IELTS Writing : Environmental Protection

Here is a topic of environmental protection IELTS writing essay, writing, IELTS Fan of this topic is related to the topic in recent years, enduring and very worth the time and again in the pro forma exercise. Here we take a look at this topic on environmental protection Fan IELTS writing the entire contents of it.

Environmental hazards are often too great for particular countries or individuals to tackle. We have arrived at a point in time where the only way to lessen environmental problems is at an international level.

Environmental problems have reached such proportions that people feel international organizations must be set up to intervene in world affairs to resolve these problems. Whether this will resolve the problem is very unlikely as international organizations are just an extension of human behavior. That is, if human conflicts cannot be resolved at home, then they are unlikely to be resolved at the international level. Nevertheless, international organizations do attract attention to the growing problem of aims of the international community to resolve the issue of environmental pollution and support their cause, I do not believe it is the best or only way to protect the environment; in fact, it is only a small part of what is needed in a global initiative.

All world problems, whether it is environmental pollution, war, energy insufficiency, or famine, arise from the abusive behavior of all individuals. Therefore, the solution to all these problems is the need for a collective consciousness. What is meant by this is that each individual must be aware of the impact he or she has on the world and their unique part to play in this world. After all, if one is happy with his life, he will surely not endeavor to harm the environment or anyone else. His behavior will be that of a responsible individual.

What is needed, therefore, is education. Education is the key to all problems and it starts from pregnancy all the way to adulthood and beyond. Furthermore, education means that children all over the world should be allowed to go to schools with good teachers and where teaching materials and methods can be adapted to each individual. Education means raising children to be responsible individuals.

This may sound like utopia, but it is not: if a country had important problems in its educational system, then it should realize that it is contributing to the world’s problems. These are perhaps long term solutions, but they are more realistic solutions than setting up yet another international organization.

This is more than writing about environmental topics Fan IELTS all content, including the environmental category of IELTS writing topics often related to the causes, effects and solutions and other related information. We can write the pro forma IELTS subject, on the topics listed above the appropriate reference and practice.

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IELTS essay writing more colorful: The trouble with life

What do you consider to be the most important room in a house? Why is this room more important to you than any other room? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Second, the washroom is a window displaying the taste of the host or hostess. Whenever there are home visitors, the washroom is sure to be a must. How it is decorated, what the arrangement is like, whether it is cozy and convenient will always leave some kind of impression on the guests and accordingly, involve the host’s face need because they all reflect the host’s taste for everything.

Of course, this is not to say that other rooms are not important.We need to sleep, leisure and eating, so the bedroom, living room, kitchen are also very important. However, when speaking at home to open to private space, the bathroom is probably the first to be affected, so in this sense, the bathroom situation seems to be more critical.

Of course, this is not to say that other rooms in the house are not important. We all need to sleep, enjoy some leisure moments and have meals, so the bedroom, the sitting room and the kitchen are also very important. However, when speaking of the more private rooms that we’d like to open to others, the washroom will, I’m afraid, rank the first. Hence, in this sense, the condition of the washroom seems to be more critical.

In conclusion, taking into account the importance of various aspects of the bathroom, it became for me the most important room at home.

All in all, with the importance of all aspects of the washroom taken into account, it becomes, at least to me, the most important room at my home.

23. People have various ways of relieving stress. What are some of the ways that you find most effective in relieving stress? Give reasons and examples to support your response.

The way it does ease the pressure vary: Some people cried, some laughed, some drink, some dance, all these and so forth.But I feel that it is the most effective way in terms of sleeping in and taking long walks.

The way or ways in which people relieve their stress are very much different: some cry, some laugh, some overdrink themselves and some dance wildly, so on and so forth, to name just a few. However, the two most effective ways that work on me are sleeping in and taking long walks.

Let’s take a look at the many benefits of sleeping. Sleeping in may make us nervous, tired nerves a break. Pressure, we tend to be impatient and easily lose, this will only aggravate our stress. There is an opportunity, Sleeping, our nerves will be adjusted accordingly, and thus help to overcome stress and fatigue. In addition, sleeping in can make us temporarily forget the stress. To sleep, we will not go thinking about the stress, and everything temporarily to settle, and awoke when the stress is becoming smaller. Of course, not sleeping can be done anytime, anywhere, but to find time to work permitting.

