IELTS essay writing big step guide complete

There are two IELTS essay writing section, to require candidates to complete at least one hour in 400-word writing task. As the relatively short time, many candidates failed to make reasonable arrangements for the time, the results did not effectively complete the task requirements or fail to fully demonstrate their English writing skills.


Writing section requires two articles of the words is not the same? Great composition must be 250 words or more to complete writing assignments, and small writing more than 150 words. According to this directive, from the mechanical write speed, the candidates more reasonable allocation of time for the big essay 40 minutes, a small essay for 20 minutes. In addition, the large value of essay writing, accounting for 60%, 40% small writing, from the weight of scores of view, the time distribution of 2:1 is quite reasonable.



Therefore, in order to successfully accomplish the task of writing must take the time control in 40 minutes or so, after no more than 5 minutes.


So how to take full advantage of the 40 minutes to complete a basic satisfactory article?


◆ Step one: moderation (<3 minutes)


Moderation is the first step to complete the task effectively, and most crucial step. From the scoring of view, the correctness of moderation and “Task Response” is a direct link. Spread in the current template, the article fits the larger environment; the effective moderation is a breakthrough in the sixth criterion. Many candidates in moderation, either superficial, hasty reading, or only concerned about the title synonymous with the word conversion. So read the title, after the articles are likely to cause deviation of the direction of writing. And effective method of problem should read:


→ read the title, to understand the effect.


→ read the topic, analyzing the logical relationship between sentences.


→ read the subject, identify key words to distinguish between keywords and qualifiers, suggesting the topic and the examiner’s intentions.


As most of the candidates was done by reading only the first step in question, so there are stray or irrelevant parts of a great possibility. Now to November 15, 2008 exam, for example:


There are more workers to work from home and more students to study from home. This is because the computer technology is more and more easily accessible and cheaper. Do you think it is a positive or negative development (questions for the candidates to recall, the original problem there may be some out?)


→ read the title, to understand the effect.


There are currently more and more workers to work at home, more and more students learning at home. This is because the increasing availability of computer technology, more and more cheap. Do you think this is a positive or negative trend?


Note: there are many problems in accessible candidates do not understand, the accuracy of moderation will be some impact.


→ read the topic, analyzing the logical relationship between sentences.


To grasp the title of the logical relationship between sentences, the key is to read the pronoun “this”; “it” refers to the specific.


“This” refers to the first sentence.


“It” may be understood as presented by the first two sentences of this phenomenon. To make the article writers to be clearer, here it can be summarized as to: the wider usage of computer technology in working or studying from home


→ read the subject; identify key words to distinguish between keywords and qualifiers, suggesting the topic and the examiner’s intentions.


Keywords: Computer technology in working or studying from home


Qualifier: positive or negative


Words cannot be ignored: easily accessible and cheaper


Title information deconstruction:


(Topic) positive (benefits)


Computer technology in working or studying from home


(Causes) Negative (drawbacks)


Easily accessible and cheaper


Make the above analysis on the topic, make sure to write the article can contain more information, review questions that can never shut off.


Used does not exceed more than 3 minutes.


◆ Step Two: Outline the column (<3 minutes)


Based on the above subject deconstruction of information, to identify key words and derived words under the meaning of the word, writing under the existing framework to determine the material.


Such as:


Computer technology: on-line, PC, laptop, broadband


Working from home: Fashion designer; freelancer; translator; journalist; writer; music composer, artists.  Studying from home: on-line course, the disable that are difficult to move; course in the foreign country

Cheaper: on-line IELTS course – several hundred RMB


Class IELTS course – several thousand RMB


Easily accessible: in city – at least one PC every house


Broadband: almost every house; school


Net bar: almost every neighborhoods




☆ Introduction:


Computer technology in home-study and home-work (topic)


Positive development (opinion)


☆ Body:


★ Benefits of studying from home:


Cheaper — IELTS course (on-line / class)


Freer — white collar for further education in free time


★ Benefits of working from home:


Artists (music composer / fashion designer )—- more productive


Freelancer (translator / journalists )—- more working opportunity


★ Drawbacks:


Lack self-control / independence (line-addicts)


☆ Conclusion: inevitable trend (with self-discipline)


Note: In the real exam without the need to write such a detailed outline, but with confidence after writing the article will surely be a duck.


◆ Step three: article writing (30-35 minutes)


General articles of 4-5 segments, each with an average of 5-10 minutes when


Note: must write a large essay writing conclusion paragraphs to reflect the integrity of the article.


◆ Step four: Check (1-2 minutes)


At this point, not big changes, you can get rid of some of the clerical error.


In this paper, the author spent more space to describe the outline of moderation and columns, the two parts designed to arouse the reader enough attention.