Ireland in 2011 to study policy trends positive

Irish students will reduce the fees:

Studies are being conducted according to the International Education Expo information fed back by the Irish students to study tuition fees will be reduced.

Last month, the Irish government issued a new policy on international students; it is 2010 to 2015 five-year plan, in this part of the development plan, first mentioned in Ireland in the next five years to improve the quality of education. Secondly, it will rise global strategic. Which includes tuition-fee system reform, also contains many preferential policies, are very attractive for international students. We hope that students will reduce the tuition fees.

In addition to lowering tuition fees, we pay more attention to improve our teaching quality and teaching experience

Commercial Counselor Embassy of Ireland, said Ireland has seven public universities, seven schools, two located within the top 100 internationally. Now, there are 26,000 international students studying in Ireland. 4.000 Chinese students studying in institutions of higher learning in Ireland. The main choice of Chinese students in business, commerce includes accounting, finance, management aspects of the curriculum; in addition, some students choose IT, electronic engineering, and hotel management.

Before the Irish study Baggage Information:

First, the carry-on baggage (8 kg) basic personal belongings:

1. Passport

2. Admission Notice

3. Ticket (please book one month in advance)

4. Passport / visa / admission notice of the copy and the original points to open.

5. Cash, carry more than 3,000 euros in cash to prepare an urgent need (If it is possible for a small sum of money in the bank, used to call at the airport) also can take travelers checks.

6. Emergency contact numbers, including the boarding home phone, pick up one phone.

7. English Dictionary (for emergencies)

8. Boarding pass (two) you enter the airport in Ireland, the immigration officer will ask you to produce the above documents, so it should be placed in carry-on bag (or pocket) in order to be easily removed. In addition, immigrants also need to fill out the registration card.

Other belongings:

1. If the history of motion sickness, motion sickness, bring sickness drugs.

2. Umbrellas (or raincoats, can be placed in checked baggage, but it is better to put out the place.)

3. Pen and notepad, to reach the Irish entry to use.

4. Map.

5. Other commodities: face wash fluid, tissues, and girls of various types of cosmetics, CD, MP3, novels. 6.’s Hat passport size photographs (with 20 or more recommended 2-inch, to use a lot of places in Ireland.)

Second, the checked baggage (30 kg, length width and no more than 158 cm of the trunk) do not forget to clearly identify your luggage, your name and contact information written in love on the label.

1) Clothing: underwear, socks:

Spring and autumn: Rain jackets, thin sweaters, long sleeved shirt, jeans, sweaters.
(Ireland the chance to wear sweaters and more).
Summer: T-shirts (long sleeve, short sleeve), shorts, shoes.
Winter: thick sweaters, down jackets, jacket, leather, thin Maoku, down vests, scarves, gloves, hats, Suits: suits, shirts (long and short), tie, costume (the Irish have few opportunities to dress up)

2) shoes: sports shoes, shoes, slippers

3) food: pepper, aniseed, chopsticks (spoon), fruit knives, rice cooker, heater, toothpicks, tea, kitchen knife,

4) the drug: cold medicines, silence supernatant pills, spiramycin, stomach, Pi Yan Ping, Yunnanbaiyao, cool oil, wind spirits, motion sickness pills, painkillers, bruises, drugs, anti-fever medicine. (But do not take Chinese herbal medicine)

5) live: toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo (pouch), nail clippers, Ershao, scissors, nail clippers, transparent plastic, bed sheets, quilt cover, pillow cases, towels, bath towels, pajamas, razors, glasses, flashlight , comb, small mirror, incense, camphor ball, desiccant,

6) glasses: glasses (except now and then prepared to wear a pair of); contact lenses (two); care solution (two bottles) sunglasses; eye drops;

7) Other: batteries (preferably rechargeable batteries, battery Ireland is very expensive) and charger. Small appliances (Ireland voltage 240 volts, the voltage required to buy a converter), such as MD, Discman, Walkman, electric razor (preferably direct charge), alarm clock and so on. Camera (film or digital camera more).

8) the books should be selected with a class, after accounting for weight space, the dictionary for a class of tools and the necessary professional books can be, if you must take a lot of the mail would be best to separate, or shipping.

9) software, game discs. (Usually inattention)

10) gifts. Without a very expensive gift, such as tea, Chinese stamp on it. CD can get some Chinese traditional instruments (better packaging, great gift to send foreigners). Finally, can take two cigarettes over. Options: (for permanent residence, Wan Ku clan) DVD Player (region decoding), cooker, soybean milk, sesame paste or hot sauce and so on. Wired telephone.