used to call at the airport) also can take travelers checks.

6. Emergency contact numbers, including the boarding home phone, pick up one phone.

7. English Dictionary (for emergencies)

8. Boarding pass (two) you enter the airport in Ireland, the immigration officer will ask you to produce the above documents, so it should be placed in carry-on bag (or pocket) in order to be easily removed. In addition, immigrants also need to fill out the registration card.

Other belongings:

1. If the history of motion sickness, motion sickness, bring sickness drugs.

2. Umbrellas (or raincoats, can be placed in checked baggage, but it is better to put out the place.)

3. Pen and notepad, to reach the Irish entry to use.

4. Map.

5. Other commodities: face wash fluid, tissues, and girls of various types of cosmetics, CD, MP3, novels. 6.’s Hat passport size photographs (with 20 or more recommended 2-inch, to use a lot of places in Ireland.)

Second, the checked baggage (30 kg, length width and no more than 158 cm of the trunk) do not forget to clearly identify your luggage, your name and contact information written in love on the label.

1) Clothing: underwear, socks:

Spring and autumn: Rain jackets, thin sweaters, long sleeved shirt, jeans, sweaters.
(Ireland the chance to wear sweaters and more).
Summer: T-shirts (long sleeve, short sleeve), shorts, shoes.
Winter: thick sweaters, down jackets, jacket, leather, thin Maoku, down vests, scarves, gloves, hats, Suits: suits, shirts (long and short), tie, costume (the Irish have few opportunities to dress up)

2) shoes: sports shoes, shoes, slippers

3) food: pepper, aniseed, chopsticks (spoon), fruit knives, rice cooker, heater, toothpicks, tea, kitchen knife,

4) the drug: cold medicines, silence supernatant pills, spiramycin, stomach, Pi Yan Ping, Yunnanbaiyao, cool oil, wind spirits, motion sickness pills, painkillers, bruises, drugs, anti-fever medicine. (But do not take Chinese herbal medicine)

5) live: toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo (pouch), nail clippers, Ershao, scissors, nail clippers, transparent plastic, bed sheets, quilt cover, pillow cases, towels, bath towels, pajamas, razors, glasses, flashlight , comb, small mirror, incense, camphor ball, desiccant,

6) glasses: glasses (except now and then prepared to wear a pair of); contact lenses (two); care solution (two bottles) sunglasses; eye drops;

7) Other: batteries (preferably rechargeable batteries, battery Ireland is very expensive) and charger. Small appliances (Ireland voltage 240 volts, the voltage required to buy a converter), such as MD, Discman, Walkman, electric razor (preferably direct charge), alarm clock and so on. Camera (film or digital camera more).

8) the books should be selected with a class, after accounting for weight space, the dictionary for a class of tools and the necessary professional books can be, if you must take a lot of the mail would be best to separate, or shipping.

9) software, game discs. (Usually inattention)

10) gifts. Without a very expensive gift, such as tea, Chinese stamp on it. CD can get some Chinese traditional instruments (better packaging, great gift to send foreigners). Finally, can take two cigarettes over. Options: (for permanent residence, Wan Ku clan) DVD Player (region decoding), cooker, soybean milk, sesame paste or hot sauce and so on. Wired telephone.


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School choice options to study Spanish and professional skills

Learned from the Italian Education, 2011-2012 pre-school Italian universities from May to submit their registration, interested candidates may contact the Education Centre Italy consult the relevant registration process?


Experts advise, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Embassy Consular Section (free) dual-certified academic documents must promptly prepare candidates. Candidates to the Ministry of Education Degree and Graduate Education Development Center to apply for certification report in English by the Ministry of Education Degree and Graduate Education Development Center sent directly to the Italian Embassy Consular Section. Candidates applying for undergraduate courses and examinations to submit examination results certificate authentication report.


