Five Steps of Essay Writing

For a long time, “difficult writing” has been the teachers, students and parents of the consensus. Top priority in language teaching position in language teaching, teaching writing has become the weak link. How to get out of teaching writing “high input, low effective,” the situation? We use “thinking, speaking, writing, reading, change the five-step method” of teaching writing, and effectively improve the ability of students to use language so that students can easily writing and happy writing.
First, like
Think, an opportunity for students to the idea of ​​a plan to fight the process, is indispensable link. We are guided by grade teacher Chen’s “starting a chapter, from imitation to innovation, sequential composition” principle, put in writing one week before the example listed along with the text title to the students, guide students to think, done to determine the center, genre, group of materials, material selection and stylistic rules and layout, etc. This is series of activities.
Second, that
“Say” is our guide in writing the most important step. Said composition in two ways: First, that part, that the article is divided into beginning, middle, end of the three parts, and one part of that. Please say several students as the beginning of his article, teachers guide students to Review: The good news is the beginning of what, where not so good, how to modify, supplement, etc. The second is that the whole chapter, the students finished, teachers guide students to comment, amend. Guidance in the writing class, students said composition account for more than 80% of the time. I said in writing to guide students in lower grades, generally used to say that part of the first chapter of the whole method of writing to guide high school students that the best use of the method that the whole chapter.
Said composition has two advantages: First, our students the ability to speak in public, so that each student can sound loud, articulate a clear, complete and orderly manner to express their meaning. Second is, the writing ability of students to play the pass, to help with the role, to students who have difficulty writing with the road.
That when writing for all students, so that every student involved.
Third, write
After these two steps, the students felt writing it easier. For students who have difficulty writing, I asked, “to say-oriented”, the school said the modified articles written down on it. Writing ability of students, asking him to “writing should think,” the article added his own rational thought, so write the article than that of writing better.
Fourth, reading
Read the essay in three ways: First, read-write. Second, write a front of all paragraphs to read it again. Therefore, when the finished article at the end, the beginning and middle have read several times, to avoid writing duplicate statements, contradictory. Third, after writing a full read, generally read three times, respectively, is to check whether the fluent words to express emotion is in place, self-appreciation.
Provide students with an emotional reading his essay, appreciate his writing is the focus of training in writing. Only read aloud, repeated reading, the students can read this sentence is wrong with that sentence does not write with the word and that word was inappropriate. Students read their writing; their writing is actually to pick holes.
Fifth, change
Students through reading aloud, to find his article wrong, it will change hands. Change and then read, read and then change. In this way, students develop the ability to modify the composition yourself, but also train you to modify the composition of good habits.
Zhaochen teacher said this sentence: “the student’s essay is out of practice, not the teacher marking out.” After reading the students themselves, to change the article, first in the group reading, assessment, change, and then read the exchange, change, and finally to the hands of teachers. For the student’s essay, as long as he is serious, the teacher never criticize, accuse, but to find out the good words good words, good material, good conception to encourage students to enable students to see their writing progress, their are confident that more and more interested in writing.