Now let’s look at the many advantages of sleeping in. Sleeping in may help ease our nervousness and give our exhausted nerves a break. While under pressure, we tend to be impatient and easily lose our temper which could only aggravate our feeling of pressure. Sleeping in once there is a chance can help adjust our nerves and this is conducive to getting over nervousness and tiredness. Furthermore, sleeping in can let us forget all about the stress for the time being. Once falling asleep, we would be free from thinking about the stress any longer and everything recedes to temporary tranquility, so when we wake up, the stress is not that strong anymore. Of course, we are unable to sleep in wherever we are and whenever we want to, rather, we need to find time , that is, when work allows us to do so.

We look at the wonderful long walks between. Walking itself is the best form of exercise that can help us maintain a healthy body, thereby enhancing our ability to schedule pressure and long-term health. At the same time, taking long walks in the process, we can enjoy the surrounding scenery and to think the problems in the brain. In this way, we are doing exercises, while sightseeing, while thinking, three in one, the pressure becomes only a small part of the whole.

Next, let’s take a look at some of the positive points of taking long walks. As we know, taking a walk itself is the best form of exercise that can help us keep fit, thus improving our capability to alleviate or eradicate pressure which in turn makes for our long-term health. Meanwhile, taking long walks provides us with opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding sceneries and to think over the problems in our mind. Therefore, we are actually doing exercises, feasting our eyes on the sceneries and thinking about things at the same time: all three in one, which means that stress or pressure becomes only a small part of the whole process.

In short, after my many years has proved that the two ways to alleviate or even completely eliminate the pressure has an effect, therefore, I highly recommend to my friends, I hope they are on your body would produce the same results.

In general, my own experience across the years has proved that the above mentioned two ways are the most effective in terms of relieving and even eradicating stress, so I highly recommend them to you and hope they would produce the same effect on you.


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IELTS Writing and Analysis

In recent years, the number of students and immigrants, more and more the number of IELTS rapid growth year by year. IELTS is divided into four: listening, reading, writing and speaking. In this four-part, basically all agreed that the writing of Chinese candidates are the most vexing. The reasons are summarized below.

First, the state of mind

IELTS four parts from the point of view, the candidate is generally believed that reading and listening with a lot of problem-solving skills, as long as the problem-solving skills mastered, it will soon improve. The spoken language also has a series of measures to cope with methods and examination room. However, relatively speaking, writing is the embodiment of comprehensive ability in English, candidates within a few months time that the basic unrealistic leaps and bounds, so the writing holds a panic mentality.So muddle along, as long as the writing will on the line, your better to spend more time listening and reading up to help their “pull.” China holds such a view a few candidates, resulting in such a situation: most of the candidates were not enthusiastic about writing, a lot of time and effort spent on reading practice listening to the end writing in general have not practiced a few times that can not find a rhythm of writing and feeling. To the examination room, and certainly not true writing because of the level of play led to scores is not ideal.

Second, the weak foundation in English

Many candidates take the IELTS test is not English majors. There are also some high school students out of undergraduate, did not learn much. Or have some candidates for immigration, the basic never learned English. In this case, in general, Chinese candidates generally low standard of English, base was weak. In such a state difficult to achieve IELTS IELTS requirements, in particular writing needs to reflect the comprehensive ability to use English.

Third, the words of a traditional and a framework for writing and blind obedience

Some training institutions and some market information for the IELTS Writing IELTS writing a series of writing developed to make use of the universal and on the whole article it’ll have a master template and framework. These words of a traditional and templates and the candidates chosen to be vigorously sought after and loved, because the template through the words of a traditional and simplified the task of writing the candidates, so that writing becomes relatively easy and easy, but does not know the words of a traditional and templates, but was sometimes fatal. First of all, it’ll have a very rigid and inflexible template, resulting in the expression of candidate mechanical point of view and sentences, out of touch, giving an uncomfortable feeling.In addition, the examiner had the experience of many so-called template article was very offensive, because the template is not the article reflect the candidate’s proficiency in English but the memory. Third, it’ll have and templates, who are mostly empty words, do not have practical significance. Therefore, this article certainly will not score high.

Fourth, ways of thinking and habits of mind

Some scholars have proposed a cultural mode of thinking on the impact of discourse that Western thought is linear, while the Oriental is the spiral of thinking. When writing the West must be better than the indirect expression of directly expressed, and the speaker’s position remains the same, do not use irrelevant to hide the true point of view. Therefore, generally a straight line to start writing in English. Usually contains four parts: leads, themes, support, conclusion.

Conversely, Chinese people are spiral thinking, writing, when thinking of the hair on the back to even out, let it fall on the original starting point. Such thinking led to the Chinese expression of round spiral structure that is repeated but the development of the spiral form of a question to start, try to avoid the subject directly, like to use descriptive language to detour instructions. This way of writing is inconsistent with the requirements of IELTS writing.

