How to choose a good high school

It is understood that the British government high schools can be divided into public and private schools; both the nature of the school has a very different in many ways. For example, teaching management. The scale of public school students in the 2000 general range ~ 10,000, a class average of about 20 students, teaching management, more relaxed; require students to have a strong self-discipline, close to the British university learning environment.

The largest number of private high school in 1000 or so, as little as 100 people. Private high schools often use small classes 6 to 10 people to ensure high quality teaching, management is relatively strict. In some boarding private high school, students need if you want to go out guardian’s consent.

The admission criteria, the application for public high school is usually required to provide secondary school transcripts, teacher recommendations, language proficiency (eg IELTS), and other school materials, according to the measure of whether students meet entry requirements.

Private high school admissions process is relatively flexible and, in addition to audit the “standard” file, the often allow students to participate in the internal entry written (in English and mathematics). But with different characteristics and potential for the students, the school will adopt the more personalized the admission interview, academic performance is not the only criterion.

How to choose a good British high school? Selected public high school or private school? Experts suggest that parents should learn to “four to see”:

First, look at the proportion of international students. The proportion of international students as possible. British high school about the scale of hundreds of people in general, if too many international students, students difficult to integrate into pure English environment. General good schools, the proportion of international students are long-term control in 10%.

Second, look at the school enrollment rate. After all, the Chinese high school students to the UK is to enter prestigious universities in the future, transition rate which reflects the school from strength.

Third, look at the family’s economic strength. Learning costs, the “public” and “private” huge difference. Foreign students studying in the UK public high school, you need to pay an annual fee of around £ 5,000, plus living expenses for a year about 13 million to 15 million Yuan. Whether students or overseas students in Britain, if you want to enter private schools, fees are 15,000 ~ £ 30,000 / year range, count the cost of living, the total cost of about 30 million a year to 40 million Yuan.

Fourth, to see their children self-discipline. If the child’s self-discipline, self-care capacity is weak, studying a number of public high schools will be difficult; if the child is mature and independent, then the families’ permission, the two types of schools can be considered.

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Studying Spanish professional

The reason why many students studying in Spain to study abroad because of the professional school in the country is not their favorite professional, or would like to challenge other professionals, allow themselves to be versatile talents, the future increase in employment for their chips. Then go to Spain to study in the end cannot change your major? In fact, the main study in Spain is divided into several situations:

Graduated from high school to go to Spain to study, can be arbitrarily chosen profession, then this point I will not say more, I mainly want to say about college and graduate students.

Time students as a university (college or undergraduate), to give up now if you want to choose a professional reading of their favorite professional, then only the identity of high school graduates is to re-apply to the Spanish course in Spain, so can re-select the professional . If you also want to undergraduate or college, you can only read the same or similar professional.

As a university graduate (specialist or undergraduate), if you want to re-select a professional graduate school, then the university level can apply for master’s degree in Spanish. Master of professional field grade does not limit the choice, as long as the applicant believes he can learn the other graduate students can apply. But if you want to apply the words of the official master, you can not change your major, can only be selected and the same or similar professional degree graduate.

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New Model of Tourism : Medical Tourism

Medical devices in the face, while the cold to see the Alpine peaks from the window reflected in the blue lake, which makes treatment more like a vacation, maybe you will recover faster. Today, many Swiss are Daxing this medical tourism destination (Medical Tourism).

New model of tourism

Medical tourism is the world’s tourism industry in recent years, a new wind blowing fashion. To clean, reliable, high quality, known for Switzerland, is a pioneer in medical tourism. According to authoritative statistics, there are 3 million people every year to Switzerland for treatment, which does not include foreigners in Switzerland have been moved. The expenditure of foreign visitors each year for medical expenses in Switzerland more than a million Swiss francs. According to Zurich Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI) of the forecast, the worldwide growth of the health care market may exceed 10%.

Swiss Trade Promotion Center (Osec) and the Swiss Tourism Association jointly established the Swiss Health (Swiss Health) hope more people realize that, while both the natural beauty of Switzerland and efficient health care. They will lock the main source countries of Russia, the Near East and the fast-growing countries such as China and India; of course, the wealthy European neighbors.

Many people choose to treat more here because the Swiss medical prices. An industry source said the cost of surgery in Switzerland, far below the United States, and Hong Kong about the same. In Switzerland related to surgery, hospitalization cost of 4 days is expected to be 10,600 Swiss francs, approximately equivalent to 67,000 Yuan, the fee includes surgical fees, hospital charges (single ward, a family can live, including toiletries), restaurants, Chinese translation , airport transfers and so on. The medical costs from the 3500 Swiss francs (approximately equivalent to 22,000 Yuan) to 13,500 Swiss francs (equivalent to 85 thousand yuan) per.

