Latest IELTS essay questions

January 15, IELTS essay questions are: corporate employees pros and cons of male to female ratio of 1:1.

January 22, IELTS essay questions are: Causes of antisocial behavior, and who would bear the responsibility of the Department.

(IELTS Writing Zhenti out of respect for intellectual property, not to the English exam announced, only Chinese.)

Analysis: January 15    Corporate employees pros and cons of male to female ratio of 1:1

This topic is a new wine maker, for a long time ago, IELTS exam has been admitted to university students in male-female ratio is 1:1. Now only the university into the business only, of ideas, writing the language are similar. Here we must again emphasize that the IELTS is not a new problem, especially in the writing, not to arbitrarily change the exam, regardless of how change, IELTS or IELTS, like a person, regardless of how changes in dress, he was himself. IELTS you need to know, do not recognize IELTS clothing. IELTS test theory will never change, is to test the contents of the following tests:

  • Present ideas
    • Support the view
    • Refute the view
  • Analysis of the reasons
  • Statement of the pros and cons
  • Recommendations

To test this a number of writing skills and IELTS test changing the surface form, that is, if there are many IELTS writing exam, but in the final analysis, IELTS is a writing exam.

Exam for January 15, to provide candidates with the following line of analysis:

  1. Which department is responsible for corporate human resource distribution of male to female ratio?
  2. What kind of enterprises have a very large gender bias?
  • You go to Starbucks or KFC, when staff are more boys than girls?
  • Bank employees?
  • Taxi driver?
  • Early childhood teachers?
  1. Do you think IT industry and machinery-manufacturing industry is even greater proportion of males?
  2. Sex ratio would have any effect on group behavior?
  3. How do sex ratios affect the population and the individual’s mental and character behavior?
  4. A lot of time in the girls, boys, how would performance?
  5. Many of the groups in the male and female infertility what is performance?
  6. If you are a company manager, how would you concerned about the sex ratio of employees?

Candidates also need to know, if you want to search for relevant English-language on the sex ratio of the original, how should the search, the search sites? Recommended, type in key words:

  • sex proportion in workplace
  • gender and jobs
  • sex segregation of occupation
  • sex-discrimination employment

After the search should read the original text and then take notes and record value of their expression, sentence, or even thinking, for example: sex proportion in employment &f=falsereading154-155

After logging in, to learn how to use the language of graph statistics support the ideas and sentences.

January 22 exam is anti-social behavior anti-society behavior, Chinese students tend to encounter such questions, would like to have the feeling of death, because in the Chinese education system, students are encouraged never to think of social problems (some colleges and universities Sociology exception), students are to be closed with a wall in the normal social isolation, the Chinese I met on campus is the world’s most funny and humorous picture, many universities have the wall, but also guard and security against personnel access, more funny is that when the Chinese were criminals kindergarten after the attacks, the idea of the Chinese people do not know how, and not of anti-social reasons, but even strengthened the wall system, installation of cameras in schools to increase security and so on, problem solved? The next IELTS exam essay questions that might arise:

Campus profiteering acts have occurred, it was suggested that students from the normal social life, isolating them, whether or not you agree with this approach?

Most young people would not think not being encouraged to think of the people, that is, the national IELTS writing scores low, this intermediate is not does not matter. Should be a community of people who only put ourselves in society, people would be thinking about social issues.

On January 22 IELTS writing exam, the proposed candidates thinking:

  1. What is anti-social behavior?
  2. What is social behavior?
  3. What is society? (Think of an interesting phenomenon, in front of many organizations often see a slogan: “social vehicles banned from entering”)
  4. Antisocial behavior may be what the motive?
  5. Antisocial behavior in your country and the region – China – is to prevent or be encouraged?
  6. Why do you not around most of the anti-social behavior?


    • Courage? Used to end in disappointment, had to bear
    • With conservation? Nature of peace, accustomed to see the positive factors?
    • Money, not anti-social?
    • No money, no ability to anti-social?
  1. What is causing anti-social behavior of social systems, or some people did their degrades anti-social?
  • Phenomenon has not heard of hatred of the rich?
  • Routed to the third line up to buy train tickets, but did not vote, naked man to the station, ask questions whether it is anti-social behavior?
  • Do you have to smash things behavior curse or not? If so, please tell you the real reason? When angry, do you not attributed to their virtue, or complain about social injustice?
  • For example, you Maidaojiahuo?
  • You have been deceived?
  • You are eating the police ticket fishing law enforcement?
  • You go to the hospital is not treated as human beings?
  • Your family unfairly persecuted by society?
  • You see the family planning policy, urban management or not?
  • When you pay personal income tax is in any mood?