Fifth, lack of ideas and views of the narrow

IELTS relatively wide range of topics, many candidates writing subject in the face of the blind spot of knowledge often encountered, leading to no write. Another case: Some candidates usually too lazy to think, not been trained divergent arguments, which also resulted in the exam is not open for ideas, thinking not enough arguments to support the article so that only the expression of the same arguments repeated for said. Third, usually on a topic related to reading and writing, lack of accumulation of points, resulting in a simple test to get a topic which has no points available.

Sixth, lack of logical thinking

IELTS Writing Part II requirements of concern to the general public under a controversial topic to write a discussion paper.Argumentation is the author analyzes a problem or something, reviews, shows that their views, positions, attitudes, perceptions and ideas of a style. Great emphasis on accuracy and logical reasoning. Argumentative Writing in Chinese candidates in addition to English to express the difficulties and lack of understanding of the content of certain topics, the most noteworthy is the argument to facilitate the lack of logical thinking ability. Mainly reflected in the arguments of the arguments supporting the unity and when the divergence of the paragraph is not enough. Conjunction with another disorder, of unknown relationship between Sentences. Because of these issues before the candidates focus on learning English vocabulary and grammar is the accumulation and learning, basic training for the zero logical thinking, it is difficult to obtain IELTS writing scores.

In short, the writing ability of a person the most realistic use of language reflects. For the above, it should be active efforts to seek some appropriate and reasonable solution to allow the candidates to really fight to improve writing skills and ability.

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IELTS essay writing great words

IELTS essay writing about is the form and content of the high degree of unity and coordination, often Chinese students, when writing in Chinese in a lot of reasons, but could not know how to express, in order to achieve a breakthrough in the short term, the only way is to Equally good imitation of sentence patterns and templates, according to his own use, and then the last to make changes and organize their own thing. Therefore, the imitation must be over that hurdle, but also to understand the imitation, can not be applied mechanically, or we need a laughing stock, the following are some of my classes as part of the process of teaching students words of a traditional and templates, for those about to take the IELTS test particularly useful for students, we recommend you pay close attention to practice and into their own template as part of the article!
1.The debate these days draws our attention about whether
2.It goes without saying that
3.There is no avoiding the fact that
4.There has been a long-term dispute over whether
5.have found their popularity and acceptance among citizens.
6. In my country have become the focus of public concern.
7.Even three-year-old children know about severe problems brought
by in cities around the world.
8. It wasn’t until that
9. Is increasingly becoming the focus of government and citizen’s concern around the globe.
10. When economy is running on the right way for a relatively long period, and commercialization is sweeping across the world, the issue of has been mentioned and emphasized in our society more frequently than ever before.
11. It is not uncommon these days to
12. There is a belief that
13. It is reported that
14. Over the last half century, the pace of change in has increased beyond our wildest expectations.

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Great writing proficiency test IELTS

We have the writing ability to measure it! (A Class G Class General Test)

The following test is one of the few, good writing ability IELTS test systems, test focused on the students understand the language, grammar and English language ability, in addition to the logic capacity, chapter discusses the structure elements are not being tested, the rest of the essay ability of almost all measured up.

But tests on five, six, seven assessment of some arbitrary, so we should see more of Li Wen, writing more training, more than make up basic vocabulary and grammar.

Test 1: Vocabulary Test

Within 1 minute in the three IELTS Writing test will Zhenti read and correctly understand their meaning. After reading, please proceed to the “Part1 reference to the answer” section, check your understanding of the subject means and standard answers are the same. If you find yourself not completely correct understanding of the subject, please refer to the back of the “line A”, if you can easily and accurately understand these topics, please proceed to the “Test2”.

1. (2007.6.2) Today, more and more developing countries are expanding tourist industry. Why is it the case? Do you regard it as positive or negative?

2. (2007.7.7) In some countries, schools aim to provide a general education across a range of subjects. In some other countries, children focus on a narrow range of subjects related to a particular career. For today’s world, which system do you think is more appropriate?
3. (2007.7.14) In the past, lectures were used as way of teaching large number of students. But some people believe that with the development of technology, using lectures is no longer justified. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Part1 Passage

1. Today, more and more developing countries are in the further development of tourism. Why is there such a phenomenon?Do you think this phenomenon is positive or negative? (If you do not know the tourist industry, positive, negative any of these three words, then your current vocabulary for IELTS is seriously inadequate. Must be trying hard to learn the vocabulary!)