Candidates submit materials pre-registration, registration of candidates’ undergraduate courses to be submitted by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Embassy Consular Section dual-certified high school diploma, while translated into Italian. Master’s candidates to be registered by the Chinese Foreign Ministry and submitted to the Italian Embassy Consular Section dual certification degree certificate and complete college transcripts and course descriptions, these materials must be translated into Italian. Middle School, senior candidates in reading and to provide the school issued at the time of the original proof seal, but also pay double the official certification after graduation materials. Candidates without access to language certificate pre-registration in the application materials submitted to the Italian oral test at the same time, to declare English the medium of instruction in English to test the level of candidates.


It is reported that candidates who graduated from high school to study Italian, scored no less than 380 points. Pre-registered candidates to submit application materials, but also a visa to Italy in time to submit visa application centers, and pay attention to the deadline for submission of the material.


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Advantages of professional schools in France

Advantages of studying in France prestigious professional description:

University of Paris XI

Directly under the leadership of the French Ministry of Education, is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary key university (the University’s position in the French equivalent of China’s Tsinghua University.) BA to the Ph.D. from the University there are hundreds of professionals; in its nearly 30,000 students in 110 countries from around the world 2500 foreign students. The school has 118 world-renowned laboratories.

Advantage Major: science and engineering profession.

University of Paris V (René. Descartes University)

Latin Quarter Left Bank headquarters in the center of the Seine, is a strong, prestigious universities, there are many famous Nobel Prize winner Professor Emeritus of the University, is one of the oldest universities in Europe.

Advantage Major: Life Sciences, Computer and so on.

First Nations University of Clermont-Ferrand

Located in the Auvergne region in central France, capital Dome Hill, the provincial capital city of Clermont-Ferrand, France with a historic name of a comprehensive National University, nearly 200 years of history, more than 40 countries and the world public university to establish a collaborative relationship. At present there are about 12,000 students, of which 1,270 foreign students.


Advantage Major: physical measurement, financial accounting and nutrition.

Metz University

Formally established in 1970, has developed into a very comprehensive university disciplines involved, is a multidisciplinary university of all. The high school has 33 research laboratories, of which 6 the French National Scientific Research Laboratory of the Centre, an international reputation.

Advantage Major: mechanical engineering, computer and environmental engineering.

Guide to Student Life in France:

1, the contract rent knowledge of French life

When students rent in France, needs, and the owner signed a rent contract, including duration of lease, rent, fees, guarantee amount, manner and only lease extension period of notice, etc., the contract has been concluded that the force of law, enter into leases costs are usually borne by the students, after the establishment of the lease to do by the students keep the original credentials.

2, knowledge of French life guaranteed rental

Foreign students studying in France, when the rent needs to find the third person to be secured to ensure that once the students to avoid their responsibility to pay the rent, the guarantor will replace the pay to avoid the loss of the landlord, the third best guarantor served by the French nationals.

3, knowledge of French life, rent receipts

Housing receipts are charged the tenants pay the landlord after the rent receipt issued, students have the rent receipt in safe custody after, in France for many administrative procedures, students are required to issue a receipt as proof of rent.

4, common sense residential tax living in France

French government personnel living housing residential tax levy, who on January 1 of each year is rental housing owned or personnel are required to pay residential taxes, the taxes are local taxes, specific taxes and fees are determined by the local government, so the students place where different is not the same amount of taxes paid.

5, knowledge of French life, the notice period

France’s landlord and the tenants in the contract, he will write in the contract notice of the contents of the notice period is in the so-called rent to stop renting before the landlord in advance the amount of advance notice, in general, the notice period is 3 months and will be specified in the contract.

When students rent in France, if you do not comply with the notice provisions, even if it moved out of the house, and still take into rental housing, so students and landlords in the contract, we should try to bargain, to shorten it to a notice months.

6, knowledge of French life, gas, electricity and telephone subscription

The process of living in France, students can not do without gas, electricity and telephone, which requires students after signing the rental contract in order to register the name of the lessee and open services. Students signing the rental contract, you can by virtue of their contract and proof of identity to the neighborhood in which to complete the formalities related services company, requiring the opening of gas, electricity and telephone use.

