IELTS essay writing great words

IELTS essay writing about is the form and content of the high degree of unity and coordination, often Chinese students, when writing in Chinese in a lot of reasons, but could not know how to express, in order to achieve a breakthrough in the short term, the only way is to Equally good imitation of sentence patterns and templates, according to his own use, and then the last to make changes and organize their own thing. Therefore, the imitation must be over that hurdle, but also to understand the imitation, can not be applied mechanically, or we need a laughing stock, the following are some of my classes as part of the process of teaching students words of a traditional and templates, for those about to take the IELTS test particularly useful for students, we recommend you pay close attention to practice and into their own template as part of the article!
1.The debate these days draws our attention about whether
2.It goes without saying that
3.There is no avoiding the fact that
4.There has been a long-term dispute over whether
5.have found their popularity and acceptance among citizens.
6. In my country have become the focus of public concern.
7.Even three-year-old children know about severe problems brought
by in cities around the world.
8. It wasn’t until that
9. Is increasingly becoming the focus of government and citizen’s concern around the globe.
10. When economy is running on the right way for a relatively long period, and commercialization is sweeping across the world, the issue of has been mentioned and emphasized in our society more frequently than ever before.
11. It is not uncommon these days to
12. There is a belief that
13. It is reported that
14. Over the last half century, the pace of change in has increased beyond our wildest expectations.