2. In some countries, the school contains a series of courses designed to provide a comprehensive (which should be understood from the context as a “comprehensive” rather than “ordinary”, where the mean comprehensive) education. In some countries, children are focused on specific career-related small range of subjects. For today’s world, what kind of system is more appropriate in your opinion?

3. In the past, people use the lectures (lectures in this context should be understood as “lectures” means, if the machinery to be understood as “speech” may lead to biased questions.) Way of teaching a large number of students. But some think that as technology advances, this approach is no longer valid (the test vocabulary word here is equivalent to valid). What extent do you agree or disagree?

Route A:

Unfortunately, to tell you, come to this line of candidates in the vocabulary there are serious shortcomings, as embodied in the test subject can not properly understand problems caused by partial composition, in which case writing score of 4 the possibility of more than 80%! solution of course is catching up as quickly as possible words, will test over the last 3 years, all Zhenti read through, you will find the subject of a considerable part of the high repetition rate, will be repeated from time to time . Please read Zhenti course you do not know all the words in the record, every day until it is fully familiar with the mind. IELTS Writing test to test the opinions on these many topics, with opinions on the subject of which is used words such a point, so get all the new words over the years Zhenti examination in the time to worry about do not understand is basically subject to happen.


Test2: Writing speed test

Provided from above, choose one of three Zhenti complete a full IELTS question argumentative. Requires more than words 250 words and must be completed within 40 minutes.

Filled in 40 minutes to 250 words please forward to Test3, can not be completed within 40 minutes although the finished article or the article but the lack of words, see “Route B”.

Route B:

Candidates who come here also face the risk of writing 4. Therefore, the most important for you, it is Kuanglian writing speed.According to statistics, the general first major composition to write IELTS students spend an average of 1 hour of the time, but with the increase in the number of exercises, and writing speed will be a corresponding increase, basically write an article every 5 minutes can improve the speed / articles . This means that if you take 1 hour to finish a large writing, then basically you can write 4-5 articles out of the speed training.





Test3: accuracy of grammar and vocabulary tests

Test3 means you can advance to already have at least a level 5. Writing 5 course for many students is not enough. 6 points that have not reached the level? By the following test to identify it!


Each line has the following article and only one error, please find the errors and correct them.

People’s concern is that what effects will part-time jobs bring.

A part-time job offers you chance to demonstrate your ability and to apply that you have learned in school into practice.

A part-time job helps you become more independence in your family.

Three, the experience that you gain can broaden your school life.
However, there are also some negative effects may be brought by taking part time jobs.
You may lose time needs for sleep, rest, study and recreation.

Work several hours a day consumes a lot of time and energy and may affect your study. You may find it hard adjust to expectation from the school and your parent.

Test3: The answer

First line: get rid of that

Second line: chance a front
The third line: that change what
Fourth line: independence into independent
Fifth row: Three into thirdly

Sixth line: may precede that

Seventh row: needs change needed

Eighth row: Work into Working

Ninth line: hard behind the increase to
Tenth row: parent into parents

8 questions answered correctly (including 8 questions) or more that has been basically level with the 6 points, please continue to participate in the challenges Test4 7 points level!

Less than 8 questions were answered correctly state your current level of basic fixed in 5 minutes or so. Embodied in the grammar and word usage there are some problems, when the examination is likely wrong sentences or to write the wrong word. If the problem is grammar, then the basis of proposals to participate in class grammar class, and if the use of the word, then proposed to strengthen the capacity of English to read the article, see the article written by a foreigner which is the word that you know how to use the. Start with the English newspaper to start it!

Test4: authentic language of the test
Test4 means you can advance to the foundation in English reasonably well, at least already have a level of 6 points. Finally, about 7 minutes to challenge the standard of it!

The following sentences are from the IELTS writing score, and I translated into Chinese, please try to restore them into English sentences.
1. A person’s success is determined by many factors, while most of the practical ability of a person is most important.

2. Every day everywhere, traffic jams, to bring great inconvenience to people’s lives.
3. Labor can make the children aware of their strengths and weaknesses, where, in order to stimulate their curiosity.

6 clause: One’s success is decided by many factors, and one’s practical ability is the most important.
One’s success depends on a lot of factors, and one’s practical ability is the most important.
7 clause: One’s success owes much to quite a number of factors, with one’s practical ability being the most essential.



6 clause: Every day there are many traffic jams everywhere and it makes people’s life very inconvenient.

