IELTS Essay Writing Arguments

In the article the author to introduce the most difficult 10 IELTS writing argumentative second series of articles that second problem, argument structure is difficult, and lists the details of the four topics of the specific analysis presented the corresponding solution strategies. This I will continue to introduce this series of three, the last class of problems, the argument is difficult to extend and countermeasures.

Argument expansion difficult

Study IELTS essay form large arguments, both arguments, is bound to design some topics. Examinations in recent years, after study found that IELTS argumentative type of education most concerned about the topic, in addition to science and technology classes, in media, culture, class, government type, traffic type, etc. are involved. But faced with so many topics and questions that can be done within a few minutes to come up with enough compelling reasons reasonably difficult task. Moreover, questions are sometimes the subject of very partial, candidates cannot think of any relevant reason. Therefore, expansion of the so-called argument is difficult, meaning the candidates in the face of some difficult problems persuasive essays, no clue, can not extend the argument because there IELTS exam writing is characterized by a very detailed questions, some of the specific topic of the abstract also cover them, so there is no accumulation of certain candidates in the face of these problems is difficult to find reasonable grounds for support, then the content of the article did not meet the requirements resulting plain got low marks.

Here are a few questions to familiarize yourself with these topics:

1. Nowadays, some universities offer students skills that assist them to find employment, but some people believe that the main function of a university should be to provide students with access to knowledge for its sake. What is your opinion?

2. In many countries the number of elderly people is increasing fast. Does this trend have more positive or negative effects on the society?

3. One long-distance flight consumes fuel which a cars uses in several years’ time, but they cause the same amount of pollution. So some people think that we should discourage non-essential flights, such as tourist travel, rather than to limit the use of cars. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

The above difficulty is how to extend the three topics the article. Candidates are generally know what to do to get these questions, I do not know how to expand the body of the argument, that such issues are not familiar, or too theoretical, there is no reason to support, such as the first question, by examining the topic is about the transfer of knowledge and the University teaching job skills bilateral argumentation, many candidates that the University has always been the place to impart knowledge, to find a reasonable argument to extend very difficult. Experts believe that to deal with such topics, it is necessary to specifically deal with abstract and theoretical, the candidate can cite some examples, such as through the University’s knowledge transfer for future employment and life changes and psychological maturity and so plays an important role, while University to teach skills such circumstances is difficult because of employment. We can outline are listed below:

It is believed that the basic mission of universities is to conduct research and provide education based on it.

First, a good command of basic knowledge lays a solid foundation for other courses.

Second, through basic and theoretical courses, students can learn to improve their self-study as well as problem-solving ability.

On the other hand, university education should also prepare students for their future employment.

As the employment competition is growing fierce, graduates have to learn skills to adjust themselves to the requirement.

Moreover, university provides the students with environment where they can deal with some problems that they will meet in their future career.

When the candidates face the second question, also have a question, that is, an aging population the positive impact on society. Yes, dramatic increases in the elderly, the community at large does not do any good, so this extension is very difficult. But if we can change your mind, not necessarily the subject to difficult. Experts believe that this question can be asked to give written older persons to society, family and other benefits, such as home help and community volunteers. Despite these benefits and then put forward, but the number increased dramatically as they will create a lot of problems on society and family, such as the government’s financial burden, the Government needs to allocate more money to support the pension, while the family is also burden, junior spending time and energy to full of money to take care of the elderly as well.

Outline is as follows:

Admittedly, older people often have time to offer for the benefit of family and community.

However, population ageing bring about serious economic and social problems for both family and government.

Through the above two questions in the talks, giving top priority to the third question can also be extended. Explained in the lectures, the experts suggest that trainers should pay attention to the ability of students brainstorming and paragraphs expansion method, to develop certain aspects of fixed arguments extend the ability of candidates, especially through some concrete examples, data, comparison argument method, expand more easily, and the results more convincing.

In this series, we listed more than 3 difficulties and 10 questions, I hope you clear IELTS argumentation does have to follow the law, but we cannot ignore the existence of special circumstances and difficulties, I hope the above measures proposed can effectively help to students taking the examination.