How to choose a good high school

It is understood that the British government high schools can be divided into public and private schools; both the nature of the school has a very different in many ways. For example, teaching management. The scale of public school students in the 2000 general range ~ 10,000, a class average of about 20 students, teaching management, more relaxed; require students to have a strong self-discipline, close to the British university learning environment.

The largest number of private high school in 1000 or so, as little as 100 people. Private high schools often use small classes 6 to 10 people to ensure high quality teaching, management is relatively strict. In some boarding private high school, students need if you want to go out guardian’s consent.

The admission criteria, the application for public high school is usually required to provide secondary school transcripts, teacher recommendations, language proficiency (eg IELTS), and other school materials, according to the measure of whether students meet entry requirements.

Private high school admissions process is relatively flexible and, in addition to audit the “standard” file, the often allow students to participate in the internal entry written (in English and mathematics). But with different characteristics and potential for the students, the school will adopt the more personalized the admission interview, academic performance is not the only criterion.

How to choose a good British high school? Selected public high school or private school? Experts suggest that parents should learn to “four to see”:

First, look at the proportion of international students. The proportion of international students as possible. British high school about the scale of hundreds of people in general, if too many international students, students difficult to integrate into pure English environment. General good schools, the proportion of international students are long-term control in 10%.

Second, look at the school enrollment rate. After all, the Chinese high school students to the UK is to enter prestigious universities in the future, transition rate which reflects the school from strength.

Third, look at the family’s economic strength. Learning costs, the “public” and “private” huge difference. Foreign students studying in the UK public high school, you need to pay an annual fee of around £ 5,000, plus living expenses for a year about 13 million to 15 million Yuan. Whether students or overseas students in Britain, if you want to enter private schools, fees are 15,000 ~ £ 30,000 / year range, count the cost of living, the total cost of about 30 million a year to 40 million Yuan.

Fourth, to see their children self-discipline. If the child’s self-discipline, self-care capacity is weak, studying a number of public high schools will be difficult; if the child is mature and independent, then the families’ permission, the two types of schools can be considered.