IELTS Writing Reference Pham Van: How can I be happy?

Happiness is considered very important in our life. Why it is difficult to define? What factors are in achieving happiness?

It has been widely noted that happiness is very important to our life. However, what is happiness? It seems difficult to define, for different people have different ideas. Some people are brought up that most important thing in their life. They obtain happiness from seeking fame and profit. Other people are in pursuit of mental edification. They serve people heart and soul and find happiness from it.

In my view, according to philosophy, everything is in process of development including happiness. We spare no effort to achieve our goal and obtain happiness from success. However, after that we have another new aim to achieve. There is no limit to gaining lasting happiness.

Then how to obtain happiness? I think true happiness can be got in the following ways:

In the first instance, true happiness comes from hard work. A student is very happy when he has gotten high score in his examinations. His happiness is the result of his hard and patient study. Thus, happiness abounds in hard work.

Secondly, happiness is rooted in optimistic attitude. In our daily life, we should face a lot of problems, which may lead to setbacks. If these defeatist sentiments seize us, happiness will be far away from us. The only way is right attitude and sparing no effort to overcome it then you can find happiness.

Last but not least, happiness comes from frugality. Many example display people spending money wastefully for satisfaction of their desires may suffer from poverty in the long run. So living a simple and content life makes one happy and cheerful.

All in all, happiness is very important to our life. The good method to find happiness is making our mentalityand physicality both strong.

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IELTS Writing Reference Pham Van: the star makes more money whether it should?

Is it fair that sports professionals earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions? Give both sides of reasons of the argument and give your opinion.

The 27th World Football Cup has concluded. People around the world enjoy great fun from the excellent performance of the football players. But meanwhile, a new issue arises. Should athletes have a high salary? From my point of view, I think they should get a good pay.

Firstly, the development of athletic level represents for the power of a country. Athletes make great contributions to the society and earn great glories to their country. When our national anthem is played in the stadium, we feel very proud of our country’s strength. Therefore , a high the salary is a reward to the efforts athletes make.

Secondly, athletes devote themselves fully to the training and exercises. Every day, they do a lot of exercises with a view to setting new record in the sports games. Athletes are apt to be hurt in the matches, because some sports games are dangerous, for example, football, boxing and Wushu. High pay guarantees prompt and good medical care if they get hurt.

Thirdly, the athletic career is very short. Many athletes retire when they are still quite young. High salary can ensure that they can have a better life after they retire. If they want a further study, they will have no financial burdens.

However, we have also noticed that some athletes cheat the referees and spectators in order to get money. Some of them even bribe the judges and referees. The government must take some measures to prohibit this kind of corruption.

To sum up, it is reasonable for athletes to get high salary, because they are worth of it.

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22 classic argument of IELTS essay topic to expand

IELTS Writing, I believe that most duck are the most troublesome is the lack of arguments, trying to think out of the view, but they do regardless of evidence. Below, we provide everyone with the 22 most popular topic of the IELTS Writing both positive and negative point of view, helping to expand the answer thinking.

1. Smoking

For: (means agree or advantages)

1. It is pleasurable and relaxing

2 it is one’s right

3 it is difficult to the stop smoking

It makes socializing easier

It is an important source of revenue, the tax

Against: (means disagree or disadvantages)

1. It is harmful to one’s health (eg, heart disease, bronchial trouble, lung cancer)

2. It is harmful to those nearby

It is addictive (ie, nicotine)

2 School, Uniforms


1 they eliminate class differences

2. They allow students to better concentrate on their studies

They are popular with parents and administrators

4. They are inexpensive

5 they are attractive and neat

6. They eliminate the need to. Choose what to wear every day

7 many countries have them


1. They are disliked by students (students like to primp)

2. They create a military mentality.

3. They are an infringement on our freedom (different strokes for different folks)

4. They are ugly and childish

3 Legalized Gambling.


1 it is a source of government revenue

2 it is an old practice dating back thousands of years

3. It is pleasurable (eg, horse racing, casinos)

4 many people the play poker and mahjong


1. It can become addictive

2. It can the destroy happy families

It can lead to suicide

It is are able to controlled by the Mafia, (eg, bookmakers)

4 City Life


It is in my field adequately

It offers the best schools, hospitals, and stores

3. It offers many entertainments (eg, swimming pools, bowling alleys, and sports stadiums)

It offers many chances of employment

5 cities have an risk group public transportation system


It is unhealthy (eg, water on and air pollution in industry)

It is not a good environment for children

3 it is noisy and dangerous

It makes people nervous

5 cities are overcrowded and expensive

5. Informing Patients Of Cancer


1 patient’s right to know

It is wrong to hide the truth

It gives the patient a chance to. Plan his the last days

Doctors must do it “(in some country like the U.S.)


