IELTS essay writing

Since the invention of the beginning of the film as contemporary sense of the world, understand their own weapon, it adopted a particular perspective or subjective or calm reflection of the different aspects of society. Test Center analysis, each of the IELTS writing questions concerning the media is not too much more concentrated focus on inspection, to discuss the television, advertising and news media including the Internet, the concept of modern society and the impact of the main.

The movie “The Truman Show,” a documentary mainly revolves around the real life hero Truman state of reality TV show started, and Truman lived since birth in the beginning of the camera lens, but he was oblivious to all this . His life is hidden in the camera throughout the entire record of 24 hours, or even his life is a great small town studio, his friends and even family members around the true sense are “actors”, with the pace of play with his their role. Reality show director to pull the strings, but a chance to Truman that he should have been dead “father” is still alive and those around them gradually pay attention to unusual events, and eventually found all the truth. The most ironic is that in the end of the movie, Truman finally be free, or even relying on the power of television, his former girlfriend launched a “Truman also freedom” movement.

TV plays in the modern world more and more important role, and even became a center of life, people used to move back home to press the remote control, it seems that this is the way of entertainment. It is undeniable that the formation of television on people’s views and opinions of things has a very important role, people around the world every day to receive the latest news, understand the culture of the outside world through the window to achieve, IELTS propositions are keen to capture to this, and be reflected in the title.

December 15, 2007
Today, it is common that TV news programs show the images of disasters and violence to the public. Discuss the reasons and the effects on individuals and the society.

May 10, 2008
Children can learn efficiently by watching television, so they should be encouraged to watch television regularly both at home and in school. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

March 27, 2010
Studies suggest that children spend more time on watching TV than they did in the past and spend less on doing active or creative things. Why do you think this is a case? What measurement and methods can be used to tackle with it?

Questions around the TV to start over, involving television programs, the benefits of watching TV and TV on the creativity of other people, good or bad aspects. As mentioned above, as reflected in the movie, The Truman Show in this virtual “world” in the unconscious, which allude to modern passive reception of television “information bomb” even “brainwashing” situation unable to extricate themselves by ending Truman saved by another TV show again reflects the growing television in modern life “master” role.

2010 by Chinese director Wang Jing directed another reflection of the media influence on contemporary life the film “Invisible kill” to seize the other side. Modern media, especially the emergence of new media such as the Internet, such as the invisible hand as always control people’s choices.

Popular video games recognized by the network of men and women, found that his wife disclosed the incident derailed furious and her husband on the network, for being “human flesh search” and fled the actor, have vividly demonstrated the power of the Internet under the enormous spread of information privacy and the so-called real people powerless. Site in order to seek personal gain while pretending the ugly face of justice, and the users know the truth does not distinguish right from wrong pursuit to follow suit, and even the police have become a “human flesh search” of the object brought to the “Internet rumors” judgment seat.

Shows the negative impact of media on people is also great: the disclosure of privacy, people vent formed through the wild accusations of a new “network of violence”, as represented by the tools of interest groups. IELTS Writing in the same kind of problem is dealt with, to explore the impact of the news media:

August 22, 2009
News media is more influential nowadays. Some people think it is a negative development. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Indeed, the news media provide the timeliest information, but because of interests or the interests, they represent, by their news media, some of the reports with a certain amount of subjectivity, or even exaggerated to provide distorted information to get a gimmick. We want to use it for my collection rather than enslaved by it.

In addition, some new phenomenon also reflects the old view, a large number of commercial film product placement to get more funding, reflecting the advertising for the media, the huge audience for the community to influence the views of the IELTS Writing provides ideas and sources.

Based on the above discussion, we look at what exactly the role of the media, Long Overseas Examination Centre Court summarized as follows:
1) keep people informed about current issues
2) pay a key and even a dominant role in shaping people’s views
3) Advertising provides subsidy to the media and also influences consumers’ consumption behaviors.
4) Some distorted reports and information make people form prejudiced opinions.
Overall, the film as a medium is a reflection of real life and people thinking of the carrier. IELTS Candidates can be used as an important source of ideas and words from the right and search for some perspective.