Apart from the treatment and recuperation, you can visit the Olympic city of Lausanne, stroll in the World Heritage Bravo, in the romantic town of Montreux and swans play, visits the famous West yung castle, or in the vineyards to enjoy food and wine , by starting on the chocolate train from Montreux to Gelv Ye children went to a trip to chocolate and cheese to date, too.

Five-star private hospital services

Switzerland is a leading hotel management at the global level, while private hospitals in Switzerland, in addition to the treatment of advanced technology, clean air and water, five-star hotel standard of personalized service is also the unique characteristics, and provides guests private space is essential. This is also the number of foreign patients; including many, celebrities choose to go to Switzerland, the world’s physical or medical reasons.

In addition, the treatment becomes a kind of enjoyment and relaxation, medical tourism is the most significant feature of the Swiss. Medical treatment in Switzerland, you can enjoy personalized service and meticulous. Each is a long history of private hospitals, most hospitals is small, but will create a warm atmosphere. The current line by adding medical tourism hospitals, is more attentive to meet individual needs, from food, to the beautician, and even newspaper delivery, unavoidably, to let those who experience one hundred percent satisfied.

I visited “Les Hauts de Genolier” is the largest private clinic in Switzerland, in the outskirts of the Olympic city of Lausanne is located on the hillside, surrounded by vineyards surrounded by the sweet, for Yanbohaomiao Lake Geneva, overlooking the Mont Blanc, the scenery impeccable.

Les Hauts de Genolier known to specialists, particularly in orthopedics, breast, radiation therapy and various medical examinations in the world leading level. Signing of the hospital more than 130 doctors, more than 70 residents in each of the patients received more than 3,000, and up to 14,000 out-patient. In addition to the patients in Switzerland, as well as from Europe, America, India, Russia, the Middle East and China, and patients. United Arab Emirates, where the king had cured his many years of knee problems.

Composed of two buildings from the old and the new clinic, in the middle connected by corridors, a special treatment of the other buildings are apartments, hotel apartments is not only functional, and the decoration is very warm and each room has large windows visible landscape and can their own cooking in the kitchen, stay in this, very few family atmosphere. Even better, the hospital has a long behind the railway, and has stops in here, people can easily go by train from here to Geneva, Interlaken, Nice, France even.

I went to Les Hauts de Genolier the day, light rain, parked on the lawn outside the hospital for a helicopter ride, I do not know which country’s rich doctor from out of nowhere. This is Les Hauts de Genolier, it is nothing new. In fact, wealthy patients are often bringing their whole family, on holiday in the Swiss side of medical treatment, they stayed in the top hotel, and then in Zurich, Geneva and other places generous shopping, visiting historical sites in Switzerland, the Swiss Tourism Board estimates that medical tourism 50 million per year for the Swiss hotel stay visitors.

Placenta beautiful legend

Now, the celebrity star by the injection of sheep placenta to maintain their youth, no longer a secret. Speaking of Placenta Beauty, Switzerland’s leading. Kate Winslet, Sharon Stone, Jodie Foster are all loyal supporters placenta. Was 60-year-old Sophia Loren, to the outside world the secret of her youth and energy to maintain long-term acceptance Placenta therapy? Days after we are familiar with Faye Wong, Cecilia Cheung, a small S are receiving post-natal Placenta beauty treatment to Switzerland, which quickly restored the graceful figure. The United States also many high society women Placenta beauty treatment in Switzerland. Many royal family and nobles are accepted every year in Switzerland, activation of transplanted embryonic cell therapy, such as Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, made a special trip every year to Switzerland to accept Placenta therapy. Clinic of their choice in Montreux, because this is the origin of placental extract therapy. Placenta therapy in Montreux enjoyed a long list of celebrity list there: the former Pope Paul XII, Audrey Hepburn, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, the former South African President Nelson Mandela, Argentina’s world-famous former international star Diego Maradona

La Clinic Lake Geneva, the international reputation of private clinics, to breast augmentation, placental extract therapy, face lift, hair transplant and other medical beauty known. It has the best technology in Switzerland doctors to do face-lifts, where the celebrities received numerous beauty treatments. According to the Swiss President of the Union BeatHuber introduced high-quality hospital, and now many foreign patients because of the favor of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases, the Swiss, sports medicine and joint replacement and other medical services in the field of plastic surgery to choose medical tourism in Switzerland.

“Chinese people have a lot of tourist visa in Switzerland face lift, body reshaping, nose reconstruction and other plastic surgery, or receiving anti-aging therapy.” Beat Huber said, is the Chinese people to the Swiss medical team has expanded each year only that they are very optimistic about the Chinese market.

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