1. It is heartless and cruel

2 it may make the patient give up

It causes depression

It can lead to suicide

6. Social Security,


1. The state should help the poor, aged, unemployed, and sick

The state should provide good health care for its citizens

3. There will always be social misfits that need the help

All religions focus on the charity

All advanced countries have some form of social security


It costs too much

It encourages laziness and destroys the work ethic

People should look after themselves

It results in heavy taxes



It is natural (ie, adult society is not segregated)

It gives men and women a chance to better understand one another

It gives men and women a chance to compete with one another

4. It has many practical advantages (eg, school plays, music groups)


1. Women do better academically in their own colleges

2 women are in the colleges of to get an education, not a husband

3 it is still rare in some countries

4. It robs women of their self-confidence

8 Corporal Punishment


Children are not adults

2 children respect discipline

It is a form of training

4 it builds of real character

It works to the control juvenile delinquency


1. It is not a civilized way

Love is better than physical punishment

It can cause, psychological problems

4, there is the saying: Violence begets violence

9.Organ Transplants


1. They prolong life

They are supported by the medical profession

3. Critically ill people want transplants in order to live


They are too expensive

They are unnatural as seen by the body ‘s rejection

3. They are often unsuccessful

10.Civil Disobedience (civilization to resist)


S no one is above the law

2. It can quickly destroy law and order

It leads to the chaos of society

4 it leads to contempt for all Hurtado De Notaris



1. It is murder (infanticide)

2 it is an unnatural practice

3. A fetus is a human being – unborn but viable

The rights of a fetus must be protected,

5. It causes many women to have guilt feelings

Equality 12. Of the Sexes


Both men and women have equal human rights

Most companies have adopted equal pay for The equal work

3. There are no skills women can not the master

Women are superior to men in some fields

13.Foreign Aid


It is humanism

The. Rich should help for the poor

All religions teach the charity

4.it promotes national security



1 it is the logical solution to a bad marriage

It allows both persons to seek happiness in a second marriage

3. Remarriage is a right

4. Children are better off living with one parent than with both in an unhappy environment

15.Compulsory Military Service


It aims to strengthen national defense

It teaches young, men discipline

It builds character and physical fitness

4 it teaches valuable skills

5. It nurtures a spirit of comradeship an equality

It offers opportunities for overseas travel

It exists in many countries (eg, Switzerland, Singapore)

It reduces unemployment

9. It instills a sense of patriotism


It is unnecessary in view of today ‘s, professional armies

2. It is a step away from peace

It is useless peace in today’s world

4. Today ‘s armies do not need unskilled manpower

16.Voluntary Euthanasia


It is a Basic right-the right to die

It allows one to die with dignity

It allows one to choose the time and place of death

It is painless

5 it is the solution to a the terminal illness with suffering


1 it is murder or suicide

It is illegal in the most countries

Most doctors oppose it

17.Capital Punishment (death)


1. It frightens would-be criminals (acts as a deterrent)

It serves as a just reward for killers

3. It lowers crime rates

4. It is more economical than a life sentence (saves the state money)

18.Trade Protectionism


1 it invites retaliation

2. It invites reciprocity based on a quid pro quo basis

3 it agriculture and industryto develop poor, underdeveloped countries

It leads to trade wars

5. It costs taxpayers large sums of money

19.Nuclear the Power


It provides huge amounts of energy from of small amounts of fuel can

The world ‘s supply of oil will be exhausted in 90 years

3. It could supply all the world ‘s electricity for millions of years if fully developed

4. Nuclear power plants create less air pollution than fossil-fuel power plants

20. Library: Computer VS Books,



1) Efficiency

2) Large storage capacity

3) the Multimedia attraction

5) Sharing is information

6) Network or Internet

7) the Rapid updating is



1) Traditional medium,

2) Easy to carry

3) Conveniently read

4) index of the academic environment


1) Not durable

2) Low, rate of updating is

3) Can not be shared by any people

22 University: library, the VS the Physical training facilities



1) Major goal to impart knowledge to students

2) Index of the academic environment

3) Attract more excellent professors

The Physical Training:


1) Help to improve one’s health which is basis of study

2) Students learn to be cooperative

3) Provide 263. The

4) May produce good athletes

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Classic opening paragraph of the IELTS Writing

Beginning Paragraphs of the classic opening paragraph of the IELTS Writing


When asked about the ongoing uproar involving / concerning the increasing divorce rate, most people say the affair involves a purely private matter. But / while many other people regard this as a side effect of the drop of social moral standards. I personally think the latter can hold water.

Sample 2

When it comes to the increasing use of motor vehicles in the cities, some people think that use should be limited. Others argue that the opposite is true. There is probably some truth to both arguments, but emission controls must be instituted regardless of the number of vehicles.

The Sample 3

There is a general debate nowadays about the problem of itinerant workers. Those who object to the rising migrant population argue that increasing numbers lead to rising crime rates and harm social stability. But people who favor the influx of the cheap labor force, on the other hand, maintain that migrants are needed to support the massive urban infrastructure construction program.

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IELTS Writing material: meat or vegetarian?

Carnivorous Diet or Vegetarian Diet

Carnivorous Diet:

1. Human beings are a part of the food chain, and eating meat is natural. So then, how can eating meat be wrong?

2. Humans are type of animal and eating meat is normal and simply a part of life.

3. Animals provide essential protein for the human body. Protein is biologically essential, for every living creature needs a certain amount to survive.

4. Vegetarians do not get enough minerals and vitamins as a result of their limited diet.

5. It is hard enough for vegetarians to stay healthy in our technologically advanced society.

6. Eating plats is also causing pain or discomfort to the plants. You only have to check out laboratory experiments that plants feel pain.

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Writing instructional design

First, the context into

1) play “a grateful heart.”

Teacher: Students, have you heard of this song is the teacher’s favorite song. Listen to it because every time, always struck me share of soul moved, touched for life, behind this song has a tragic, and touched countless people’s family story. Today let us listen carefully to the story, share affection it hard to sentiment.

2) to teach reading life story. (Courseware production)

3) the students said feelings.

