IELTS essay moderation large three-step

IELTS great writing, ask students to write in 40 minutes over a 250-word essay, usually debate the issue of class and class. Get the essay question, our first thing to do is to examine the issue and suggested that candidates spend at least 2-3 minutes to do it.

The first step is to read through moderation. Usually the habit of candidates is to get a look at the small writing test essay, what charts look again what great writing test questions, and then start writing a small essay. In fact such a look, you know what today is the type of test, what theme to have to read through the work done. Write a small essay on one side, your brain has already started brewing great inadvertently writing a.

The second step is to read moderation. When the little writing done, candidates officially entered the Great composition, you need to carefully read the title once, and what to look for key words in the title, there is no limit word / sentence, there is no absolute word. The so-called qualifier is limited to topics on a range of words. For example: The incidence of violence / crimes for young people is increasing. Give possible reasons and recommendations of punishment and measures to the situation., The subject of youth is one of the words, the text must focus on young people to analyze the causes of crime and punishment programs Some students wrote about high unemployment, no job, no money to afford life, so to commit a crime. The reason for the crime for adults is good, but most young people still learning, not work, not to mention the natural unemployment pressure. So write this topic, if we from the family and school environment, and several aspects of the media to start would be more relevant. The so-called absolute terms, that is all, best, only, the most other words, the title words appear in this way, candidates make is easy to refute. For example Some people think economic development is the only way to measure the success of a government. To what extend do you agree or disagree.’s Economic development is a measure of a government is indeed an important indicator of success, we can write one or two paragraphs to shows the importance of the economy, and then write a concession section, to refute the word ONLY, you can make universal education, social welfare can not be ignored, so the article is more comprehensive.

Moderation of the first step, the time spent not more than 15 seconds, the most important is the third step – outlining. This is repeatedly emphasized that all writing teachers, and students are always willing to do one thing. Outlining the reasons do not want to always feel you 40 minutes time is precious, can not wait to start hard from the first seconds to write. However, there is no collating ideas, while thinking while writing the result is more time-consuming and more to the back of the development of the paragraph more confusion. In outlining the beginning, certainly first brainstorming, brainstorming over the issue is that many candidates over the trial to consider themselves entitled. In fact, out of a lot of brainstorming is that there is a causal relationship between repeated or, if repeated, or a causal relationship between these points as a paragraph topic sentence, then there will be problems later wrote. Therefore, we should spend a little time to sort out the logic. Such as the discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad, most students are able to think of the following several points 1. Better education; 2. Get better jobs; 3. Broaden their horizons 4. Cultural 5. Learn the language. In fact, this 5 points, tidy, you can find 1 and 5 are side by side, 2 is the result. 3 and 4 are equally causal relationship. This five points into two points, each point of the argument has also been forthcoming, it will be very smooth writing. And some students thought that 1 and 2, they have come to two paragraphs, and immediately began to write, finish the main body first, and then began the second paragraph, I suddenly discovered that in fact get a better education and better jobs is a The results, clearly if we want to write this paragraph have the first repeat.

In summary, review questions well, the outline out well, you can write if God, it could be thousands there and turns off and incomprehensible situation.