Inventory IELTS writing five errors: just look at the Fan without written

A considerable number of high school students take the time to hear as long as the University of Forty-six memorize all the words can take the IELTS writing test. This misconception exists in the present is actively preparing for the IELTS general high school, even college students. In fact, University of 46 English exams and IELTS are two completely different English test systems, 2 are not intrinsically linked, and the examination method is also different.

From the writing point of view, IELTS academic writing is not the so-called large vocabulary, and academic reports and domestic common vocabulary words in English writing exam is completely different. So high school students to recite and make great effort in memory of University of fourth six words are undoubtedly a waste of time and youth behavior. I have a lot of students have successfully passed the University of the 46 Examinations, and some even score through, but their IELTS writing score is low; some are not even 5 minutes to. Clearly recite forty-six words alone cannot successfully passed the IELTS Writing test.

In response to this misunderstanding, we recommend candidates to read more foreign academic report, the accumulation of vocabulary and idiomatic sentences, or to see Cambridge IELTS series Zhenti set 1-7, which the examiner read the article, including the appendix is ​​given in terms of both scores Fan IELTS Writing test is an important word. In addition, of course, high school students should have time to participate in professional training and systems IELTS exam, in a relatively short period of time, professional trainers will teach IELTS you how to correctly and efficiently prepare for the IELTS scientific examination.

Some high school students that as long as we take the IELTS exam, scores will naturally increase; and they did not have much time to read that review or IELTS training course.

IELTS is not a “cheap” test, to participate in a basic fee for the IELTS 1456 yuan. Some students go to other provinces and cities should also consider the exam for transportation and accommodations. For most families, high school students, this is not a small expenditure. A continuous row to take the IELTS exam, defeated, keeps on fighting and not very clever way. And more will test high school students have a certain psychological impact. Although not as IELTS as an entrance examination set for life, each year more than 40 IELTS can participate. But unprepared to take the exam itself is an immature and not responsible for their own, the parents hard-earned money on a blasphemy. Therefore, recommended that high school students must go through training or self-study system after a certain preparation and grasp of the go to take the IELTS exam, in order to pass.

Cambridge Zhenti series is very classic and authoritative information on IELTS can be said that all candidates preparing for the IELTS Cambridge has a set of basic teaching staff. There are high school students as the Bible, which repeatedly sets of questions in order to save training costs and time, to obtain a good IELTS score. Indeed, I contacted a few did not participate in any training, just by doing a good Cambridge Zhenti test results on the students. However, a common feature of these students is a solid basic skills in English, high intelligence, logical thinking, well, learning the right way. But for ordinary high school students, only Zhenti, not sum, not repeated scrutiny, is clearly not acceptable.

The correct approach is to have read carefully the appendix Cambridge examiner written essay, refine their paragraph layout, vocabulary sentence, the development of ideas and so on. Qualified students can ask professional trainer to help you interpret the IELTS, or participate in training when listening to their lessons.

Too many high school students believe that some of the writing forums, or writing a book recommended writing template, and will apply to the IELTS exam to go, but the final score is unsatisfactory. In fact, the template the idea of ​​writing as a tool to interpret the IELTS or play a role, candidates can read the writing templates to quickly understand the layout and level of IELTS writing paragraphs. However, examination of the use of talking about, I beg to differ. Years writing the first line of IELTS training course, all writing students at more than 7 points, almost no one is using the writing template. And love template writing scores for students in general are not even 6 points to. So I do not recommend students to recite a lot of writing templates, for the simple reason that writing is “live”, the template is “dead”.

The correct way is to write, writing before the second part of the IELTS writing have a certain understanding of the structure, vocabulary and sentence patterns have a certain accumulation, it is best to participate in professional training, experience some experienced teacher of writing, you consider before to help you find, so will be able to achieve the desired results.

Only do not write certainly not in the IELTS Writing test out the proper exam results. IELTS Writing test because only one hour, and to complete the two high-quality academic articles. High school students usually score Fan or simply read the article written by the teacher, and their hands to writing, then do not, not for the first time have a good control, even for English majors, do not write before the exam if it is not work. Second, if you do not write some words misspelled words or grammatical errors cannot sentence a timely exposure to these syntax errors can only be a stumbling block to the final exam. Therefore, high school students take the IELTS exam before the exam must practice a certain number of writing topics.