Teacher: Yes, ah, a love so selfless and great for young parents in this life and death decisions instantly, with both hands the students wish to leave their love child. Students matter, in fact, we were it not surrounded by a deep sense of family again! From the day we were born, delicate maternal love, generous father accompanied us through the growth in the wind with rain every day, the parents gave us too much, maybe we can not be poor all his life In return, some of our only a grateful heart, gratitude to their parents.

4) to produce the subject: “Thanksgiving parents.”

Second, look at family video.

Teacher: Do you remember the parent’s birthday? Your parents you had a birthday? The simple life in the parents control our food, clothing, shelter, and you can still recall those parents pay for your hard work it? Here the teacher to bring a family video, so we hard to feel parents normally do every thing for your little things of life, because this is love.

1) see the family video (teachers with narration)

Teacher: Students, parents gave us life, gave us a warm home, the first step towards the life of the Church of parents, the first thing you learn is the parent church, you encounter setbacks, difficulties, is a parent’s pair of big hands as you hold up a blue sky, perhaps some students will say that their parents did everything right and proper, we profligate with their parents love, even tired voice their concerns, and even blame the parents poor, ugly parents can say to you know how parents love you? The teacher before class received some letters from parents, wrote to you saying they want the truth, where we carefully listen to your parents the truth declare it!

Third, read a letter from the parents.

Teacher: listening to parents, passionate words, you feel your parents love deep and heavy it? You love your parents? Let us palm on his chest, shouted loudly, “Mom and Dad I love you” right.

Fourth, that the truth story.

Teacher: maternal water, father as a mountain, the students ask you to open the door of memory, hard to experience life’s little parents give you love, you remember most, the most moving scene, said to share with you now!

1) please close your eyes and heart to experience, like a good show of hands that can be said.

2) that the truth story. (Teacher: that is when things that make specific, express the true feelings) writing on the blackboard: that truth matters.

3) the students report.

4) a collective appraisal of the situation said.

Fourth, the photo-compliance.

Division: the truth of the matter, we say it, the parents sincere love, we feel, then ask someone to pick up his pen and wrote this love story, the characters can be the language for describing the air.

1) the students write pieces: the truth matter

2) the collective appraisal writing piece, you think she write you? Good? Blackboard camera: photo-compliance, to express true feelings

V. Pham Van leads the way to guide writing. (Written guide)

Teacher: parental love into bits and pieces in which we live, to your heart to experience, intentions to Thanksgiving, the love of parents everywhere. He also has a children’s gratitude to his heart in words written down, I go and see.

1) to produce fragments, teachers read.

2)do you think he is how to express their gratitude to their parents for? He wrote you? Good?

Teachers guide students to grasp the character from the language, movement, posture in which to experience to understand the great love of parents.

Teacher: This is a complete writing it? This is only when we are writing to the selection of material, which is written the most important aspect of composition, selection of only the selected, we can write the articles and vivid, written, specific, then how to choose the details of life, selfless performance maternal love, to express gratitude to it?

3) to produce material selection method. (Courseware production)

4) selecting the material does not is a complete composition, complete with attractive composition but also the beginning and end of the title, the next lesson, we continue to complete our writing, attention to writing.

5) to produce writing requirements.

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Five Steps of Essay Writing

For a long time, “difficult writing” has been the teachers, students and parents of the consensus. Top priority in language teaching position in language teaching, teaching writing has become the weak link. How to get out of teaching writing “high input, low effective,” the situation? We use “thinking, speaking, writing, reading, change the five-step method” of teaching writing, and effectively improve the ability of students to use language so that students can easily writing and happy writing.
First, like
Think, an opportunity for students to the idea of ​​a plan to fight the process, is indispensable link. We are guided by grade teacher Chen’s “starting a chapter, from imitation to innovation, sequential composition” principle, put in writing one week before the example listed along with the text title to the students, guide students to think, done to determine the center, genre, group of materials, material selection and stylistic rules and layout, etc. This is series of activities.
Second, that
“Say” is our guide in writing the most important step. Said composition in two ways: First, that part, that the article is divided into beginning, middle, end of the three parts, and one part of that. Please say several students as the beginning of his article, teachers guide students to Review: The good news is the beginning of what, where not so good, how to modify, supplement, etc. The second is that the whole chapter, the students finished, teachers guide students to comment, amend. Guidance in the writing class, students said composition account for more than 80% of the time. I said in writing to guide students in lower grades, generally used to say that part of the first chapter of the whole method of writing to guide high school students that the best use of the method that the whole chapter.
Said composition has two advantages: First, our students the ability to speak in public, so that each student can sound loud, articulate a clear, complete and orderly manner to express their meaning. Second is, the writing ability of students to play the pass, to help with the role, to students who have difficulty writing with the road.
That when writing for all students, so that every student involved.
Third, write
After these two steps, the students felt writing it easier. For students who have difficulty writing, I asked, “to say-oriented”, the school said the modified articles written down on it. Writing ability of students, asking him to “writing should think,” the article added his own rational thought, so write the article than that of writing better.
Fourth, reading
Read the essay in three ways: First, read-write. Second, write a front of all paragraphs to read it again. Therefore, when the finished article at the end, the beginning and middle have read several times, to avoid writing duplicate statements, contradictory. Third, after writing a full read, generally read three times, respectively, is to check whether the fluent words to express emotion is in place, self-appreciation.
Provide students with an emotional reading his essay, appreciate his writing is the focus of training in writing. Only read aloud, repeated reading, the students can read this sentence is wrong with that sentence does not write with the word and that word was inappropriate. Students read their writing; their writing is actually to pick holes.
Fifth, change
Students through reading aloud, to find his article wrong, it will change hands. Change and then read, read and then change. In this way, students develop the ability to modify the composition yourself, but also train you to modify the composition of good habits.
Zhaochen teacher said this sentence: “the student’s essay is out of practice, not the teacher marking out.” After reading the students themselves, to change the article, first in the group reading, assessment, change, and then read the exchange, change, and finally to the hands of teachers. For the student’s essay, as long as he is serious, the teacher never criticize, accuse, but to find out the good words good words, good material, good conception to encourage students to enable students to see their writing progress, their are confident that more and more interested in writing.

