IELTS essay to explain a large class of four modular Fan

New teacher Zhengren Jiang Oriental IELTS teacher explained to us promotions modeling classes Fan four major essays, in which two RS, RE and R. LB each one, for your reference.

Note: Fan provided here just to give you a more intuitive way to understand IELTS students to explain the composition of the overall context of a large class structure, which is best not to completely copy the template to use. In addition, the main point of each small section of the extension is not given. In other words, where the Fan is not real, where Fan is only the beginning + the end + the main section of each dot in each topic sentence (topic sentence). Why not give real full Fan it? First, in order to prevent plagiarism, the second is to avoid you if it was, and Fan and similar topics, essay writing similar embarrassment. Also here Fan own use only, (for some shameless peers) cannot shamelessly appropriating (welcome to reprint, but should indicate the source). Otherwise, once discovered plagiarism, strong brother will be very angry, the consequences can be severe.  Another strong brother of the liner over the network, does not worry about your crimes will not be found.

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IELTS essay to explain a large class divided into three topics, namely, RS, RE, R. LB, after two small type that few others mentioned in the industry, but in fact are often since 2007 to the examinations. Explain the class title is the industry’s neglected areas of many teachers, because they feel that less is not worth speaking test, but this year eight test fully reflect the desire of Cambridge official anti-forecast and trends, so the future must be prepared to explain the class is of. However, the reality is met when the foundation is not a good student to explain the subject of class, especially RE, R. LB, are confused and do not know how to arrange text structure, let alone start thinking, and the outcome is often is tragedy. Today I released this four classes Fan interpretation, covering all of the above three types I mentioned, is bound to sit on your play sobering effect.

First RS (that is, the kinds of questions cause + solution) Example September 13, 2008

The first section (beginning)

The issue of environmental protection has been in limelight recently. Some people maintain that protecting the environment is of considerable significance, but they take no actions. In this article, I intend to explore its causes and offer some possible measures.

Second (analysis of the reasons)

This paragraph summary: people find it troublesome, damage the economic interests of certain industries, people are selfish and shirk responsibility; people’s environmental awareness is not strong

The primary source of this problem is that environmental protection may bring some inconvenience to individuals’ daily life. In addition to this, efforts to protect the environment will probably damage the economic interests of some industries. Another contributing factor is that the selfishness deeply rooted in human nature is likely to urge individuals to shirk this responsibility to others. Finally, citizens are not motivated to take actual actions for the sake of environmental protection.

Third (solution)

This paragraph summary: increased publicity to raise environmental awareness of citizens, the development of relevant laws to punish acts of environmental pollution

The Government should provide compensation for high-polluting enterprises to enable them to close

In order to overcome this problem, I believe we must strengthen our efforts to publicize the importance of environmental protection and thus promote citizens’ motivation to take actions. It is also necessary for us to enact relevant laws to punish the behaviors of polluting the environment. Another positive step would be toprovide those highly polluted industries with compensations for them to close down.

Fourth section (end)

In conclusion, I believe we must all recognize how serious this problem is.

For the sake of human existence on this planet, it is suggested that joint efforts across the border should be made to rescue the only homeland on which we have survived for millions of years.

Second RS (that is, the kinds of questions cause + solution) Example January 23, 2010

The first section (beginning)

In our time and age, much debate has taken place about social equality. The disparity between the wealthy and the impoverished is being enlarged. In this article, I intend to explore its sources and provide some possible measures.

Second (analysis of the reasons)

This section will outline: the unequal distribution of social resources, social security / welfare system is imperfect, different family backgrounds

The primary cause of this problem is that social resources are allocated unevenly among citizens. Furthermore, public welfare system fails to cover those disadvantaged groups in reality. Another contributing factor is that individuals’ income is always determined by their capabilities. Finally, people’s success is also directly related to one’s family background.

Third (solution)

Summary of this paragraph: should the rich help the poor out of poverty, the rich more tax levy, to improve the social welfare system / more support to vulnerable groups, vigorously promote philanthropy

In order to address this problem, I believe we should foster the development of charity organizations and conduct more fund-raising activities. It is also necessary for us tolevy higher taxes from the wealthy. Another positive step would be to provide disadvantaged groups with more support such as free education and medical care.Besides, the haves are encouraged to help the poor get rid of poverty.

Fourth section (end)

For the sake of social solidarity, it is vital that we take more measures to bridge the disparity between the rich and the poor. If this problem fails to be solved properly, a large number of crisis and dangers will emerge.

Third RE (that is, the kinds of questions cause + effect) Example 15 December 2007

The first section (beginning)

The issue of TV news programs has aroused wide concern in recent times. Viewers are exposed to an increasing number of violence and disaster images on TV news programs. In this essay, I intend to analyze its sources along with some effects on the individual and the society.

Second (analysis of the reasons)

The summary paragraph: to attract the audience’s attention, disasters and violence on the rise, the development of media technology

The chief cause of this issue is that these images are designed by the media to catch viewers’ attention. In addition to this, the incidences of disasters and violence are on the rise. Another contributing factor is that the development of media technology helps individuals to access what’s happening in the world.

Third (impact analysis)

This paragraph summary: triggered public panic, to mislead young people, crime rate and thus lead to social instability

Firstly, nobody would disagree that violence and disaster images creates panic among the citizens. Besides, these images are likely to produce adverse effects on the physical and mental fitness of teenagers. It is also important for us to recognize that the conviction rate will increase and this may pose a threat to social stability.

Fourth section (end)

In reality, this problem is unlikely to be resolved in the short term. However, it is by no means insurmountable, and I am convinced that the government should enact relevant laws to put proper restrictions on the content of media coverage.

Part IV R. LB (pros and cons of the kinds of questions that cause +) Example 13 October 2007

The first section (beginning)

The discussion about academic qualification has triggered a new round of heated debate in recent years. Some employers assert that academic qualifications play a more important role in their selection of employees than life experiences and personal qualities. In this essay, I will analyze its sources and offer my own perspective on this development.

Second (analysis of the reasons)

This paragraph summary: the higher education is stronger, easier to judge the degree, the excessive worship of the community education

The primary source of this issue is that higher academic qualifications mean higher capability. Moreover, academic qualification serves as a more efficient way to identify talents for employers. Another contributing factor is that the society harbor excessive enthusiasm and trust towards academic qualifications.

Third (analysis of the pros and cons)

This paragraph summary: encourage a culture of education examination, brain drain, breed social instability

From my point of view, this is a curse for both individuals and the society. Firstly, it is an undeniable fact that it may add fuel to the culture of exam-oriented education and neglect the cultivation of students in other important areas. In addition to this, brain loss is another problem we have to face. Besides, this is likely to cause resentment among citizens of lower academic qualifications and pose a threat to social stability.

Fourth section (end)

By way of conclusion, I believe that this issue is likely to become even more important in the future. It, therefore, demands our further consideration.