IELTS exam is the most taboo lifestyle write mode

IELTS and TOEFL, as are all lifestyle examination, and GRE / GMAT and other academic exams are essentially different.

IELTS IELTS ideas and the questions of philosophy and a huge difference in many national English exam, such as forty-six examinations words, there may not be in the IELTS Examination; forty-six promote the theme and thinking, to not accept IELTS.Specifically, the subject is inseparable from life, IELTS, academic emphasis on campus life, thinking, examining immigrant life is more common topic of peace and of ordinary people. But the academic (A class) and the General Training (G type) large composition, the title character is sometimes quite similar.

Common problem of students writing is easy to over-divergent thinking. IELTS Writing test is the big talk, and they say in this article, you know their views and perspectives, the most taboo is taught to write forty-six examination of old-fashioned and model of the article. The beginning of each paragraph are the best some new patterns, for example, do not always say that first, second, third, but learn some new sentences, such as my favorite
“WhenIhavethistopic, whatstrikesmeatonceisitssocialextent”, which can be said to replace the second “closelynexttomypreviousthought”, which are sufficient to replace the traditional teaching of the mechanical expression of indoctrination.

Wording and phrasing of the packaging is relatively superficial things. Many tests, writing aside, even if the content is also often do not meet the IELTS IELTS or place of Western thinking. For example, the elderly should be forced to not participate in any work? University of the various subjects should accept equal number of boys and girls? These two issues in common is that we first talked about a concept, this concept is often mentioned in Western countries, traditional education in China, few advocates of the “right”, we will find, in fact, not only the language of IELTS problems, but also the connotation of cultural factors.Content requirements to be consistent with the examiner, it is necessary to learn, to read more, and raise their ideological level, write the letter written to a certain extent the natural increase.