For several idiomatic English expression water

1. To hold water hold water, make sense
Explain: According to the literal interpretation, To hold water can certainly say is “let the water leak.” However, it can be extended to refer to a person’s argument, excuse, reason to hold water. Americans often say: “That excuse simply doesn’t hold water.” Means: that excuse does not hold water.
Listen: Several of his suggestions about changes in the government simply don’t hold water.
His views on government reform, said there are several fundamental sense.
2. Like water off a duck’s back no sense
Explain: the hair like a duck, like raincoats, water could not stay on top, about the whole slide out. Therefore, like water off a duck’s back refers to something meaningless, does not work.
Listen: The doctors tell us it’s dangerous to smoke, but such good advice rolls off some people like water off a duck’s back.
Doctors have told us that smoking is harmful to the body. However, this reasonable proposal for the ear, like some people like, there is no effect. ”
3. To make someone’s mouth water make someone drool
Explain: Let someone mouth water is to let someone drooling mean.
Listen: The roast ducks that restaurant serves is my favorite dish. Every time I think about it, it makes my mouth water.
My favorite is the roast duck restaurant. When I think of it, I will drool.