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450 practical sentences IELTS Writing

1.sign sb with (star player) signing
2.be heavily influenced by
3.His fee was then a British record of $ 28 million.
4.Despite repeated criticism, A has always been supportive of sb.
5.A is struggling to fight for ….
6.It ‘s an opportunity for sb to experience the coaching style of …..
7.De123ce has been a trademark of his team.
8.But A’s problem this past year was more about sth than anything else.
9.The way you have the best chance to win a championship is to ….
10.The big question still remains, …
11.Will workers be OK with having to do more work?
12.A competent plan that we can follow and be successful with
13.government policy and market force
14.As far as saying that I’m going to do sth, there is nothing specific right now.
15.maximize the potential of sb
16.focus much of one’s attention on
17.gain reputation as being (people) respect for the …..
18.His dedication and love for the game earned him the respect of others.
19.Unlike education or business, football offers a fast route out of grinding poverty.
21.Analysts said that sport in general has become a social elevator. To improve the social status of people
22.bold exploration
23.need to be developed to meet / satisfy increased demand.
24.at a primary stage of development
26.I ‘m a native of Jiangsu province
27.lifetime occasion life events (marriage, etc.)
28.The number of A has been on the rise for the past decade.
29.choose a happy and easy way to do sth instead of being bound by tradition
30.Sun Zhongshan paved the way toward a Chinese utopia, but could only show it on paper.
31.A, to some degree, lack the imagination of westerners.
32.A believed it could help transform China from a decaying country into a fresh and new one.
33.Sci-fi peaked in the 1970s. Science fiction
34.Many firms use tactics designed to hide their intent to gather and profit from the data they collect.
35.We have done our part to provide up-to-date info.
36.With a shared vision for the future, 21st century will prosper.
38.motivate sb to do
39.provide easy access to English education for learners
40.The hosting of the 2008 Olympic games
41.the outbreak of SARS
42.exert a lot of pressure on me to do sth
43.The hope of …. was shattered when we heard the news.
44.I have still got a big future ahead of me.
45.I are planning on playing football for as long as I continue to enjoy it.
46.It is never route to win a world title.
47.premarital * and homo * uality
48.My whole life is exposed to my parents, I hate this feeling.
49.Since they have had less freedom, they’ve gone in pursuit of it.
50.No doubt, the development of information technology has contr123ted its bit in broadening or bending the minds of the 80’s generation.
51.get in touch via QQ
52.The Internet is so much more to A than you can imagine.
53.a aspiring student
54.After years of ups and downs
55.It ‘s a lot more mainstream, I think, than people realize.
57.women outnumber men 2-to-1 with the disease
58.This in part, prompted her participation in the campaign.
59.stem the spread of disease
60.remake its image as a center of international activities
61.His subtle smile made him curious.
62.Boys have a strong tendency to fight than girls.
63.Freedom of action is one of inviolable rules of human behavior.
64.Their furniture was chosen for utility rather than for elegance.
65.He welcomes us with artificial smile on his face.
66.A doctor like him is a disgrace to our hospital.
67.He was so steadfast to his principles that we couldn’t move him.
68.Her thrift saved her enough money to buy a house.
69.Her father gave her the alternative of doing A or doing B.
70.Vegetables are widely known for their health benefits.
71.Too much alcohol makes all my senses blunt.
72.The new generation of phones has features that can be used for teaching purpose.
73.technical foul technical foul / / / free throw free throw / / / field goal scoring goals / / / three-point shot / / / out-of-bound bounds
74.Believe you me! You’d better believe me!
75. “Settle for sth” means reluctantly accept sth that is not so satisfactory.
76.credibility problem
77.The fact has silenced the doubters.
78.It ‘s staging a remarkable comeback.
79.At Yahoo, spontaneity is out, order is in.
80.Wait a few years before we judge them as a group.
81.Different people have different views.
82.paint a picture of young people insecure about their future and deciding to do …
83.The book succeeded in doing a number of things ,….
84.be quickly adopted by the media
85.It fails to take into account individual traits and differences between people of same age or background.
86.They are seen to share a general attitude.
87.Great strides have been made in science since 1950.
88.We had a very fruitful discussion in the classroom.
89.in urgent need of medical supplies / / / overshadow sth
90.There ‘s evidence to suggest that the onion has a high level of nutrition.
91.A is believed to have the ability to prevent disease.
92.Rest is as crucial as exercise.
93.Proponents say cyclic fitness duplicates the physiology of how humans evolved.
95.They will not, he believes, get the health benefits (such as losing weight) without putting sufficient time into their exercise.
96.redraw the line between what is private and public
97.The SARS outbreak deprived A of the chance to display her talent.
98.But, on second thought, I see that
99.give more weight to
100.His “sleepless in the dorm” problem is hardly unique.
101.an 11pm light-out rule 11 点 lights
102.Judge me on the basis of result, and not on style.
103.You must calculate all the advantages and disadvantage before coming to a discussion.
104.convenience store convenience store
105.guarantee financial security
106.win a place as a place
107.the world beyond the school walls.
108.market segment market share
109.The price of sugar soars.
110.With continued growth it will surpass Japan by 2020.
111.The long-term trends lend support to the optimistic view.
112.on the cover of magazine
113.That is my priority.
114.We must be more selective in what we choose.
115.A can make fiction a reality in this decade.
116.give sb an edge over sb give a competitive edge …..
117.A have much in common with successful feature films
118.A computer game eats up millions of do123rs in research and development-not to mention several years of time.
119.The document has the planning of technical implementation with which the designers and programmers can get down to work.
120.A lot of time passes before the script is ready.
121.It was an enormous task to make the game come alive.
122.Beyond the programming efforts, such games need fine graphic works.
123.The things that they catch or miss often determine whether a game will become a top seller or a failure.
124.In the US, the sale of liquor is restricted to people less than 21 years old.
125.It is a reminder that, behind their smiles and skills, they are as imperfect as the rest of us.
126.Tunes fuelling growth in cell phone market.
127.The mood was light.
128.greet each other by saying ….
129.There are so many novel things there.
130.China ‘s Internet population hit 68 million by the end of June.
131.Netizens between the ages of 18 and 30 are the driving force.
132.As the number of china’s Internet users grows so does the junk mail.
133.Volunteers help develop backward regions.
134.have gone through a similar progression.
135.Following ringer tones (ring tones) in popularity are games.
136.We ‘ve had a doubling of the number of a every month since 1999.
137.The coming month promise even more content.
138.in the very near future
139.acquire knowledge (“learn knowledge” is wrong!)
140.We study science to gain insight into the world we live in.
141.The doctor had great prestige among the members of his profession.
142.The trend of modern living is away from many customs.
143.They made a systematic search for the lost car.
144.I hesitated about taking his side until I know the whole story.
145.He reacted my question with much surprise.
146.Her plan was upset by the change of the weather.
147.You must learn to behave in a mature way.
148.The economic gap between A and B has been narrowed.
149.You stood me up. Let me pigeon
150.China is offering preferential politics to encourage retuning scholars to start their own business.
151.The government was accused of paying insufficient attention to the growing AIDS crisis.
152.More than 55% of the people questioned in a recent sina.com survey said that ….
154.As the water unexpectedly hot, he jerked his hand out.
155.What bliss it is to be able to lie in bed instead of working.
156.He ‘ll start receiving a pension after he retires.
157.Old ones are usually more conservative than young people.
158.Such a movie is not wholesome to children.
159.Justice must not be denied to anyone, however poor he may be.
160.endanger one’s health
161.The number of A will be doubled in 1 year.
162.The company allows us an annual vacation of two weeks.
163.We read the newspaper to keep up with the current situation.
164.The only beneficiaries are consumers and retailers.
165.Price adjustment is a normal market activity.
166.A happy work environment is a productive work environment.
167.Those days were terrible because I was under heavy pressure and had no escape if I failed.
168.bet my future on more study.
169.A school can only be a temporary buffer against social risks. One day, they have to go out.
170.Education has become a lengthier process.
171.But fear of joblessness is not the only thing that sends grads back home.
172.helpful to keep a line between work and personal life.
173.professional conflicts of interest.
174.compete for the same promotion for the same competition, competing liter posts
175.Most importantly, an office relationship might make the loves believe that they have a lot more in common than they actually do.
176.Sad breakups show that love and work make a disastrous mix.
177.jet lag time difference
178.Many students share the same opinion that …
179.find a job that is related to their professional knowledge
180.We shouldn’t have such high expectations on our future jobs.
181.slid (slide) from fourth to seventh
182.Students are no exception. Students without exception
183.When you take shoes off plants nearby die and small birds fall to earth unconscious.
184.Time to do sth
185.Be most upbeat about future
186.A is already being feted as the new “king of ..” but time will tell whether he is the real deal.
187.Today, everyone everywhere recognizes A.
188.For underneath all the posing and preening is a man who puts his family’s desires alongside his own.
189.have a passion for sth
190.They remain, underneath all the brashness, traditionalists at heart.
191.A great many cancers can be cured, but only if properly treated before they begun to spread.

