IELTS essay writing you can guess the high end of it?

The end of a beautiful and concise writing for the big score is undoubtedly necessary, although the main basis for the final score is not determined by the end of the paragraph, but at the end of a section of the well done for academic success is not great writing or missing. In this section, the Long House Overseas Examination Centre will lead the writing team of teachers to appreciate the high-end writing different ending.

One. Full Text + view + Review prospects:

This method is suitable for the end of the composition of bilateral structures, in this writing, we should pay attention to the end of the segment consists of three elements, of which the first two elements are necessary However, the number of sentences could be 3 it can be two or even one sentence. First we look at an example:

I agree that we need to make sure that animals that are used for testing new products have the minimum of suffering. However, I am convinced that animal testing is necessary, and that it will continue to benefit humans in new and wonderful ways.

The above this example, the view of himself hidden in an object clause after the first play of a Young For suppression effect. However, this effect must be played with a look to the future rendered effect. Let’s compare another example:

In conclusion, physical punishment can be a useful method of discipline. However, it should be the last choice for parents. If we want to build a world with less violence we must begin at home, and we must teach our children to be responsible.

We can easily find two sentences use a similar interface approach, that first sentence euphemistically full review will be the opposite point of view of “concession” in the mode of expression, but also for the review of the main section of views. Is described and then turning their own views and perspectives. Finally, we utilized a hope for the future to support their point of view. Overseas Examination Centre Longre analysis, this arrangement has the advantage of the order of the main body of the article has a good summary, but at the same point of view is very clear and powerful, with polish for the future, making the expression more fluid. The same way, we will look at the third listen:

To sum up, although there are undoubtedly some problems with increased levels of education, I feel strongly that the country can only progress if all its people are educated to the maximum of their ability.

The end of the previous two different, although the end of the third text is the first review, but it will be the author’s views and expectations for the future written in the adverbial clause in a condition. This gives us the structure to “look to the future” when an idea that with condition adverbial clause or preposition phrase with the sentence, in point of view. The end of the development of such methods of solving the same type for the end of a large section of the layout composition, such as:

All in all, although the problem of drugs may seem impossible to eliminate, there are concrete steps that can be taken to weaken the hold of drugs on society. The danger from drugs is too great to ignore.

For the harm of drugs to society, of the first accept the situation that can not be changed, and then elaborated his optimistic view that effective action taken to diminish its harm after. Finally, the dangers of using drugs to make prospects for the future. In other words, in social class analysis to solve the type of argumentation, we can consider in the future with emphasis on its long-term impact as a breakthrough. Another example:

In short, there are several things that the government can do to allow more people to finish school. However, a number of society attitudes also have to change if the country’s people are to achieve their full potential.

This topic is discussed at the end of this social phenomenon caused by drop-out problems and solutions. We found the conditions mentioned above can also be used as adverbial clause of such an important theme at the end of sentences.

II. View + Outlook:

Section 2 will review the idea of ​​the end of some text omitted, directly express their views and intentions. This method is suitable for the end of the unilateral support of pure composition, the following look at a few examples:

It is obvious difficult to restrict the movement of people around the world and it is probably foolish to try to stop it. But attempts should be made to redress the imbalance.

On the topic of brain drain, one up at the end of the expression of his position that can not stop this phenomenon. But then again look forward to change this situation did. Let’s compare another example:

All in all, the problem of world poverty cannot be solved by money alone. Nations need to work together on long-term projects, sharing their knowledge and skills so that each person has something valuable to offer their community.

Yan Shen Principal Highlawn Pavilion on the proposed themes in the analysis-solving can also be used at the end of 2 elements to the end of this way, if the last remaining time is not very good premise, omit the text of the review is also a direct expression of ideas Species wise decision.

To conclude, it is clear that although numbers of women in the workforce have increased, they are still disadvantaged because they generally put the welfare of others, particularly the family, above financial ambition or promotion.

In the example above, we found that, in fact, this part of the future, you can also write to explain why, because not every subject can come up with a suitable end to your future prospects, then this time we may wish to replace on Si Luqie point of view to explain the reasons, but also might be a good idea. We look at this example:

To sum up, the richer nations have helped a lot by providing money for poor countries and poorer countries need to not only spend the money for daily use, but also put more money on economic developments, human resource improvements and education advancements, because only by doing so can they change their poor situations.

Highlawn Pavilion, on Yan Shen Principal also remind you that the above is two kinds of high-end way, in the next section, Long Overseas Examination Centre Court, the writing team of experts will continue to introduce other end of the way, stay tuned.