IELTS writing score of words required

IELTS writing scores, we should all prepare a lot of basic work, but one of the words is the very basic requirements, candidates write only enough words to get the IELTS Writing score possible.

IELTS Writing test is divided into two parts, a small 150 word essay to require candidates to complete the writing; great writing require candidates need to write 250-word arguments, this is the high score on the IELTS Writing on the number of words in the most basic requirements.

If the IELTS writing exam, candidates described in the chart or write a small essay is not complete at least 150 words of writing assignments, or in a large number of words in argumentative essay does not meet the requirements of at least 250 words, you will lose points, and thus get high scores on the IELTS writing.

Note that, although the IELTS writing test questions to do only the minimum required number of words, there is no restriction on the maximum number of words, but that does not mean that the candidates try to write lengthy articles.

On the one hand, candidates will not receive additional long article written scores. On the other hand, lengthy article written in candidates on the mean speed should be faster. Candidates write faster, easier on the grammar and spelling mistakes, or important information will be adversely affected. Therefore, candidates will not get the IELTS writing score.

So many words to write what is most likely to get the IELTS writing score it?

Candidates writing the words are a reasonable goal should be higher than the required minimum number of words a little more. Candidates are advised to write a small essay of up to 170 words, written in large writing up to 280 words can be. Limit the number of words written within 170 and 280, candidates will have more time to think carefully about their point of view, note the article’s structure, grammar usage and word choice. Note that, in the writing test, the quality is more important than quantity.

These are the high score on the IELTS Writing IELTS writing words on the requirements, neither too little nor too much, but also to express their views clearly, the only way the candidates can more easily get the IELTS writing score results.