IELTS writing samples conjecture in 2011

A: curve
As the basis for mainstream graphics, graphs is a veteran, he is not dead, just slowly die. IELTS official seems to know the curve of Chinese students have beat us, is making his big brother to the former location of rivers and lakes. So when you met him in 2011 when, please cherish him. Big brother because he has not too many years, the rivers and lakes spread his legend. Curve even if you did not write, I am sorry is not over a thousand of the examination fee which is a rare hero’s twilight ah!

B: Pie
Combination of the model, this does not appear from the situation of mixed graphs, next year is likely to replace the mixed graph is a combination of chart position. The so-called composite map is the same type of graphics along with several co-examinations. Even with this year’s pie chart is a good example. In addition, to pay particular attention to the IELTS appear next three dead-end all forms of pie.

C: Histogram
Transformers in small writing, histogram constructed from the graphical point of view how the most variability. Remember, not only the official IELTS cunning a standard bar chart, the red columns in all directions is likely to appear on a paper on you!

D: Form Figure
That this form of Chongqing Wang Wang is a good hint. Most of the graphics as data, data analysis is very important. Ye Hao a table, two tables worth mentioning. Never forget many data and contrast the following description of potential; as long as you catch these two points, you caught the Gate of Life Form!

E: Flow Chart
Long time no see the pure flow, and also did not see the ghost figure out a long time (figure not only shows the flow chart.) From this year’s trend, both married the flow charts and maps. Map of the new marriage of the stream’s title to maintain this trend is likely to develop! The ghost map will come out to disrupt eager to prove their existence.

F: Integration
Mentioned before, the form chart in Chongqing, six pie. None of the trend in revealing the next year, and that is integration! If the mix of 09 popular air, 11 years will definitely be integrating wind. Merely a transitional period this year! Double form, more cake, double bar graph, process-based map title. These types should be the mainstream next year!

G: subversion
This year’s theme is the integration with subversion, that tasted the sweetness of the IELTS again next year to maintain this pattern continue to flourish. After all, as how many years did not change of life to great changes are unlikely. Only in a small area is sufficient tinkering. Therefore, in order of appearance of non-mainstream class, mainstream class of a certain type of trick that suddenly disappeared and so will be seen repeatedly in the next year.

H: The difficulty
The difficulty of this year, law-abiding, to maintain the style, in addition to 567 three months of a blowout. Years and year-end are low profile trend has emerged. Difficulty can be seen from the setup in the official IELTS or in pursuit of a balance, that is, the more difficult to refer to the appropriate person will be. Therefore, next year will still be so difficult on the set.

Nine: Mashups
Again referred to mix and match, because it so small is nothing more than writing a recipe. IELTS official play to play is repeated. It’s like fashion, played a few years ago is now again fashionable. Writing is also so small, it is likely to be abandoned this year again next year debut hybrid map!

Ten: Pressure points
Printing of this year, rumors constantly writing and speaking in the pressure points. In fact, such a gossip every year, particularly this year. IELTS exam and driving test is a virtue in China. Every year hundreds of thousands of IELTS, level increasing. In the premise of not changing the rating criteria, in addition to pressure points I would like to IELTS official could not think of a better way to control the number of people out. But no matter how pressing his points, how to write but also how to write on the line. With the strength to prove himself, which no one preferred destination for any examination of the law get high marks!