192.He left his successful business and life of luxury to become a monk.
193.be appropriate for
194.relevant evidence
195.You should not appropriate other people’s belongings without their permission.
196.consider all of the possibilities carefully.
197.His wages are not adequate to support his family.
198.A man who is careless in what he does will never succeed.
199.It ‘s impolite behavior to smoke in …
200.The ice on the roads is a hazard for driving and walking.
201.The ugly advertisement is a blot on the beautiful landscape.
202.Very rarely do de123ders become world wide superstars, but A …
203.Various controversy have arisen in the university over this question.
204.At the party, there was food and drink in abundance.
205.He judges people by mere external clothes rather than internal character.
206.Teaching little children usually requires infinit patience.
207.The main street is crowed with vehicles.
208.I like them as a reminder that the future can be anything we want to make it.
209.go into the politics

210.No doubt about it.
211.With the movies as my tutor I also do sth.
212.What would Jazz be without ..
213.It ‘s just a term.
214.China is not developed to its fullest potential
215.The broken lock facilitated my entrance into that empty house.
216.Despite the opposition from his family, he remained resolute in his decision.
217.The habit of travelling by air is becoming more prevalent each year.
218.The answer to the question is affirmative.
219.a petty problem
220.They deprived the criminal of his right to vote.
221.She could not restrain her curiosity to see what was in the box.
222.Will you swear to the truth of your statement?
223.Scientists are now on the threshold of a better understanding of how the human brain works.
224.Fame, power, wealth – all is vanity before death.
225.I have a sensation that …
227.We attr123te Edison’s success to intelligence and hard work.
228.Our friendship began with a casual meeting.
229.There are hundreds of children who need to be nourished.
230.a exclusive club
231.The discipline of his early hardships contr123ted to his cuccess.
232.Because of advances in medical technology, heart surgery is not as risky as it formorly was.
233.She took the initiative in getting acquainted with sb.
234.She has supersition that breaking a mirror brings bad luck.
235.This one would be even more demanding. Demanding
236.bring many benefits and conveniences to people
237.The establish of more courses that are contr123tory to the shaping of a sound psychology for students in high school derives form the current social demand.
238.The evcr-increasing improvement in all the realms of human life has necessitated the priority particitation of those who are in possession of adequate expertise, upright conduct and a competent mental condtion.
239.be beneficial to both A and to society as a whole
240.enable sb to stand the sundry emotional social strains
241.exert a huge influence upon …
242.when the naivety of childhood is left behind and maturity of adulthood is embraced
243.A is only the preliminary stage in the process of growing up.
244.Sport is an important part of modern life as well as a commercialized part of modern society.
245.People engage in sports because they want good health.
246.They sacrifice too much.
247.It ‘s not unreasonable that …. … makes sense
248.Sb should be more supportive of ..
249.It ‘s a fact that traditional culture is undergoing a decline with the development of science and technology.
250.It ‘s human nature to continually look for new ways to replace old ones.

