IELTS Writing Reference Pham Van: How can I be happy?

Happiness is considered very important in our life. Why it is difficult to define? What factors are in achieving happiness?

It has been widely noted that happiness is very important to our life. However, what is happiness? It seems difficult to define, for different people have different ideas. Some people are brought up that most important thing in their life. They obtain happiness from seeking fame and profit. Other people are in pursuit of mental edification. They serve people heart and soul and find happiness from it.

In my view, according to philosophy, everything is in process of development including happiness. We spare no effort to achieve our goal and obtain happiness from success. However, after that we have another new aim to achieve. There is no limit to gaining lasting happiness.

Then how to obtain happiness? I think true happiness can be got in the following ways:

In the first instance, true happiness comes from hard work. A student is very happy when he has gotten high score in his examinations. His happiness is the result of his hard and patient study. Thus, happiness abounds in hard work.

Secondly, happiness is rooted in optimistic attitude. In our daily life, we should face a lot of problems, which may lead to setbacks. If these defeatist sentiments seize us, happiness will be far away from us. The only way is right attitude and sparing no effort to overcome it then you can find happiness.

Last but not least, happiness comes from frugality. Many example display people spending money wastefully for satisfaction of their desires may suffer from poverty in the long run. So living a simple and content life makes one happy and cheerful.

All in all, happiness is very important to our life. The good method to find happiness is making our mentalityand physicality both strong.