Every day there are many traffic jams everywhere and it brings great inconvenience to people’s life.

7 clause: Every day traffic jams can be seen everywhere, resulting in great inconvenience to people’s daily life.




6 Clause: Labor can let children know where their strength and weakness are, and stimulate their desire to study.

7 Clause: Labor can make children realize where their strength and weakness lie, which in turn stimulates children’s thirst for knowledge.


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IELTS Writing Arguments Collection

Space Research
1. The oldest and purest of the arguments for space exploration is the advancement of science and technology.
2. We will go into space, not to bring back things which make us richer or more comfortable here on Earth. We will go there to live and make it our home.

3. The exploration to the universe is a high ideal –space truly is the final frontier .

4. The instinct to explore is fundamentally human; already some of our most amazing achievements have taken place in space.

5. No one can deny the sense of wonder.

6. The exploitation of space has directly changed our world. Satellites orbiting the Earth allow us to communicate instantaneously with people on different continents, and to broadcast to people all over the world.
7. Weather satellites save lives by giving advance warning of adverse conditions, and together with other scientific instruments in orbit they have helped us understand our own world better.

8. Space exploration is an investment in the future. Our world is rapidly running out of resources. Overpopulation could become a serious worldwide threat.
9. Space exploration open us new world and adds to our knowledge, enabling human being to know more about the universe as well as about the earth.

10. Space exploration helps to acquire new resources to mitigate the energy crisis (shortage). There may be some new kinds of natural resource in other planets.
11. Space exploration may find new living places for human being to solve the problem of overpopulation. There is possibility that one day mankind may emigrate to other planets.
12. Space exploration is necessary for future. If we want to progress in the world then we should continue space exploration.

Pros and Cons of Tourism
1. It is regarded as a pillar of key local economic development.

2. The booming tourist industry has created more job openings. Many people have said good-bye to poverty through involvement in tourist businesses.

3. The tourist industry has played a positive role in meeting the cultural needs of the public, carrying forward national culture and achieving the sustainable development of resources.
4. Tourism helps to better introduce the country to foreigners and showcase the brilliant history and culture to the outside world.

5. Tourism helps to improve the investment environment so as to attract more foreign investors.

6. Tourists can take pleasure in the magnificent natural landscape, appreciate the superior workmanship of ancient artists and enjoy a variety of local delicacies (specialties). Many tourist attractions offer a wealth of historical relics, fascinating scenery and interesting local culture.
7. Tourism helps to promote the catering trade, transportation service and commerce .

8. Tourism is the world’s largest and faster growing industry. According to recent statistics, tourism provides 10 percent of the world’s income and employs almost one-tenth of world’s workforce. By the year 2010, these numbers will double. All considered, tourism’s actual and potential economic impact is astounding.

9. Tourism encourages the preservation of identify, pride and value in our living conditions and the cultural legacy of generations in danger of extinction.
10. Tourism contributes to the revival of customs and traditions.
11. Tourism brings new money into an area and generates jobs, income and tax revenues.

1. Contact with and assimilation of other cultures will reduce the uniqueness of one’s own culture and make the world less colorful than before.

2. Undermine local traditions and ways of life.

3. Tourism may cause serious environmental pollution.

Museums and Galleries


1. Museum and related heritage institutions provide people with an enhanced awareness of our diverse heritage and our place in the world. They promote understanding and appreciation of our diverse cultures, landscapes, stories and experiences.
2. Museums contribute to the enrichment of the lives of people.
3. Guarantee the availability and use of the collections in research and teaching.

4. Collections and exhibitions reflect the cultural and social diversity.

5. Museums and galleries make an important contribution to education, scholarship, citizenship , social inclusion and tourism.
6. Generally promote the public’s enjoyment and understanding of painting and other fine art both by means of the collection and by such other means as they consider appropriate .

How to Support and Develop the Museum and Gallery:

1. The government sets up more state funded museums and art school.
2. Increase education personnel and facilities in museums and galleries, as well as support schools with the cost of visits.

3. We should actively seek to attract additional sources of funding in order to increase the total pool of money available.
4. Museums should be taken to raise standards of collection care or management.
5. The government should refund those museum and galleries which offer free admissions to the public.

6. Seek the financial support of corporations , non-profit foundations and individuals who share its goal of preserving the cultural legacy of the museums.

Positive Side:

1. Television is one of the most important forms of entertainment and communication.
2. Television has the power to educate and to entertain.
3. There is probably no greater influence on society than the television, which has saturated our lives.
4. Children watch TV to receive the daily news.

