IELTS Writing Tip no word to express

With IELTS Examination of the increasingly popular around the world, more and more students choose to study abroad as a stepping stone, and the age of the candidates increasingly younger age, there were many high school students. 90 college students than students whose main difference is that the word is insufficient, an average of only about 3000 words, so many students face the task of IELTS writing 400 words, first thought was to remember the words, this process is almost occupied the pro forma Most of the time, do not really need a lot of IELTS writing vocabulary words when encountered will not have to look up to it? It is not. Here are several ways to tell the students how to express not the word.

Method One: Positive Solutions of antisense
For example this sentence: He is a hard worker. This sentence in the “hard” Many students may be less likely to fight diligent, and even makes up diligent. However, positive solutions by antisense methods, such as: He is not lazy people = he is a hard worker, “lazy,” we all know the word lazy, so not lazy = diligent.
May find this example simple, we can look at this sentence: In the present life, stress is unavoidable factors.
“Inevitable” look up the word if there will be as follows: inevitable / unavoidable / indispensable, these words are the six basic vocabulary, it is more difficult for high school students back. But through the words of positive solutions antisense inevitably = essential / necessary = necessary, very good expression of this sentence.
Another example is an example:
Parents often neglect their children grow. “Neglect” translates as neglect / ignore.
Ignore = ignore.
Parents often do not attach importance to the child’s growth.
Parents often do not pay much attention to the growing of children.
Method Two: detailed explanation
You may have seen the television program “I guess you come to gestures,” the program, in fact, the interpretation of words, in fact, this method can also be used in the IELTS writing, such as this example:
Government should provide assistance to the refugees. “Subsidy” translated sponsor / subsidize, “refugees” translated into refugee. These two words are new words, if the specific method of interpretation, aided removable data = money into the = financial, help = help = help; Refugees = people suffering the disaster = the people who were suffered from disaster.
This sentence can be easily translated:
The government should provide financial support / help for the people who were suffered from disaster.
Then practice it a few examples:
Example 1: child abuse should be punished. “Abuse” translated maltreat.
Brutal abuse = bad = good to = treat
The people who treat children cruelly / badly should be punished.
Example 2: housing prices began to slightly decline. “Slightly” translated slightly.
Minor = slow speed
The price of house start to decrease at a slow rate.
Example 3: People should strive to contribute to the ecological balance of the issue. “Ecological balance” translated into ecological balance.
Ecological balance = balance between man and nature
People should make great efforts to the problem on the balance between human beings and nature.
Example 4: The government should severely punish the perpetrators.
= Criminals who break the law, the people who violate / disobey the law
The government should strictly punish the people who violate / disobey the law.
We will find ways through the explanation, words will seem very long, not with the word back, they can clearly explain it, words can scrape together.
Method three: synonymous substitutions
Students are also available from the Chinese point of view, to look at the meaning of the conversion, such as: wash your face with milk every day is a luxury. “Luxury” This word is extravagant, for high school students are not often used.
If we look at conversion from the Chinese, “wash your face with milk every day is wasted.” Keep up with the words mean the same thing. “Waste” the word is very familiar with high school students wasteful.
Washing face with milk everyday is wasteful.
Then practice it a few examples:
Example 1: improved quality of life, ease the financial burden of the family.
Improve living quality, and release the economic burden of family.
Improved living standards, reduce family spending.
improve living level / living standard, and reduce the family spending.
Example 2: Lionel Messi is the undisputed best football player. “There is no dispute” translated indisputably.
Massey sure / must be the best football player.
Messi is certainly / surely / must be the best football player.