IELTS Writing : Charity Organization

Here is a charitable organization on IELTS writing Zhenti Fan, Fan of this writing, IELTS is the main content of that discussion was particularly charitable organization which should be given to support people who need help, others think that charitable organizations should focus on their own country people. Discussion of both views and gives your own point of view.

Some people believe that charity organizations should give the aid to those who are in great needs, some people think that charity organizations should concentrate on helping people who live in their own country. Discuss both views and give your opinion. (Abstract class)


Background – theme – view

Charity organization

What is a charitable organization, and its purpose, its role is what, when there will be a discussion for charitable organizations?

When people suffer some natural disasters and are confronted with difficulties, they may expect the aid from others, especially charity organizations. However, there is an opinion that charity organizations should help people of their own country instead of giving aid to whomever in need. From my perspective, the aid should be given to those in need regardless of their nationality.

Natural disasters, war or social turmoil, all these factors may render people fall into poverty and diseases. The rise of charity organizations is associated with the emergence of these disasters. They relieve people from great sufferings and give people in need hope of survival. However, there is an opinion that aid from charities should only be given to people living in their countries while others think that charity should benefit all people. I tend to believe the latter is of more justification.

Body 1: why we should give help to those in great needs? What is the responsibility of charity organizations?

To help those in great needs is a reflection of moral obligation / duty for human beings. (Sense) And this practice of helping others will have numerous / many positive effects involving / including promoting economic development and enhancing social harmony. (Affect and effect) Meanwhile, the aid from charity organizations may cover a wide range of people and may be more transparent. However, there are some disadvantages of charity organizations. The money donated by charity organizations may be taken away by local officials and cannot reach those who are really in need. What’s more, charity organizations tend to give aid to those areas which are frequently reported by the media. This will cause regional imbalance or even regional conflict.

Body 2: whether aid from charities should only be given to local people?

As for those who advocate that aid for charity organization should be given to people living in their own country, I hold conservative attitude. There is no denying that it is more effective for charity organizations to give aid to local people. However, how to

Ensure fairness / equality among different peoples is the priority for charities. Fair distribution of resources and aid is an objective reflection of human virtues. (Evidence to the contrary) If every individual or every organization just focuses on their own interest, the world will become indifferent and unfriendly.

In conclusion, charity organization should give aid to people who are in great need without considering their social background, their nationality and something irrelevant. However, the aid should be supervised and monitored by some independent organizations for fear of corruption or embezzlement. / However, the aid should be controlled or supervised by some dependent organizations so that it can reach the targeted people.

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