5. TV plays a big role in a child’s life. It teaches them new words and shows them things they have never seen before.

6. The TV was brought in to our world to give us a new sense of entertainment, world news and endless amounts of information.

7. Television can also promote pro-social behavior.

8. Television can exert its strongest pro-social influence in the area of learning and cognitive development.

Negative Side:
1. A child who often indulges in TV doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy .

2. Children have undeveloped minds, which can not conceive the information the same way that adults do.
3. Given our national television habit, it is no surprise that we are raising the most sedentary and most overweight generation of youngsters in history.
4. The health consequences of this overabundance of TV viewing include an increase in obesity among kids due to a sedentary lifestyle, and the flip side, an increase in dieting disorders due to the unrealistic expectations set up by thin actors on television shows and commercials.

Advertising For:
1. Advertising promotes and popularizes new products and give people everywhere the maximum choice of products and choice.
2. Some advertisements are of high artistic value, original and well-designed with vivid pictures and witty language, artistic photography and witty slogan ; therefore they add to the beauty of our lives. They are a par indispensable to modern society.
3. Advertising brings convenience to people’s lives.
4. Advertising plays an important role in our economic life and is indispensable to the consumer society.
5. It is a kind of visual enjoyment to look at some witty works of advertising which add beauty to the cityscape .

1. Some leaflets and handouts are scattered here and there, polluting the environment. They are regarded as rubbish and a blemish on the landscape of the city. They disfigure our cities,
2. Advertisements are not always truthful, and a product is often misrepresented , false and deceptive . Many advertisements are fictitious , exaggerating, misleading and flying in the face of truth.

3. Advertisements are an insidious form. of brainwashing. Some are mislead and tend to induce people to spend more and create demand for things we do not need.

4. It is very disturbing that TV programs are interrupted by advertisements, and mailboxes are stuffed with rubbish. Nuisance to TV viewers: constant interruption spoils the viewing. We can do nothing but accept it passively.


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IELTS exam is the most taboo lifestyle write mode

IELTS and TOEFL, as are all lifestyle examination, and GRE / GMAT and other academic exams are essentially different.

IELTS IELTS ideas and the questions of philosophy and a huge difference in many national English exam, such as forty-six examinations words, there may not be in the IELTS Examination; forty-six promote the theme and thinking, to not accept IELTS.Specifically, the subject is inseparable from life, IELTS, academic emphasis on campus life, thinking, examining immigrant life is more common topic of peace and of ordinary people. But the academic (A class) and the General Training (G type) large composition, the title character is sometimes quite similar.

Common problem of students writing is easy to over-divergent thinking. IELTS Writing test is the big talk, and they say in this article, you know their views and perspectives, the most taboo is taught to write forty-six examination of old-fashioned and model of the article. The beginning of each paragraph are the best some new patterns, for example, do not always say that first, second, third, but learn some new sentences, such as my favorite
“WhenIhavethistopic, whatstrikesmeatonceisitssocialextent”, which can be said to replace the second “closelynexttomypreviousthought”, which are sufficient to replace the traditional teaching of the mechanical expression of indoctrination.

Wording and phrasing of the packaging is relatively superficial things. Many tests, writing aside, even if the content is also often do not meet the IELTS IELTS or place of Western thinking. For example, the elderly should be forced to not participate in any work? University of the various subjects should accept equal number of boys and girls? These two issues in common is that we first talked about a concept, this concept is often mentioned in Western countries, traditional education in China, few advocates of the “right”, we will find, in fact, not only the language of IELTS problems, but also the connotation of cultural factors.Content requirements to be consistent with the examiner, it is necessary to learn, to read more, and raise their ideological level, write the letter written to a certain extent the natural increase.

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IELTS immigrant writing why it is difficult to score high?

In the teaching line, so that I and many candidates have close contact, of which 1 / 3 is the immigrant candidates, aged between 24-40, and 26, and 32-year-old is the main crowd. And they discussed many times deep, discovered that the destination of migrants vary, but also a variety of personal circumstances, but there is a very common feature – IELTS sad. Although the G Class IELTS reading and writing in a relatively lower degree of difficulty, but generally reflects the G class of students writing scores hard to find.
Canada’s federal skilled worker, writing should be 6.5-9.0 in order to get the corresponding points the language scores of 4 points, 2 points if the corresponding 5.5-6.0 ,4.0-5 .0 only correspond to 1 minute, lower than 4.0 do not correspond to points of immigration, which Although a policy of writing than the previous 7 points to get it to 4 points for the reduced language standards, but in fact it is the applicant for the majority of immigrants do not get any benefits, because most of the applicant’s writing scores even after repeated examinations can only be stable at 4.5 points, 5 points, or 5.5 points, 6.5 points is almost the kind of dream. Skilled migrants in Australia also require writing test to 6 points, for most immigrants is also very hard for the applicant.

