IELTS Writing Standards

Many candidates as is the word IELTS Writing an insurmountable gap, then the IELTS writing words in the end of what is required? We must master the vocabulary to be able to reach the number of IELTS writing standards.

First, we must look for the IELTS Writing Vocabulary.

Lexical Resource

1. Accurateness

2. Authentic vocabulary

3. Variety

We look at each of those three points, the first point is the accuracy; the second point the use of authentic vocabulary; third point is the word diversity.

Many students can pursue a third point is the neglect of the first and the second point. A direct result of this essay is that although there have been some relatively high levels of vocabulary, but can use the handy because of their outcome does not backfire, the good words used in an inappropriate place. The intent to vocabulary unconventional, but they cannot accurately unconventional use of the word, so the writing process will waste a lot of time to think. Sometimes cannot remember but do not write it seems to be reconciled, then spend more time to think, or write that is the right word actually wrong. These are all have a direct impact on the scores.

We want to know, big word essay in addition to requirements, as well as the syntax requirements, and small essay than a large composition is more important is you have to the point of view and clear text structure. In ensuring the basis of these two words go to the excellent application of thought is the right choice. Is like you draw a building design, there is no frame, no design core, no matter how good the materials you use, it will not achieve the desired objectives.

Less so, I think words do not write scores for a certain article. We then review that exam do not bother to pursue vocabulary diversity. Skilled and accurate use of words better than those born to fight hard hash words is more important.