France’s gas, electricity and telephone by the French gas company, power companies and telecommunications copper respectively, after the needs of students in the opening of service to pay a service fee every two months, the cost is divided into monthly and the actual amount, the current € 2 monthly rent is the monthly gas, electricity monthly rent is 4.2 euros, a € 10.49 monthly telephone charges.

Students living in France, in the need to keep paying more fees invoice, because in France for a number of administrative procedures, the need to provide their real address students, and these invoices is the address of proof.


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Three major advantages of studying in Singapore

Quality school is a good stepping-stone to work

Public Colleges and Universities, the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore famous education, research and academic centers, are first-class academic standards, the employment prospects of graduates and employment rates double high. However, relatively high demand on students. Strict exit of foreign schools teaching philosophy, many students do not graduate on time, not only affects the development of students, but also to students adverse psychological effects can be described as wasted. Therefore, experts advise students to choose institutions to be based on individual circumstances, is best suited to their own.

Private universities, Singapore also has many excellent private schools. Most of these schools have introduced Britain, the United States, Australia and the University of twinning programs, local study in Singapore; the University Liaison Office obtained an undergraduate or college diploma. The costs (including tuition fees and living expenses) in around 7,8 million Yuan. The cost of the economic security of 15 million. Non-public schools generally do not require admission of students in English scores, but if your English is not good, will be required to attend English training about six months, and then began a formal university. The advantage of non-public universities is also more flexible opening hours, usually begins in January each year 1,4,7,9, easy to apply for school students. These high quality graduates of private universities in Singapore, many of the local work or continue studies in third countries, so for students who intend to study in Singapore would be a good choice.

Employment rate of college graduates and salaries

Singapore government-certified private university, many popular professions in the local employment rate of about 80%, such as: hotel management, catering management, resort management, accounting, logistics management, business administration, management, professional gaming. Any foundation for students to apply.

National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Singapore three institutions are public universities, more stringent entry requirements for students who have been excellent. Graduation trial period Basic salary 2,500 new currencies, Master the basic starting salary of 3000 graduates trial over the new currency, the trial period starting salary of 4000-5000 doctoral graduates over the new currency, you can immediately apply for a green card.

Different types of work visas

Singapore offers students a different job opportunities in various fields, studying professional courses in Singapore after graduation, compared with other countries, employment high, broad space for development. More than half a year working in Singapore can apply for a green card. Singapore has a very large Chinese-language tutorial market, many Chinese students choose to teach in Singapore each tutorial learning Chinese or the Internet to get some income or to improve their language skills.

The type of work visa in Singapore: WP, as a work permit on the lower, generally manual workers, less educated persons in the college setting. SP, is the face of college, college graduates, the Singapore Ministry of Manpower on license holders of such salary requirements of the new currency 1800. EP, generally to the professionals, the salary requirements of the new currency in 2500. Support SP / EP in the job 12 months after PR application submitted to the Immigration Department.

Singapore to study the emerging popular professional summary:

“State election than choose a school, schools are not as good as picking a major.” This is a stylish statement in recent years to study the market. Professional employment decision, aimed at the huge emerging professional “money” force, further study will be able to realize the value of the sublimation of life, not just to a “foreign gold-plated” diploma.

As the market continues to expand abroad, students in schools and professional eclectic selection began. At present, such as Singapore, many emerging countries continue to study popular innovation in the professional design, both positive and the job market combined with the new changes in the employment market, the new trend to promote professional design.

As the United States, Britain has established a solid scientific research strength of universities and to attract the world’s elite, as many countries began to study the emerging popularity of professional design innovation in order to counter the traditional advantages of the details of the overall strength of the national popular abroad.

Currently, Singapore is to develop electronic, chemical and biological sciences, alternative energy, nanotechnology and other new digital media industry cluster. The electronic / engineering industry cluster accounted for almost one-third of global output drive; the information media industry cluster has attracted over 100 high-tech companies in the top 70; in biological medicine, the Singapore government is announced in the next 5 years reinvested within the life sciences 8.0 billion, the United States, “Boston Globe,” pointed out that Singapore has become the world’s fastest growing biotechnology, one of five regions may be comparable to California.