1. Template language itself is better, higher level, and the candidates to play the content of their sharp contrast, very bad impression to the examiner, so that scores declined.

2. According to different kinds of questions, you need to use a different template, and candidates tend to rely too much time in the review template and did not have a thorough grasp of the kinds of questions, so indiscriminately applied in the examination room, leading to the wrong template, this fraction generally in the 4.5 or so.

3. Template itself has some drawbacks, does not meet the requirements, does not apply to the IELTS test candidates ability to distinguish the poor. 6. Examinees themselves poor language and communication skills, in addition to the template other than the recitation of 70-100 words, can not effectively drafting.

7. Writing answer sheet for errors.

8. Words is not enough.

9. Chinese English too, can not be accurately expressed.

10. Too divergent novelty.


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How to deal with the legal and criminal class writing exam

A large class of IELTS essay can be divided into educational, social, technology, government policies, mass media, law and crime topics such six categories, which generally reflected the students most fear, the feeling was undoubtedly the subject of the most impossible to start types of questions of law and crime. As of now (December 22, 2008), in 08 years January 12, August 16 and October 11 there were legal examination, the subject of crime.Although the relative frequency of state title is not very frequent, but if students are not pro forma for such a reasonable and effective targeted topic summary and review, I believe that what is difficult to obtain in writing the ideal scores ( participated in the Long House, Jinan several exam scores of students in general are not very good.) A general review of the market a large number of IELTS writing guide, duck Tips These pro forma for different levels and different levels of students and edited books in IELTS, it is difficult to see such practice for the purpose of criminal review some of the teaching and guidance. In this thesis, I will law and crime, some of the common topics covered by everyone from the content analysis of each language, or want to duck IELTS teachers were able to benefit from it.
First, it should have the death penalty? – Can capital punishment (death penalty) ever be justified?

This topic can be said that this category of crime comes to legal topics, the most frequently mentioned problem. IELTS candidates for most Chinese, especially high school students, college students, if not carefully prepared in advance, then I am afraid of the subject can only be dumbfounded. On this topic, which can be roughly divided into several sub-arguments to expand:

Arguments against capital punishment:

The death penalty is a punishment of criminals, and not be able to save lives of victims of crime, or compensation for the harm they suffered
Capital punishment, which even though manages to bring the criminals to justice, could by no means compensate for physical, mental and psychological sufferings inflicted on victims, or in some extreme cases, bring back their lives.

No matter how much a person who commits an error, the right to deprive others of their lives. (Human Rights)
It is entirely unjustified to deprive one of his / her rights to live regardless of how insanely severe and cruel the offenses he / she has committed are. (This subject matter has boiled to the controversial issue of human rights)

Treatment of the bodies of executed prisoners (whether it can be used for organ transplantation, etc.) will be a very controversial moral issues.
How the body of the deceased criminal is going to be disposed of (used for organ transplant, for instance) will be bound to raise grave both ethical and social implications.

Arguments for capital punishment:

If the death row have not been the most severe punishment, then it is unfair to the victims.
It would be only fair for the victims if the criminals are subject to the greatest fear of all-death.

If the abolition of the death penalty, then a lot of potential criminals will not scruple to make some of the most terrible crimes.

Arguments for prison:

Prison education or job training, compared with a strong deterrent effect, which can effectively inhibit the rising crime rate.
In stark contrast to placing criminals on educational courses or employment retraining, prisons appeared more effective in deterring potential, would-be wrongdoers from committing crimes, thus drastically decreasing the likelihood of rising crime rate.

Prison is more of a punishment on criminals, so to avoid repeating them.
Being locked up behind the bars is a punitive measure imposed on criminals who are highly unlikely to turn into a recidivist in consideration of their fear of setting foot into jails ever again.

Criminals in prison is surrounded by a group of prisoners, which is the rehabilitation of offenders is not good, but is a bad influence. Allow offenders to receive education in a positive environment, aware of the real right and wrong.
“Captivity of negativity” is a terminology intended to describe the destructive, rather than constructive impact on criminals who are locked up in prison, surrounded by people who probably have committed even more serious charges. Education serves to correct any misconception or eliminate twisted thoughts they have by immersing them in a positive environment.

