IELTS oral communication skills

IELTS oral communication skills, how to answer examination be called to the point

For the oral exam, many candidates are confused and do not know how to answer in the end be called the point. Some students think that as long as they listen to understand the teacher’s questions can go on down. As long as there is not much middle of the pause on the line. So this part of the candidates pay more attention to that spoken fluency. While the other students, they pay more attention to practice pronunciation and intonation, that pronunciation is the IELTS speaking the main event. IELTS exam is not just a matter of fact the students study voice, intonation and fluency, but also the overall assessment of communication skills candidates. And this communication skills in the examination process is a specific test to measure the direction, the measure of the number of directions, including the size of spoken vocabulary, talking all the time is not logical, syntactic control of how patterns of changing circumstances, between sentences convergence, and the application of idioms and so on. Some students think the exam so much time and think outside the box so short, can not remember crystal clear. Here the candidates most need to focus on a problem is that when the exam answers must be relevant.

In fact, very similar to the IELTS speaking and writing, spoken language on the given topic must be cut to the chase, or they will be doing that is beside the point. However, a prerequisite must take the subject to listen to understand Caixing. The concept for us to stray from the specific examples cited;

Question: Do you like reading books? Many candidates answered: Yes, I do. I like reading books very much.

For the answer, many students asked questions that the teacher is too simple, I can only answer. And many teachers are familiar with this answer was. Australian International English ( forums ) viven teacher candidates to remind you that this answer is not beside the point, but too simple. Candidates not want to score high teacher asked Do you …… then you answer Yes, I do …… this is the case. Feels like the back of the text. Can be used Of course, Definitely, Sure, and Certainly to be replaced, and then I like the back of the object to say ahead of time to become a Reading books is one of my favorites in my free time. In addition, it can enlarge my imagination and widen the scope of knowledge. This is not cookie cutter answer to both ensure that the content is more substantial. For the first part of the oral questions, suggestions, candidates do not answer too much content. As long as the point, know the result of points on it. If the examiner allows you to talk about your home, we must first summarize the content focus to say, then one of the extensions on the line. Do not say a lot of endless; the teacher will think you are recited out of it.

IELTS speaking test of the pertinent issue is of concern to many candidates, advises candidates usually more time to practice speaking to the teacher for help, Australian International English wish you luck.