Experts believe that, logistics management, hotel service management, biomedicine, and creative media design, navigation and other students is expected to become the new hot spot in Singapore. First, the professional job market in Singapore’s domestic demand potential is great. As Singapore is committed to the emerging industrial transformation in the 21st century will create new industries every year 20,000 to 25,000 jobs, while the rate of personnel training is far behind. Therefore, the Singapore government requested access to government school students to sign a contract to stay after graduation to work in Singapore for three years.

Second, for those who wish to return home after your studies the effectiveness of the students, the new professional career opportunities will no doubt bring themselves to avoid becoming a “sea to be.” The vast potential of the logistics industry, with China’s rapid economic development, international trade continues to expand, China’s logistics industry growth rate every year in more than 20% over the logistics park and logistics enterprises have sprung up. However, China’s professional logistics personnel are incredibly scarce, less than 10 million people throughout Shanghai, the country’s talent gap up to 600 million. The rapid development of the animation industry is nearly a billion of the market deposits, professional talent gap up to 10 million or more. It is reported that the two new professional, can be found in Singapore, excellent universities.



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Malaysia study abroad

According to Malaysian media reports, the Ministry of Education of China and Malaysia are negotiating mutual recognition of higher education degrees, is expected by the end of April to sign the “Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in education”, if both a degree in education in Malaysia after the signing of mutual recognition agreements will further promote the horse between the two study abroad. China and Malaysia attaches great importance to development of higher education, but also a fine tradition of respecting teachers, educational cooperation between the two countries close relationship, people look forward to. Malaysia as the Chinese economy and the rise of prompt access to the healthy development of higher education; universities throughout China with a better academic environment, teaching, research and facilities of the standard conditions of trained people with professional knowledge, good employment opportunities and career development, coupled with social stability, economic prosperity, cultural, colorful and hospitable people, so that China gradually become one of the hot national study. Experts say: start building in April of this year, China will work with Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore opened the high iron, full-length about 3900 kilometers, which will facilitate greater communication between the horse, after only from Kunming, China needs to Malaysia 10 hour. ”


At the same time, large Ma Guoli to provide 5% of the University degree courses to international students, even graduate students are also open-ended, so welcomed the graduates to Malaysia for further study.


Last year, 10,214 post-graduate Chinese students to Malaysia, of which 2168 were, studied at the National University, 8046 people in the private post-secondary studies. List of foreign students to Malaysia, Iran to 11,828 people living crown, finished second in China, Indonesia ranked third person Zeyi 9889.

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Analysis of IELTS in the thorny topic of several

Members IELTS Online users Hello everybody, welcome to guests concerned about the current interview. Today we have invited guests from the Global IELTS School Teacher Zhang Su Court. Welcome to Kok Chang Su guest teacher to worry! ~ In order to better interaction between users and members to help test more faithful, Chang Su Court, worry-free home teacher has opened a blog, welcome friends to visit the oh slightly today’s interview now, first of all teachers and Chang Su Court say hello!

Ya Chang Su, Central Court: Good afternoon!

User: my first IELTS 4.5, but, only 4 points the second time, I think so hard about the question I hear the examiner, to be constantly repeated, but the English listening test is no problem?

Ya Chang Su, Central Court: Hello, you IELTS speaking test is to listen to the biggest problem right? If the oral exam is always repeating to the examiner, will affect the verbal score. Because listening and speaking are inseparable from the house. Listening and speaking are equally important in the oral exam. You say no problem in hearing exam, perhaps because of your IELTS examiners who have more heavy accent, and hearing test recording is also generally is more standard. Recently I heard a young black student said the examiner, he spoken quite heavy, if you met him or other heavy oral examiner, you may wish to begin the examination when the very polite and asked him to slow down speech rate, denoted must live in Canada please. his usual sure a lot of listening, no matter what accent I suggest you listen more. For a native speaker, the accent is no impact on them, such as when the UK was once again met a middle-aged man from the south-east England, and his spoken I could hardly understand, but that the British people problem at all. Therefore, in the pro forma period, hearing we must continue to adhere to listen to their ears to be familiar with all the words, sentences, accent, intonation and so on. Finally, the results of your spoken twice with 0.5 points deflation, this is actually normal, probably because there is inconsistancy between different examiners is inconsistent. For example, 4 different understanding of the examiner is another difference. May also be because of your state. Therefore, when the examination must bring the best out of the state, active, lively, confident, friendly, full of hope, do the best you can.