251.dispel the mist and explain many phenomena that we thought of as mysteries in the past
252.both the senior citizens and the youth
253.Only this way can the essence the of traditional culture be inherited as it should be.
254.Zoos provide recreation and refreshment for fatigued urban dwellers.
255.dreamlands for small children
256.dragon ‘s descendants Descendants of the Dragon
257.add to their knowledge something they will never acquire in the classroom
258.research facilities
259.gradually rises to 10% at 8:00 and maintains the same for the next 2 hours
260.There is … increase …, however, after that it drops.
261.During the period from .. to .., the output increased.
262.This is not a matter of the-earlier-the-better when we discuss sth.
263.It ‘s difficult for them to cope with problems that others find easy to handle.
264.near-sightedness and stunted growth
265.sb should be on guard against sth.
266.Many people hold optimistic attitude towards …, and are confident of the positive alterations it will bring to the present world.
268.People who believe in different religions may learn to give understanding to one another.
269.I hope you will place strong emphasis on living a healthy life in order to be truly happy.
270.The ‘healthy’ in question refers to being at the same time mentally and physically healthy.
271.From this prospective, sb can be considered as …
272.receive higher education
273.His work is more meaningful to the society he lives in.
274.Economists and merchants may serve as perfect examples to verify this point.
275.One ‘s earning can not be solely determined by his education background.
276.We should decide how we are to define “personal income” before finally judging who should own more.
277.He set the tone in the house. The final say at home
278.There is not a great deal of difference between A and B.
279.The figures bottomed out in …
280.This is one of the side effects brought about by this modern world.
281.Failure to take this responsibility constitutes delinquency as parents.
282.be eliminated from the chance to get a proper education
283.The juvenile crime rate will undoubtedly be rapidly brought down and controlled.
284.The overwhelming burden of educating children falls upon the teachers’ shoulders.
285.job market
286.I feel that it is not too much to say that modern technology has reduced human beings to being slaves of machines.
287.care nothing about job satisfaction and enjoying life
288.but modern society makes this prospect less and less likely
289.This can serve as an incentive for successful enterprises to attract talented workers.
290.Fast food, as its name implies, is usually quick to prepare.
291.It saves your time.So that you can devote more energy to your work and gain competitive edge.
292.it is less tasty and less nutrition
293.Traditional foods generally involve elaborate preparations.
294.Like it or not, it is here to stay.
295.The co-existance of the two kinds of foods only makes our life more colorful.
296.People can no longer afforded to be computer-illiterate.
297.This will put this childern in an unfaorable position in the future job market.
298.You can still use your mind to think when you have a computer, and the use of computer and training in writing and calculate are not mutually cxclusive.
299.potential harmful impact on sb
300.such worries have proved to be unfounded
301.They don’t care about winning or losing.
302.produce better foodstuffs in terms of quality and quantity
303.GM (Genetically modified) technology opens a new dimension for scientific research.
304.bring the whole plant growth process under our control
305.With careful regulation and control, the advantages wil far outweight the disadvantages.
306.high tuition fees plural
307.make sure that money does not corrupt this international goodwill sports gathering
308.dissolve tensions between countries and promote harmony between their people
309.deter would-be crimials
311.private proerty is inviolable
312.did a great service for society
313.He is faced with problem of finding a high-paying job related to his past studies and interest.
314.pursure sth to the highest extent
315.For people fresh from universities, experience is what they are in great need of.
316.Work experience is equivalent to work expertise.
317.Conversely, aiming at a position beyond one’s ability at the beginning of the interview, thought it appears to show ambition, usually proves to be impractical, and is therefore doomed a failure.
318.This dose involve some expence in terms of good food and medical treatment.
320.They only eat the leftovers of family meals
321.Sensational stories such as these cause great uhappiness to the people concerned.
322.They are highly-skilled professionals who are aware of all the latest development in their fields of interest.
323.develop many interpersonal skills and become more tolerate, more emotionally mature
324.They adapt so much to weatern culture that they have problems readjusting when they finally return home.
325.infrastructure such as road system and electricity supply
326.Both government and private groups can share in the provision of most services.
327.sth is not an essential feature of modern education.
328.I believe that sth can lead to many problems, which might not be solved easily.
329.Jealousy can be very destructive, especiall at an early age.
330.There are often many difficult issues to cope with.
331.Today ‘s youth are better informed than their parents were, and, therefore, might be more capable of making a relationship succeed.
332.cut short one’s lifetime
333.sth may be right logically, they are certainly wrong morally.
334.arrange sb’s time
335.handle various unexpected crisis
336.Whether or not a part-time job is useful for a student’s future depends on the type of job chosen.
337.The tuition fees, not to mention the cost of living, are soaring by the day.
338.benefit not only A, but also B as well
339.Nevertheless, along with convenicnces, it has brought mankind new problems to solve.
340.Internet can vastly improve the efficiency of scientific research.
341.pronograghic items
342.It ‘s shortsighted to do A instead of ..
343.Any country which falls behind in the “information race” will become economically backward.
344.China is still struggling to achieve modernization.
345.But I’m far from advocating neglect of culture and art.
346.enhance their sense of identity and solidarity
347.make students proud of belonging to their school
348.Besides, uniforms enhance discipline, which is what most young students lack.
349.sth result in hostility toward …
350.military uniforms uniforms
351.People ‘s suitability for a position should be a reflection of their performance in the job.
352.Workers who can still demonstrate the capacity to carry out their work should not be asked to retire simply because they have reached a certain age.
353.You may do well to look again at their policies.
354.While a person can study a foreign language in his or her country, it can not compare with constant use of the language in academic and everyday use.
