Ireland and scholarships to study errors introduced

Interpretation of the Irish abroad errors:

1) That Ireland’s education inferior to other European countries, but in reality? Ireland’s education has been very good, but because it did not like the other European countries to encourage China to promote chess Zhang “educational trade”. Therefore China’s education students have a lot of Irish to think that level is not high; (this also another reason: that is, the current enrollment in the Irish universities in mainland China are generally large, and even can be used to describe RUBBISH), which Ireland’s education makes students more and more a misunderstanding;

In fact, Ireland’s world-class education can surely be described as (of course, I am referring to the National University of Ireland and the Institute of Technology, and not those language schools and private schools in Dublin). Otherwise, how Ireland could become the world’s largest software exporters (previously ranked second, after the United States, and now the Yankees have thrown in the back).

But, the current Chinese students studying in Ireland, the vast majority do not have the opportunity to enjoy first-class higher education in Ireland, and secondary education, (which many students with their own qualities, because many students do not come here to learn, but to go abroad and abroad, such a student you can enter the National University?)

Have to admit that the current Chinese students in Ireland, really on behalf of Chinese students from Shanghai’s students, because there most of the students studying at the National University are from Shanghai, and Fujian, from the northeast, and fellow , I would not evaluated.

2) the choice to go abroad to Ireland to study, because relatively speaking, in Ireland than in other European countries visas more accessible; (resulting in what kind of situation? Current Chinese students in Ireland is relatively poor quality, which we shall not accept the fact);

If the Irish choose to go abroad, I advise you not to; if to enjoy world-class education, Ireland is a place worthy of your choice, in general, to enjoy this first-class education, you need the following conditions (Otherwise, discussion, or only go to Dublin schools are RUBBISH)

If you want to go to college, the following conditions:

1 – Have participated in the college entrance examination and was admitted to university undergraduate studies in China (preferably a key university admission);

2 – TOEFL at least 550

Do not have these conditions, you come to Ireland can only be:

1 – or order to come to work;

2 – either to go abroad and go abroad

If you want to go to graduate the following conditions:

1 – University graduate degree to obtain the best focus of China’s university graduates;

2 – TOEFL at least 550 points, 600 points or more recommended.

If you have outstanding results, but also entirely possible to get a scholarship.

Scholarships guide to Ireland to study:

Ireland Scholarships are divided into 3 types:

An application for admission to professional schools of Ireland, the conditions of compliance of the students, accommodation fee waiver

2 apply for admission to professional schools of Ireland, with its embodiment in the form of fee remission.

For example: most of Ireland is decreasing year by year tuition, so some of the scholarship is 50% the first year of remission.The second and third years the proportion of scholarships are paid 10-15% sliding scale year after year.

Analogy Description:

€ 9,500 the first year of tuition, reduced by 50%, paid tuition € 4,750

€ 9,000 the second year in tuition fees, reduction of 70% paid tuition € 6,300

€ 8,400 the third year in tuition fees, reduction of 85% paid tuition € 7,140

(Proportion actually paid in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of the University of Ireland, have detailed instructions for each successful application.)

3 schools to apply to Ireland after taking professional + language, the payment of tuition fees directly to a tuition waiver.

Dublin Business School in 2009 for example, a scholarship is set as follows:

1. The first year of undergraduate tuition remission 500 euros, 1,000 euros relief for first-year graduate students.

2. A one-time payment of language courses (CBL) a year tuition fee + 50% the first year of undergraduate tuition fees

Can also be relief for 500 euros,

3. A one-time payment of language courses (CBL) a year tuition fee + 50% of first year master’s fees,

Can also be relief for 1000 euros.

Ireland is currently the largest school scholarships in science and engineering university and private institutions inside. Ireland, of course, comprehensive universities, but which also set up a scholarship will be set up in individual departments and professional inside, the applicant will have different requirements.