How to improve reading comprehension

Reading error rate in the end is the problem? Many people think that the problem is vocabulary. Yes, if an article 50% of the sentences have words it can not read. Most people are aware of this, we are busy expanding his vocabulary. This presented a new problem: can understand every word that is not read the article, or subject one to do wrong. How to do?

First look at some common methods of reading to improve reading comprehension:

1. Do not look at the article, do a direct question.

2. Read difficult words encountered the first pass, difficult sentences will not let go, stalker, understand so far.

3. Do not encounter difficulties when the question back at the article, directly to guess the answer.

4. Usually done after an article not look back.

Although we are not stupid, but many people did. The first proposals and even some teachers. Many people have some misunderstandings in the concept. The first is race against time. The teacher usually desperate for exercise when stressed fast! Again soon! ! When students do cause problems running around in circles, do not wait do not see the article on the topic, the article did not develop the habit of, let alone the ability of the article. Reading comprehension, not “read” how to understand? Holding a silly title, the answer come from it? Some people seem to have “quick search” capability to look for keywords in the article, it seems very easy way out, in fact, reading comprehension articles traps, often literally search the information is wrong. Some paragraphs of an article but more difficult, some simple, we tend to understand from our paragraphs of text to infer that the contents of the article. Read in this way, a higher error rate when answering. Therefore, understanding very important.

Followed by the topic or leave it as complete, without a look back at the process.

This efficiency is very low. Candidates are advised to be completed usually after holding on critical issues, the subject of skepticism and then sweep back again, can not spend tens of seconds, but often can find a big problem.

Just said a “deep understanding”, a concept here, but also repeat: “topic sentence.” Reading comprehension can be used as an article used, usually have very good organizational structure. Every word that is not white, and has its logical sense: some general effect, and some do support, there is the turning point. Identify topic sentences and understand each sentence in the article, the logic function is very critical. A lot of “illocutionary meaning,” are available from the logical relationship between sentences and understand them. If only to understand each sentence, feeling that “a large blurry”, but if the manager can clearly structured, and that is “clear line” of the. Even where you do not understand, but also a better guess.

Recommendations are:

1. There conscious to find “the topic sentence.” Can assume that he is the author of the article, and constantly ask yourself: Why would I write this sentence? This will improve reading speed is actually helpful because the time to look at the second targeted all over the thing.

2. The article at least read it over twice. Yes, time is not much to see you how to use. I recommend the “twice”: first pass quickly, one minute, learn key words on the list; second time, read, 3 minutes (too few? I have the first pass for the end, enough!), Find the topic sentence , clarifying the logical relations; and then do questions, difficult to go back and look at the article met the relevant content, deliberate.

3. All done a few seconds and then sweep back over the article.