355.There is no better opportunity to improve second-language skills than living in the country which it is spoken.
356.living and studying abroad offers me a new and different perspective of the world
357.While any anxiety about A is certainly understandable, it is important to remember that the benefits offered by the experience make it well worthwhile.
358.The media, representing the value of their owners, tend to report wars with a bias.
359.clothing styles
360.A popular figure such as Michael Jackson would never be so well known were it hot for the media’s extensive reach into every society on the globe.
361.For a parent with young children, this may be a blessing.
362.One substantial benefit for sb is that there will be no need to travel to work.
363.Sth will serve not only to change the way we work but also the way we live.
364.Sb should engage in educational pursuits in their spare time.
365.It ‘s not contr123tive to do sth in the process of growing up.
366.take painting or drawing
367.The experience of researching and understanding is both useful and thoroghly satisfying.
368.It ‘s true that in today’s competitive age it’ s essential for children to be adequately educated in order to be successful in the future.
369.Playing sports teaches children about cooperation and goals.
370.a wide range of subjects
371.The pressure to do well.
372.It ‘s not common these days for sb to do
373.the wide gap between these students’ unrealistic vision of school life and disappointing reality
374.With efforts from both A and B, the prospect of their gap being bridged is far from dim.
375.sb will develop a confident feeling about themselves as capable people.
376.But more and more argument arises with the increasing use of such things.
377.Clothing should be able to illustrate a person’s individual characteristics.
378.The impression we make on others is often important, but it can never be important enough to make us willingly undergo discomfort.
379.The pace of live is becoming faster and faster.
380.This is a matter of personal choice.
381.Sth is of great importance for sb
382.Sb is undergoing fast physical development.
384.A reasonable amount of exercise guarantees a good appetite and sound sleep at night.
385.The colorful pictures and vivid characters of PC games are far more exciting than dull black letters in textbooks.
386.contain violence pornography
387.PC games have contr123ted a lot to failing eyesight among teenagers in recent years.
388.use sth in a more rational and controlled way
389.With one parent at home, the family will enjoy a lot of advantages that it has never experienced before.
390.There is often something exclusively for adults involved in them, such as the adoption of * ually appealing scenes.
391.As we know, young people are susceptible to bad influences.
392.Sb try every means possible to attract people’s attention
393.mislead young people in choosing their lifestyles
394.Teachers should give priority to practical courses over such traditional ones as history and geography.
395.These days there is a growing tendency for college students to have difficulties in finding jobs when they graduate.
396.hold the opinion that lack of practical knowledge contr123te to this situation
397.emphasis on practical course is demanded by our ever-developing society
398.If a student has little knowledge of computers or business, he will lag behind the times.
399.They are either too theoretical or too academic.
400.There is no denying the fact that …..
401.the balance should be tipped toward practical courses in school curriculums.
402.Women are more law-abiding than men.
403.The number of vehicles is increasing much more rapidly than the building of roads.
404.Many people, including drivers, pedestrians do not obey traffic rules properly, carefully at busy intersections.
405.This undoubtedly worsens the already grave situation.
406. I’m confident that it will not be long before city traffic in China follows in a smother and more efficient manner.
407.come up with their own solutions to problems they encounter instead of turning to their parents for help
408.find it easier to adapt to modern society, which is full of competition when they grow up
409.Children have less time to communicate with their parents, which may eventually create a gap between them, and weaken family ties.
410.The experience of sth can give children valuable lessons about how to behave properly.
411.It seems to me that there is more to education than merely learning from teachers and textbooks.
412.The maintenance of sth is futile.
413.Being traditional is quite different from being out of date.
414.Animals play a vital role in maintaining the subtle balance of the earth’s ecological system.
415.Therefore, to some extent, killing animals is equal to digging our own graves.
416.Pigs are used in the battle against drugs.
417.It ‘s noticed that citizens live longer if they keep pet after their retirement.
418.For our own future benefit, please do treat sb with love and care.
419.Sth has led to some unfavorable results.
420.joint activities between relatives
421.If the situation is left to continue as it is, many new problems for individuals and families, and even for society as a whole, will arise in the future.
422.University education can not only benefit us by equipping us with ancestors’ experience but also help us to avoid going off the right path.
423.social intercourse
424.intense academic atmosphere can guide us to reach a balance between academic and practical activities.
425.Sb have made great progress in supplying sb with more and more field trips and practical courses.
426.accululate experience helpful for our future enterprises
427.from the historical prospective
428.achieve spectacular business success
429.have every reason to lend support in
430.suffer under the colonial rule of western powers
431.the further development of rich countries is dependent upon
433.be under an obligation to give sb a helping hand in improving sth
434.The situation is completely unacceptable.
435.make allowance for understanding
436.is a necessary supplement to the knowledge they gain from school course
437.reinforce children’s sense of responsibility
438.help them understand the famous saying “no pain no pain” better
439.corporal punishment
440.numerous studies have been done on
441.The mission of educating the young to be useful to society and to avoid wrongdoing can be fulfilled in many ways.
442. Should learn more about the inner world of youngsters, try to understand them, and guide them to acquire a sense of self-worth.
443. Whether sth is the best measure for handing any problem caused by children is up to the parents to decide-not the schools.
444. malnutrition
445.disturb the natural balance
446.a powerful corrective
447.Don ‘t forget to flush. After they flush
448.dyed yellow hair
449.It is not absolute that an intelligent couple will have a clever child.
450. a more environmentally friendly place to live
451.the dangerous gas given off by exhausts of cars, bus and lorries
452.plain looking face looks ordinary


