IELTS Writing Fan Material of Tourism

The following essay is a Fan of Tourism IELTS material, very rich. We see a lot of IELTS Writing Fan of language is very refined; the question is English, but also in the preparation of pro forma questions. In order to write the same as IELTS Writing Fan article, following the accumulation of this material is essential.

Pros and Cons of Tourism


1. It is regarded as a pillar of key local economic development.

2. The booming tourist industry has created more job openings. Many people have said good-bye to poverty through involvement in tourist businesses.

3. The tourist industry has played a positive role in meeting the cultural needs of the public, carrying forward national culture and achieving the sustainable development of resources.

4. Tourism helps to better introduce the country to foreigners and showcase the brilliant history and culture to the outside world.

5. Tourism helps to improve the investment environment so as to attract more foreign investors.

6. Tourists can take pleasure in the magnificent natural landscape, appreciate the superior workmanship of ancient artists and enjoy a variety of local delicacies (specialties). Many tourist attractions offer a wealth of historical relics, fascinating scenery and interesting local culture.

7. Tourism helps to promote the catering trade, transportation service and commerce.

8. Tourism is the world’s largest and faster growing industry. According to recent statistics, tourism provides 10 percent of the world’s income and employs almost one-tenth of world’s workforce. By the year 2010, these numbers will double. All considered, tourism’s actual and potential economic impact is astounding.

9. Tourism encourages the preservation of identify, pride and value in our living conditions and the cultural legacy of generations in danger of extinction.

10. Tourism contributes to the revival of customs and traditions.

11. Tourism brings new money into an area and generates jobs, income and tax revenues.


1. Contact with and assimilation of other cultures will reduce the uniqueness of one’s own culture and make the world less colorful than before.

2. Undermine local traditions and ways of life.

3. Tourism may cause serious environmental pollution.

Tourism is about more than the material of IELTS Writing Fan entire contents; including both positive and negative parts are mostly relatively easy to start arguments. Everyone in the pro forma their IELTS essay, when the accumulation of these materials and more, you can write in a short time as good as the IELTS Writing Fan’s article.