Great writing proficiency test IELTS

We have the writing ability to measure it! (A Class G Class General Test)

The following test is one of the few, good writing ability IELTS test systems, test focused on the students understand the language, grammar and English language ability, in addition to the logic capacity, chapter discusses the structure elements are not being tested, the rest of the essay ability of almost all measured up.

But tests on five, six, seven assessment of some arbitrary, so we should see more of Li Wen, writing more training, more than make up basic vocabulary and grammar.

Test 1: Vocabulary Test

Within 1 minute in the three IELTS Writing test will Zhenti read and correctly understand their meaning. After reading, please proceed to the “Part1 reference to the answer” section, check your understanding of the subject means and standard answers are the same. If you find yourself not completely correct understanding of the subject, please refer to the back of the “line A”, if you can easily and accurately understand these topics, please proceed to the “Test2”.

1. (2007.6.2) Today, more and more developing countries are expanding tourist industry. Why is it the case? Do you regard it as positive or negative?

2. (2007.7.7) In some countries, schools aim to provide a general education across a range of subjects. In some other countries, children focus on a narrow range of subjects related to a particular career. For today’s world, which system do you think is more appropriate?
3. (2007.7.14) In the past, lectures were used as way of teaching large number of students. But some people believe that with the development of technology, using lectures is no longer justified. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Part1 Passage

1. Today, more and more developing countries are in the further development of tourism. Why is there such a phenomenon?Do you think this phenomenon is positive or negative? (If you do not know the tourist industry, positive, negative any of these three words, then your current vocabulary for IELTS is seriously inadequate. Must be trying hard to learn the vocabulary!)

2. In some countries, the school contains a series of courses designed to provide a comprehensive (which should be understood from the context as a “comprehensive” rather than “ordinary”, where the mean comprehensive) education. In some countries, children are focused on specific career-related small range of subjects. For today’s world, what kind of system is more appropriate in your opinion?

3. In the past, people use the lectures (lectures in this context should be understood as “lectures” means, if the machinery to be understood as “speech” may lead to biased questions.) Way of teaching a large number of students. But some think that as technology advances, this approach is no longer valid (the test vocabulary word here is equivalent to valid). What extent do you agree or disagree?

Route A:

Unfortunately, to tell you, come to this line of candidates in the vocabulary there are serious shortcomings, as embodied in the test subject can not properly understand problems caused by partial composition, in which case writing score of 4 the possibility of more than 80%! solution of course is catching up as quickly as possible words, will test over the last 3 years, all Zhenti read through, you will find the subject of a considerable part of the high repetition rate, will be repeated from time to time . Please read Zhenti course you do not know all the words in the record, every day until it is fully familiar with the mind. IELTS Writing test to test the opinions on these many topics, with opinions on the subject of which is used words such a point, so get all the new words over the years Zhenti examination in the time to worry about do not understand is basically subject to happen.


Test2: Writing speed test

Provided from above, choose one of three Zhenti complete a full IELTS question argumentative. Requires more than words 250 words and must be completed within 40 minutes.

Filled in 40 minutes to 250 words please forward to Test3, can not be completed within 40 minutes although the finished article or the article but the lack of words, see “Route B”.

Route B:

Candidates who come here also face the risk of writing 4. Therefore, the most important for you, it is Kuanglian writing speed.According to statistics, the general first major composition to write IELTS students spend an average of 1 hour of the time, but with the increase in the number of exercises, and writing speed will be a corresponding increase, basically write an article every 5 minutes can improve the speed / articles . This means that if you take 1 hour to finish a large writing, then basically you can write 4-5 articles out of the speed training.





Test3: accuracy of grammar and vocabulary tests

Test3 means you can advance to already have at least a level 5. Writing 5 course for many students is not enough. 6 points that have not reached the level? By the following test to identify it!


Each line has the following article and only one error, please find the errors and correct them.

People’s concern is that what effects will part-time jobs bring.

A part-time job offers you chance to demonstrate your ability and to apply that you have learned in school into practice.

A part-time job helps you become more independence in your family.

Three, the experience that you gain can broaden your school life.
However, there are also some negative effects may be brought by taking part time jobs.
You may lose time needs for sleep, rest, study and recreation.

Work several hours a day consumes a lot of time and energy and may affect your study. You may find it hard adjust to expectation from the school and your parent.

Test3: The answer

First line: get rid of that

Second line: chance a front
The third line: that change what
Fourth line: independence into independent
Fifth row: Three into thirdly

Sixth line: may precede that

Seventh row: needs change needed

Eighth row: Work into Working

Ninth line: hard behind the increase to
Tenth row: parent into parents

8 questions answered correctly (including 8 questions) or more that has been basically level with the 6 points, please continue to participate in the challenges Test4 7 points level!

Less than 8 questions were answered correctly state your current level of basic fixed in 5 minutes or so. Embodied in the grammar and word usage there are some problems, when the examination is likely wrong sentences or to write the wrong word. If the problem is grammar, then the basis of proposals to participate in class grammar class, and if the use of the word, then proposed to strengthen the capacity of English to read the article, see the article written by a foreigner which is the word that you know how to use the. Start with the English newspaper to start it!

Test4: authentic language of the test
Test4 means you can advance to the foundation in English reasonably well, at least already have a level of 6 points. Finally, about 7 minutes to challenge the standard of it!

The following sentences are from the IELTS writing score, and I translated into Chinese, please try to restore them into English sentences.
1. A person’s success is determined by many factors, while most of the practical ability of a person is most important.

2. Every day everywhere, traffic jams, to bring great inconvenience to people’s lives.
3. Labor can make the children aware of their strengths and weaknesses, where, in order to stimulate their curiosity.

6 clause: One’s success is decided by many factors, and one’s practical ability is the most important.
One’s success depends on a lot of factors, and one’s practical ability is the most important.
7 clause: One’s success owes much to quite a number of factors, with one’s practical ability being the most essential.



6 clause: Every day there are many traffic jams everywhere and it makes people’s life very inconvenient.

Every day there are many traffic jams everywhere and it brings great inconvenience to people’s life.

7 clause: Every day traffic jams can be seen everywhere, resulting in great inconvenience to people’s daily life.




6 Clause: Labor can let children know where their strength and weakness are, and stimulate their desire to study.

7 Clause: Labor can make children realize where their strength and weakness lie, which in turn stimulates children’s thirst for knowledge.