IELTS Exam Preparation

To be reader-friendly, this is the key point! How to reach this point, I think the following points:

1. Structure.

Well organized, it is best to express a meaning of a paragraph, a paragraph should be moderate, not too long. For IELTS250 words

Be so assigned: para 1: introduction: state the fact, and show ur standpoint. (For or against, better both)

para 2: key sentence + support evidence (for)

para 3: key sentence + support evidence (against)

para 4: conclusion

According to your ideas, for / against, you can write a more, write two two for or against, that which side you prefer.

In the expression of views, we should remember that, should not be used like too much, because you was explaining a point of view, this is subjective, not too absolute, if the change as in Chinese, as you say is “how you should like “? Readers will feel that you force him to accept your point of view, you can use some be likely to or may / might.

2. Conjunctions, adverbs and phrases used

In a clear structure, we have a conjunction to link together the various paragraphs of organic, still for some, the connection between sentences and sentence. Adjectives and adverbs to enhance the expressive verbs; also do not have to use complex vocabulary, idiomatic English, the phrase used very much.
Such as conjunctions: hence

Adverb: dramatically

Short term: be likely to

3. Simple and complex sentences and use, not stingy, “”

If an article is a look not many, “”, almost all complex sentences, seemed very level, but reader-friendly? The center of each sentence, complex sentence available.

4. Grammar: singular and plural, a / an / the, not abbreviations.

Syntax error is inevitable, but try not to make some low-level, such as singular and plural, there is most likely wrong and how to transport “the”. There are not to did not shrunk didn’t.

5. Terms of diversity.

Commonly used words can be synonymous with more than a few in mind, so that the article reads more comfortably. Such as might, may, perhaps, be likely to result hence, thus, consequently, as a result. Important important vital crucial

Think it is important to put my own words and phrases of some, I believe writing help

burning question now pressing problem, the most attractive problem, can be used in the first paragraph, can also be used pay attention to, attract …., raise … concern

Completely altogether, completely, pure and simple (complete)
Basically, by and large
Comprehensive across-the board
Fully comprehensive
Many: a plethora of (opportunities) = a large number of not a few with a large amout of
scads of, dozens of, the bulk of
Several: a couple of = several
Unique and indispensable unique and indispensable
Inevitable inevitable = unavoidable
Unpalatable fact the fact that unsatisfactory
Peter out gradually disappear fade away gradually weakened Play a pivotal role = vital key = important

from the minuscule low to the majestic high from lowest to highest Expedite = speed up = accelerate accelerate

Tackle (fix, deal with, handle, solve) the problem (issue) to solve, deal with the problem

better off, better, eg. It is better off taking a rest. rest will be better.

Attributed to Ascribe to = attribute to

Since by virtue of = due to = thanks to a noun + clause because = inasmuch as

Play in the exam, you may write the level of usual practice, because of time constraints coupled with the pressure of examinations, so it is recommended to write four paragraphs, in fact I am writing comprehensive examinations in the elegant, I feel badly written, because the wording is very general, but also the general sentence, the only feel good is well organized and the arguments sufficient, perhaps because of this it took seven, I hope you can help.