User: teacher, my English level can be, but the subject did not suffer for some ideas how I can prepare a unique answer?

Ya Chang Su, Central Court: Hello, if so, I suggest you read widely, through the network such as google and yahoo, there are English books, reference books, or IELTS, you can find a lot of useful material, you read time, not only new vocabulary knowledge, but also broaden the ideas. If your answer is still not ideal to prepare, then I suggest that you can apply for a one to one class, so one on one speaking teacher to help you prepare a unique answer. Or you can add distinguished vip the qq 157072265, above a lot of front-line teachers and students can share with you a lot. Good luck!

User: Teacher Hello, my last exam when the exam, a dance that dance, traditional dance … also asked how to answer this, ah, I do not know the exam next month, will not encounter. .

Ya Chang Su Court, Central: Dance this topic in 2009 and 10 more years exam. Yes, you said also obtained his traditional dance. First we need to know we are talking about traditional Chinese dance has Yangko dance Yangko, fan dance fan dance, waist drum dance inspired waist. Then the next one or two sentences about details (remember, in the IELTS Speaking to the details that can never be wrong in the.) Can be said that traditional Chinese dance props to use some props like fans, handkerchief and drum. Often have arm movements. Sublimate can then look at the last, we should protect these cultures: safeguard the intangible cultural heritage. Or may wish to confess at the beginning of time, well , I have to say that this question is of tremendous difficulty to me due to my limited knowledge to this filed, but I do know a little. means: I think this problem is very difficult for me because I am in this field of knowledge limited, but I know that.

User: Hello Zhang, said the students had to listen to test a new theme this year is about time management, said that huge metamorphosis, mainly asked what ah? How to answer ah?

Ring Ya Chang Su Court: Yes, that Road organizing time. About the time the topic of previous years have test to, for example Q: Do you think time is very important? Do you think time flies? How do you think of being on time? For 2011, the emergence of new problems organizing time, increased the difficulty. Common problem is: How to organize time? We can refer to the answer: Well, firstly you should estimate the time correctly; you have to take your travelling time into account. Also keeping a diary is pretty helpful, you jot down what you need to do and you always mark these priorities. In fact, this topic is the question of time management, but also be more familiar in our lives the topic, but we never thought about this issue. You can google or yahoo.answers read some of the relevant material, build their vocabulary, develop their own ideas.

User: Hi Zhang, I think the art of IELTS in the particularly difficult subject, every time I test to answer is not good, how do ah?

Ya Chang Su, Central Court: Hello, art topics in the last two years appears in the IELTS Speaking infrequent. Many students told me that hard, mainly because we lack is the first experience in this area, and the second because we artistic vocabulary is relatively scarce. Causes more than two people are very afraid of art topic, psychological guilty fear, fear is inevitable when the hand of the exam fear feet. So I suggest that you first have to do is accumulate the art vocabulary. For example, the art of common topics are: Music / musical instruments, paintings / drawings / art galleries / museums, dance, fashion, movie / concert, craft / sculpture / pottery and more. We usually can find some of these aspects of words are classified memory, combined with the problem, then I will order some of my own hair in a blog on the art of words, for all to see.


Ya Chang Su, Central Court: Thank you! I wish you every success in exams! Test to their desired results!

