Policy guidance for IELTS Listening

2011 IELTS test has begun, through the 2010 examination laws of view, IELTS practice increasingly dependent on the internal strength. Listening is no exception, in 2010 the examination, the topic and declining proportion of the old problems and new issues to increase the percentage. Then in 2011 the candidates, in hearing what issues should pay attention to pro forma, how different score requirements for information. The following New Oriental Online Class IELTS Listening counseling teacher examination in 2010 through the analysis of summary review of 2011 made ​​some suggestions to help the candidates are.

First, understand the IELTS examination and hearing the form of a question

IELTS listening test is divided into four parts, part of the dialogue 1, 3, 2, 4 parts of a monologue; some students may be used to listen to the dialogue, because Youwenyouda, the answer is relatively easy to hear it. We are not used to listening to monologues, so in practice to listen to some of monologue, used in the form of IELTS.

IELTS other kinds of questions more, there are forms, complete sentences, questions and answers and options, of which the first three are required to write answers. Multiple-choice questions do not need to write, but need to listen to when you read option.

In addition to these regular exam, and some times often to test, with questions and problems with maps. Map questions mainly test our side to find the time to listen to directions; with the test in question is the time to listen-to-listen and read casual working and options, examine the abstract thinking, more difficult. In addition to these also appeared drawn, illustration questions, comprehensive title, category, format will be with a lot of. Wanted to test a good first thing is to understand the different kinds of questions, different kinds of questions we need different capabilities; we need to adapt to it.

Second, the 2010 Examinations in IELTS Listening Summary

Questions and IELTS in 2010, there is no change of scene, with changes in the past mainly been on the machine, based on years of counseling experience in IELTS, IELTS 2010 machines of all years in the least by the test, that is, the old exam questions the least, the new title managed to get most of the year.

2010, 48 examinations were part of 192, only the 86 part of the old questions, new questions, old questions only 43% in previous years, generally at least 50% or even 80%.

III, Class 3 candidates pro forma guidance IELTS Listening strategies

1, hope it `s to 5.5 hours of language study abroad

For those who want to reach students from 5 to 5.5 points does not matter even beginners, the first basic vocabulary can enter the intake of phrases and sentences, that when you listen to react. If you can recite, some more oral and written texts can guarantee the 5.5. Hearing the words to “Listen to this” initial hearing to listen to the first 18 lessons, listening familiar, that listening and speaking test to a 5.5 is no problem. Cook 5 times the title 10 times, get all the words phrase sentences, the subject of practice to do it again, together with Cambridge, the subject did not have a problem. This is the beginners to 5.5 points, take 3 months.

2, Reading to go abroad or graduate school of 6 to 6.5

For the basis of 5 points, to undergraduate or postgraduate study abroad is about two to three months time, under normal learning two hours training each day with a hearing a month, a half point increase is very easy. The goal of fraction 6 to 6.5 students, suggested the accumulation of vocabulary will be able to reach 8000 or so. Grammar vocabulary familiar enough to make you reach 6 points, or 6.5 points. If would like to improve the hearing, then to do something a little “Listen to this” second half of book, hearing test to 6 to 6.5 points to no problem.

3, good schools to study abroad, the need to test to students from 7 to 7.5 points

Wanted to test to students from 7 to 7.5 points from 6 to 6.5 on the basis of generally 2 to 3 months, listening to the material can be coupled with “Listen to this” hearing before the 18 Intermediate class. It cooked together the Cambridge series of exercises, listening exam 7 to 7.5 hours is also very easy. 8 test points if you want to do the latter half of mid-level listening volume, would be sufficient.

Meanwhile, pro forma hearing, the hearing is important to enhance the basic capabilities, but listening skills make you more with less in the exam. It is recommended that the best candidates reported to training courses. Choice of courses vary from person to person, in addition to general awareness in the people face to face classes, network classes is also very good option. New Oriental to the classroom to an example network, the first lecture from the constraints of time and place, and can repeatedly listen to and help to gradually break the weak links, the candidates for the relatively poor foundation, the validity period of 200 days, can guarantee Candidates for quite some time to learn, coupled with classroom teachers to teach some of the elements, techniques, even if the exam, however, can continue to further study through the online course in preparation for the next exam.