IELTS score high on the three elements

IELTS score high in the three elements

1, the first is to establish self-confidence.

To know that even 9-point composition are still a puzzle out a word, we review the long term one from a well, not examinations is not high. IELTS Writing a total of only 250 big words, pinch that we generally just write the count on almost Sentences 15-18. The paragraph is very clear: beginning, middle and end of discussion. So as long as the structure to determine their own compositions, each at least a few words can say clearly, can write a complete composition of the IELTS. Whether good or bad your English and writing have failed or are still failures, must have confidence I can certainly write good articles.

2, the second is to have the courage to think of myself as stupid.

Can not fool than cattle! Benniao to fly first! Benniao do not wait until the last week before beginning to review the composition, at least in the exam in January start. Again, my view is the same, I am a little Little Bird, but I will be able to fly high.

3, think of myself as the machine of courage.

The machine is constantly writing, finish the afternoon one to write a small essay writing at night to write a small little essay.Must begin to tell yourself: that he is above the second kind of person to write one, you can more than 0.1! This enhancement down, a couple of days you will feel well placed to exploit, when the robots do not have time. In fact, if every day a little write a big essay writing, etc. 3 days after you write you will form habits, habits of this thing called happiness, if you did not write the fourth day but will feel no revision to the very comfortable, in fact, should not necessarily see themselves as machines, but through the formation of a habit to write to, so every day you will have a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence will improve.