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IELTS Writing Zhenti Fan

Here is August 13, 2011 IELTS essay details Zhenti Fan, August 13, 2011 Zhenti IELTS essay topic is about the people that the school established for the purpose is to bring children into a good citizen and worker, rather than benefit on their individual capacity. To what extent you agree or disagree with this view?

Some people think that the main purpose of school is to turn children to good citizens and workers, rather than benefit them as individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

A person in shanghai, with a doctor’s degree, supposed to contribute greatly to the development of the society, turned out to inflict a huge loss valued 3 billion RMB to the country. Thus, whether schools should turn children into qualified citizens and employees or conduct education for their personal benefits is under a heated debate. In my opinion, the former side carries more weight than the latter.

Only when students are educated to be good citizens and workers, can the sound progress of the society be maintained, and positive social order be established. Otherwise, the damages from the well-educated but ill-willed ones may be disasters to others and the nation. Besides, the development of society is based on the contribution of its citizens, which is hard to be achieved when the citizens are not provided reasonable guidance and moral education, no matter how they are powerful in their individual abilities.

Educating the children to be ones that are needed in the society will help to serve a guiding light in the growth of the children. They will learn to tell the right from the wrong, and develop into the ones that can contribute to the country rather than the ones to hinder or undermine the development of the society. Also, the children will gradually form into the awareness to be members in the society, rather than focus too much on their own interests to be selfish ones.

Admittedly, being trained in skills and enriched in knowledge, the children themselves can, in some sense, benefit a lot in the process of education. However, this is just the side effect of schoolings, and just as we cannot deny the main functions of medicines because of their existing side effects, we cannot turn our attention from the main functions of schools in educating the children to be good citizens and workers to the education for personal benefits.

To sum up, the main purpose of schooling is to train children to become the ones needed by the society instead of just for the sake of improving their private abilities. Only in a society with enough qualified citizens, can it be developed sustainably and promisingly.

These are the August 13, 2011 Fan IELTS Writing Zhenti the entire contents of the subject is standing on does not agree with the view to expand on the point of view, a clear structure, rich in content. Everyone in the pro forma IELTS essay exam, you can refer to learn about IELTS essay listed above Zhenti Fan

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IELTS writing score of words required

IELTS writing scores, we should all prepare a lot of basic work, but one of the words is the very basic requirements, candidates write only enough words to get the IELTS Writing score possible.

IELTS Writing test is divided into two parts, a small 150 word essay to require candidates to complete the writing; great writing require candidates need to write 250-word arguments, this is the high score on the IELTS Writing on the number of words in the most basic requirements.

If the IELTS writing exam, candidates described in the chart or write a small essay is not complete at least 150 words of writing assignments, or in a large number of words in argumentative essay does not meet the requirements of at least 250 words, you will lose points, and thus get high scores on the IELTS writing.

Note that, although the IELTS writing test questions to do only the minimum required number of words, there is no restriction on the maximum number of words, but that does not mean that the candidates try to write lengthy articles.

On the one hand, candidates will not receive additional long article written scores. On the other hand, lengthy article written in candidates on the mean speed should be faster. Candidates write faster, easier on the grammar and spelling mistakes, or important information will be adversely affected. Therefore, candidates will not get the IELTS writing score.

So many words to write what is most likely to get the IELTS writing score it?

Candidates writing the words are a reasonable goal should be higher than the required minimum number of words a little more. Candidates are advised to write a small essay of up to 170 words, written in large writing up to 280 words can be. Limit the number of words written within 170 and 280, candidates will have more time to think carefully about their point of view, note the article’s structure, grammar usage and word choice. Note that, in the writing test, the quality is more important than quantity.

These are the high score on the IELTS Writing IELTS writing words on the requirements, neither too little nor too much, but also to express their views clearly, the only way the candidates can more easily get the IELTS writing score results.

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