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Entrance students studying in Canada to double to force the insurance

From the entrance there is currently less than 2 months, international students Australian first quarter of 2011 statistics show that in 2011, continued to increase the number of applicants to go to Canada to study in 2011 showed the number of students studying in Canada continue to increase.

According to statistics, in 2009 the total amount of Chinese students studying abroad goes to Canada in 1999 to 3.7 times. In the past 2010 years, this figure was a breakthrough-type growth but also, to go to Canada hit a record high total students, of which only a high school student to an increase of more than 2009 times. In this background, the application to meet the massive demand to speed up the visa approval rate in Canada, improve service quality in Canada visa, Canada and China established a number of visa application center, which includes Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, including three Visa Application Centre.

In addition, the Government of Canada has introduced in 2010 to force the three to go to Canada to study immigration policy, namely the SPP scheme, CEC Experience Class of immigration policies and the provincial nomination. One SPP scheme, called the China-Canada Cooperation Programme students to apply for the Canadian Institute of Chinese students courses provide more convenient, more secure visa application success rate policy. CEC Experience Class of immigration policies, mainly to help those who meet the standards in the professional field with the skills required to provide, it has a high success rate, the quota sufficient speed and so on. The Provincial Nominee to Canada’s policy is to make prospective students or immigrant students tend to the people’s desire to be more easily achieved immigrants.

For example, in Ontario, a master’s degree graduate students can apply to emigrate to Manitoba immigration, college graduates, while the school’s dual enrollment in Canada, the school issued to students at the same time language course are conditional admission + admission notice, admission threshold of elite relative reduction, whichever provides the students go to Canada to study the fast track. For developed countries, Canada, the highly educated people is still the first choice of its immigration, in particular to rapidly integrate into the local life of the people. System of higher education in Canada, foreign students, especially high school students studying to go to Canada just to meet these conditions. Students for the national college entrance examination for college entrance examination and students while preparing to give life one more choice, will contribute to the early realization of their goals in life.

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Irish students will know the financial knowledge of banking articles

Bank of Ireland in the late nineteenth early twentieth century rebuilding his business processes and services, and this change is a major factor in information technology, this change to the Bank of Ireland as a leading financial institution.

Bank of Ireland’s retail business is the bank’s core; there are over seven thousand employees throughout Ireland and the UK financial services customers, including all of the banking, foreign exchange and credit card services, the current growth within a certain range of mortgage and compensation insurance services.

Bank of Ireland’s business is to provide through 350 branches, and how to achieve this business? Irish Bank’s information technology strategy to solve the problem, it is based on Sybase client / server connectivity solutions, at the same time as the client with PowerBuilder development tools, each branch has its own database and IT systems.

Bank of Ireland’s core data information to remain in the host, in order to provide good with sex, Bank of Ireland chose Sybase enterprise connectivity products, and in order to adapt to new business process needs to quickly develop new applications, after several banks assessment tools, and finally chose the Sybase in PowerBuilder.

PowerBuilder Bank of Ireland selected the data window and the ability to sybase database gateway between good way, PowerBuilder’s market leadership and a fresh application interface and environment for enterprise development levy is different from his competitors. PowerBuilder can rapidly prototype design screen is in the client’s development tools.

Bank of Ireland’s client / server applications within the applications already in the accounts, the accounts of the past is the branch of the main lenders, and now accounts allow employees to branch offices observe a graphical format accounts for the situation over the past year.

Under the new Bank of Ireland, one of the main development environment is a loan assessment, the system must ensure that the lender can observe the distribution of loans over two years to assess the list and the risk of a rough situation.

Bank of Ireland in the new environment than ever before coding and testing phase has great growth, and the idea of changing the past can not be achieved, for example, a former branch called the card processing center credit card center is now released survey information directly to the branch The development of the entire application took only six weeks time.

Bank of Ireland is their adaptability to new environment, one of the objectives pursued, shorten the time Bank of Ireland is satisfied with the release of the application of auxiliary information can now integrated into the actual network, in the new environment when transplanted to the distributed data, Ireland Bank of the reconstruction process is technically the overall adaptation to the bank selection.

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