IELTS Small writing

IELTS writing samples, is a seemingly simple but actually difficult types of writing. Many students feel like we were young in the Picture Talk, but get the map but do not know how to post to write. This article will take you from the complex to complete twenty hours simply get with a small essay.

The first stage

The first 5 hours: warm-up

No matter what kind of English ( forum ) composition, can not do without the support of grammar. It is like a house foundation repair, as only the strong fundamentals of grammar, writing skyscraper to where they stand. To a small composition, we can review the grammar is divided into two parts. Real-time state and sentence patterns. As we all know, English is the second large state the fundamental grammar, IELTS writing samples, however only two tenses can be done! Writing from the point of view out of the examiner, in addition to using the simple present tense sentence, the sentence can be used behind the present tense. Of course, one exception is that if you have the chart above that you predict the future situation after the current time, then when we add the table with the general prediction is to use the words on it. Requirements of sentence is not very high, in our secondary schools have learned simple sentences and complex sentences above to find the most appropriate on the line, in principle, IELTS is not recommend the use of a small writing too complex long sentences. Can be seen from the out clues on Pham Van, a good little essay is to pull on it no more. Therefore, the word comedy, parenthesis, such as the use of non-predicate verb is particularly critical and important, please pay more at the time of the preparation phase review.

The second 5 hours: Exercise

Practice at this stage is not a small composition exercises, but in the formal preparation before entering a crucial stage of practice. Would you ready to begin writing the text yet? I believe most of the students not ready! How to do? New concepts come up with your English, do not look original, just look at the translation of Chinese, try Zaifan go back to English. Look at your version and the English original label. Persist for some time you will find the translation levels rise a lot, at least in the sentence above, you will get used to translate the original refined and ingenious. This is a prime early stages of writing the law to practice! !

The second stage

The first 2.5 hours: ice

IELTS official time provides 20 minutes of writing a small essay of 150 words minimum number of words, big minimum 40 minutes essay writing 180-word words. From this level to a very good official confirmed the sentence: “Writing Task 2 carries more weight.” Smaller than a large essay writing scores high percentage, but it does not represent it is not important, often written in small writing large enough to affect the quality behind the composition and state of mind to play. Then how to write a small essay it? First of all we have to determine exactly what the so-called small writing? In fact, two categories: mainstream class (graphs, pie charts, bar charts and tables Figure), non-mainstream class (flow charts, diagrams and maps). We have different categories for different ways of writing, but no matter what is to follow the rules of the game, that is the official standard of the four score: TA (Task Achievement) (task completion) C & C (Coherence and Cohesion) (Coherence and Cohesion) LR (Lexical Resource) (lexical resources) GR & A (Grammatical Range and Accuracy) (Grammatical range and accuracy). It sounds very abstract is not it? We replaced with a new path to your shortcut is: three six-select one (or phrase, sentence selection and election connection) with a sub-skill (according to the internal logic section, look for and find at least contrast and sub-attributes analog segment) can be solved through the magical effect of killing most of the small writing it! Together with the five-step problem-solving method, Congratulations, you, the small rivers and lakes of the writing area can only solution! Five-step problem solving method, that is: Look, points, solution, set, write. Get a look at the legend and chart the future mission requirements, then there is a clear segmentation, IELTS examiners attach great importance to the logic of the article, so you need to have clear sub-context, which is a prerequisite for high score. Then after the deconstruction of the contents section, and should not be written to determine the writing part of writing a good score is very refined, you do not pull out any excess. Sentence patterns and vocabulary, followed by fixed connections, vocabulary sentence decision, then a different connection methods to blend into a variety of patterns match. All this in 3 minutes, the last remaining 15 minutes to write 180 words writing about a neat little essay, and to leave behind big enough writing time and space. See this, do you feel writing is to use a small sentence term for ready-made combinations of connecting it? Yes, IELTS official did not say that writing can not be used to apply a small sentence, it has always been the description of objectivity, so choose one to spend three six is not true that it? So do we start to feel like trying to write about it? Look at the second stage.

The second 2.5 hours: the consolidation of

Curve which is the easiest of all small and basic composition class, the basic graph also written a small essay to grasp the essentials. Curve is divided into a curve, two curves, three curves and curves of four models, including a curve does not consider that the test some years ago had two curves, three curves and the four curves is the most likely test, but in any case, the wording of the graph can not be divorced from overall trends are described, the starting point, end points, the lowest point, highest point, crossing point and the gap. Do this a few steps, TA part of the score would not lower. Sword 7Test2 of that question quite a representative, please do not look at the case of Pham Van spoken with the above five with three six-solving methods and techniques selected to write a first of their own little essay. Pie chart, by definition is the same as the pie graph to your share of the different properties of different parts of writing this article is not written in the most critical running account, the task requires us to Make comparisons, then we can start from here with the same attribute the rise and fall of different cake which remains unchanged compared to locate the sub-Canada, please note that the above choice of words and graphs to distinguish. Also in the sword 7Test4 years has provided us with a very good cake Zhenti four, which was the perfect material to practice. Histogram is entirely a variant of the graph, the abscissa the time or the number of words if we are directly connected to the top of each column is written by curve written on the line, or by writing to the wording of pie chart. Written form is relatively more comprehensive plans, and how so much information given in writing to find the most representative is the key to start the vertical axis from the horizontal, find the variable most abundant graphs and pie charts with a mixture of vocabulary and descriptive sentences can bring out the contrast, the remaining non-critical information points not write worth mentioning. Finished sword 6Test2 you will find a lot of gain!

The third 2.5 hours: jump

Finished the previous four articles do you find out your articles and Pham Van or not a small gap? This is normal, no one had any contact with the students IELTS essay will go through three stages, namely stage I do not know how to write, a small essay written in large creativeness Quan writing stage, to be closer to out of Pham Van refining stage. So you now need to do is pick up out of the hands of Pham Van careful study, found the pieces and find it fine words, parenthesis, clauses, etc., in order to make their articles more brilliant and refined. The following is a small essay should address the second category, non-mainstream class diagram, schematics, and maps. This is a nightmare for many duck hearts, in fact, do not be afraid as long as you are willing to spend a few minutes to cool them thoroughly and content of the legend, and in accordance with either space or time sequence or order of questions asked to write in accordance with the line. Moreover, most non-mainstream writing samples will give enough words in the map, you only need to use a different time or space conjunction with a variety of patterns can be combined, in theory, they smaller than mainstream classes more simple composition! Sword 6Test3 that road on the growth of silkworm silk manufacturing process and is the best example of the steps, you will surprise found that out of Pham Van is so simple and easy. As for the map question the kinds of questions that gradually rise, sword 5Test3 to open a supermarket on the location of that road make you a clear understanding of problems to the original question is to analyze the map in different locations to compare the advantages and disadvantages and draw their own conclusions, although it The writing began to have like a big essay traces of bias. In short, non-mainstream non-mainstream, after all, no changes of such title, Wang is broken!

Fourth 2.5 hours: perfect

Remember: Any martial arts after his secrets still got a lot of practice to Swordsman, small writing is also true! The above four articles just is not enough to ease your face and exercise control of the oncoming different kinds of questions. So, with the sword in the hands of all 3 to 7 of this five Zhenti sword set, the subject of a total of 20 writing samples are practicing again. With a five-step problem-solving method, with three sub-skills, and three of the six elected to the chart of a layer by layer to peel back the most brilliant language to describe it, go draw out the strengths and Pham Van Pham Van low score summary of the candidates deficiencies. Your future examiner will brighten the small writing!