IELTS immigrant writing why it is difficult to score high?

In the teaching line, so that I and many candidates have close contact, of which 1 / 3 is the immigrant candidates, aged between 24-40, and 26, and 32-year-old is the main crowd. And they discussed many times deep, discovered that the destination of migrants vary, but also a variety of personal circumstances, but there is a very common feature – IELTS sad. Although the G Class IELTS reading and writing in a relatively lower degree of difficulty, but generally reflects the G class of students writing scores hard to find.
Canada’s federal skilled worker, writing should be 6.5-9.0 in order to get the corresponding points the language scores of 4 points, 2 points if the corresponding 5.5-6.0 ,4.0-5 .0 only correspond to 1 minute, lower than 4.0 do not correspond to points of immigration, which Although a policy of writing than the previous 7 points to get it to 4 points for the reduced language standards, but in fact it is the applicant for the majority of immigrants do not get any benefits, because most of the applicant’s writing scores even after repeated examinations can only be stable at 4.5 points, 5 points, or 5.5 points, 6.5 points is almost the kind of dream. Skilled migrants in Australia also require writing test to 6 points, for most immigrants is also very hard for the applicant.

1. Template language itself is better, higher level, and the candidates to play the content of their sharp contrast, very bad impression to the examiner, so that scores declined.

2. According to different kinds of questions, you need to use a different template, and candidates tend to rely too much time in the review template and did not have a thorough grasp of the kinds of questions, so indiscriminately applied in the examination room, leading to the wrong template, this fraction generally in the 4.5 or so.

3. Template itself has some drawbacks, does not meet the requirements, does not apply to the IELTS test candidates ability to distinguish the poor. 6. Examinees themselves poor language and communication skills, in addition to the template other than the recitation of 70-100 words, can not effectively drafting.

7. Writing answer sheet for errors.

8. Words is not enough.

9. Chinese English too, can not be accurately expressed.

10. Too divergent novelty.