How to overcome the IELTS Speaking and Writing two “weakness”

Experts have concluded that 20 years down the overall situation of China, and candidates with little change: scores came in several countries around the world, after the candidates, speaking and writing is still “weakness.” Speaking not overcome the biggest “weakness”, “duck” Do not ever expect to break through.

Had oral examination “syndrome”

Exercise less difficult is the main cause of pro forma

British Council office in China has published the results of a survey: two years of global statistics 2004,2005 IELTS examination results, the Chinese candidate was significantly lower than the global average mean score, verbal score came in last.

All along, the four individual IELTS, the speaking and writing the most headaches for Chinese candidates. Why Oral become the biggest “weakness”? Many national language training experts believe that there are two main reasons: First, English teaching in schools ignored the daily oral practice, the lack of professional speech training system; Second, IELTS preparation, the oral review is difficult to find a suitable starting point, leading to a lot of candidates to go detours.

Note Do not make oral examinations and common problem

Three ways to look at two methods

Speaking to break off, first of all, candidates have to understand the purpose of IELTS test, not only to study investigated daily conversational ability, as well as logical thinking.

IELTS exam, many candidates will face the awkward silence condition. This will directly affect the rating of the examiner the impression, leading to their speaking ability can not be fully displayed. “To get high scores is to have new ideas, develop thinking training can help add a bright spot in the answer candidates.”

Expand the idea of ​​the two methods

A. it is necessary to multi-angle, but also comprehensive

Oral examination, candidates often make a single point of thinking, the content is not rich problems. In fact, the answer from the multiple perspectives, but also reasonable. Need to give a clear answer directly to ensure you have grasped the examiner to understand the intention of the problem.

B. Logical to “show” what

Expand the initiative to learn the answer, do not just answer the questions the examiner, the examiner issues in the increase in the amount of information on the basis of their own. Flexible way to apply the question and answer, the key information needed to answer the content, together with hair spread out to convey the information with the examiner. Remember, the content should be reasonably complete piece, not fabrications, there is no logic. In addition, the need to pay attention is to master the principle of proportionality, or may also be found tricky question.

If the candidates talk about issues that they are familiar with, you can answer with a positive way. Statements by adding flexibility to the idea, find a vivid example for rich content and personalized.

Personalized way of three answers

A. good use of “reverse”, “indirect” thinking

Reverse thinking, surprise, to most people think of things occur, so that examiners have freshness. Only by succeeding in particular, to get high scores. In addition, the circuitous thinking, through the multi-angle, multi-level answer questions, to be accurate.

Theory of humor, proverbs and then point B.

Both want concise, want a bright spot, with the proverb is the most effective way. Very wide spread of English Proverbs, we always pay more accumulation, spend one or two test results will be very good. Also remember to play some imagination, use more humor.

C. into the personal understanding

Seeing learn to put personal thoughts, feelings rise to the realm of higher level and improve throughout the thought. If mishandled or difficult topics wider subject of personal emotions from the point of cut, the simplification of the problem.