IELTS Listening Section 4 fill-examination skills

IELTS Test Listening Section 4 is the fourth part of the most difficult part of the hearing test, this part is often based on the type of academic-based lectures there, involving highly specialized vocabulary or information, the question form to fill in the form of multi- appear. In the hearing, the candidates are not familiar with the professional plus hear many unfamiliar words, a psychological defense to crumble.

But in fact, according to the author many years of teaching experience found on the IELTS listening test of hearing difficulty, the majority of the information is not really a difficult test center, candidates provided they have a high school English vocabulary, a lot of information, or understand, fill was right. In this paper, candidates are designed to provide practical examination skills, to help candidates improve their section 4 in the fill-in accuracy.

I found the original hearing mostly mini-lecture (small talk) in the form, many of which corresponds to the fill-in, often in the form of class notes note the topic. In fact the subject was equal to the original content described in the Lecturer points recorded in the paper. If you look at the candidates to reverse thinking in the content of the candidates have not heard before, even with the main points of note on the record, we have been able to know about to hear this Lecture will discuss the main contents of the original candidates in the hearing before the forecast test center part of speech the word is particularly important. By predicting the test center, candidates will be able to “word vast sea” of targeted, to be supplemented by prompt words, candidates will be able to have a purpose, to selectively capture some of the study of the information, and let go of some of the transition of information, so that can reduce the burden of their own hearing and make the theme of enhancing accuracy.

In addition to words and tips to determine the test center outside of the word, they also remind the candidates to pay attention to Lecturer (speaker) is talking about the main aspects of the time, will introduce a specific description of some of the small, the speaker in order to make the audience more aware of the grasp his / her speech, the main message, will use some of the more consistent series of logical word to a few small areas. Candidates can use these words to determine what the speaker is now talking about a message, to reduce the burden of their hearing, and even if some weak candidates on the basis of the basic clear case of the general content of lectures, questions, or would do organic out. Cambridge IELTS 4 Test 2 in the Section 4, for example:

Browse through a rough second note has been provided to the candidates the kinds of questions the information, candidates can easily be judged in this part of the lecture consists of three aspects, namely: corporate crime is what the ignore (the factors are ignored), reason (reason), effects (impact).


33-34. Neglected factor

① part of speech and word prediction test sites to determine the prompt words

33 and 34 to hear the term should be two terms or phrases (depending on the number of words limit this problem, no more than three words to judge), of which 33 questions of the term, seminar speaker also referred to as an example to illustrate films , so the candidates can be judged the following information:

General tips word:. .. Ignored by.. . (Candidates can focus on this information, the content once mentioned the word or similar terms, then followed by the noun phrase it is likely that the answer lies)

There is also an additional 33 questions prompt words: films

② Note the original hearing the word among the possible logic

In the hearing process, the candidates will hear:. .. It (corporate crime) has been relatively ignored by the mass media-for example,. .. And films and so on.. . Which determined 33 of the answer is: mass media;

Then immediately after that hearing: And it also tends to.. Candidates also when they hear, they should realize that now the speaker has been talking about the second factor is ignored, and in the subsequent content can be heard:. .. Be ignored in academic circles.. . Which also determine the answer to 34 down: academic circles.

And this part of the author talking about other information, is secondary information, the candidates do not focus on the information above.

The problem-solving skills also apply after the test center.

35-36. Is ignored because

Hearing the original text followed by the speaker introduced the corporate crime is ignored because, according to the provided note, you can expect the speaker will talk about three reasons. After repeating the above two steps, you can determine:

35 question test center part of speech the word is a noun or noun phrase, suggesting that the word is more complex, need;

36 question test center part of speech the word is a verb phrase, suggesting that the word is victims

In the hearing process, the candidates will hear:

There are several reasons for.. . Can be judged on the grounds began to turn to a description. . .. It’s very complex,. .. Hear the complex, which later need to pay attention to what information, the answer is a noun phrase. . .. To follow what’s going on without specialist knowledge. Followed closely by listening to the candidates in this information, it is easy to determine the noun phrase should be specialist knowledge.

. .. As well as this,. .. Candidates can be judged an explanation of why the second point, but the second point, and no test sites, this information can be let go. . .. The third reason.. Access the third reason for the discussion. .. Is that very often the victims are unaware.. According to victims that prompted the word candidates can quickly determine the answer.