Most offenders are often no cultural knowledge and life skills, is often difficult to find work after release. Education and job training to allow them to later in life to survive on their own, and not because there is no source of income once again go astray.
A significant proportion of criminals are sadly illiterate without adequate fundamental knowledge and survival skills and it wouldn’t be easy for them to find a decent job after being released from the jail. With convenient access to education and job retraining, they are able to survive by themselves, greatly reducing the chance of becoming a recidivist in times when they are financially challenged.

Third, individual choices conflict with the legal community – Should individual choices interfere with the society that is based on rules and laws

This is the October 11, 2008 exam, This question is focused on the core project is a contradiction. That the society is always based on regulations and laws, and sometimes the interests of society and personal choice are often contradictory. When this conflict occurs, which should be the first place? Why? After the exam, I have talked to several students discussed in the exam, many students reflected that the subject is not difficult, but just do not know where to start. There is a student directly to the example of a we can not just kill, because it is against the law of things one such example. In fact, this subject is most critical is two things: how well the scope of the law is to find a suitable legal and personal choice with such a conflict point. I am on this subject and content of the understanding of paragraph structure is as follows:

This is mainly because of conflict of laws and regulations arising from the public and national interests, and personal interests of the vast majority of cases are on personal point of view the problem. An environment conducive to personal problems caused to other people if unnecessary damage, it should not be allowed.
The conflict of public interest and personal interest accounts largely for the issue of the extent to which is the interference of personal choices justified with the society governed by rules and laws.

Here we can cite an example, on IP (Intellectual Property Rights). Many people will go online to download free movies, music and books. The reason for this is genuine (authentic copy) relatively too expensive for Chinese consumers. Although this seems reasonable, most people will benefit, but it also hurt the entertainment stars (celebrities) and the record company’s interest, so this time should be the fundamental law, to prevent such acts.

Conversely, we can not deny the individual should be the law in particular cases, the personal choice to give proper
On the other hand, rules and laws should give in to personal choices in some special cases.

For example, heart attack drove the people rushed to the hospital. While that may be the way the driver ran a red light (run red lights), will cause some traffic disruption, or even that there is the possibility of a traffic accident. But such an act I think it should be understood (tolerated). This is for outside the law, but it is reasonable. Of course, this law is limited concessions, often indeed difficult to judge. So, whether legal or personal choice, and ultimately from the overall interests should be.

These are my three typical criminal laws explain the subject class, hoping that teachers have in the future of the criminal law in the class help to explain the subject, but also hope to help the candidates in a tight IELTS are pro forma.


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Essay on Writing

Although writing comes with many complicated English rules referring to usage, grammar, mechanics, diction, and even correct spelling of vocabulary words, I enjoy writing. Writing is a great way to communicate, it helps with expressing feelings, describing things with specific detail, and personally out of the two most important and common ways of communicating it even has a few advantages compared to oral communication.

Expressing feelings can often be hard to do, especially when speaking it. So I seem to always grab a sheet of paper and write down my feelings, instead of speaking them aloud, which gives me a reason to like writing. It is so much easier to express yourself only on a sheet of paper. I am constantly looking for the easy way out. I always find myself writing poems to express feelings and emotions inside, that way you can let them out without having to tell anyone, and practice your writing skills during your free time. When writing your mind begins to wonder and you think of things to write. Finally you come to that point when you have so much to write about, and the best thing is to take those thoughts and write them down on paper.

Oral and written communication are quite similar, but written communication has some advantages. For example you would be able to write down what you want to say, brainstorm, make drafts, revise, and continuously look over what you have written.

While on the other hand, with orally communicating once you say it, you cant take it back. In my Oral Communication 103 (speech class) my teacher talked about the slang being used and your audience may often misinterpret what you are trying to say. Writing what you read is what you get. When you lose your voice from talking to much, what kind of communication still remains? written communication once again to the rescue.

Also when I need to elaborate on something and give specific details, I would rather write them down to help me out. It just appears that writing is helpful in numerous ways. That would be another reason for liking writing, it makes things so easier, I am constantly looking for the easy way out. Despite the writer’s wart on my finger I just can not escape from exercising my writing skills, and I seem to enjoy doing it.

Communication plays an important role in the world, and without it we would truly be lost. Though it may have seemed like my pass English teachers would assign a plethora of writing essays, and long research papers, I have realized that it will help me throughout the rest of my life. I like writing and do plenty of it. So all I have to say is you basically write everyday, so “if you cant do what you like, like what you do”.

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