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Why is corruption most prevalent in some countries?

Why is corruption most prevalent in some countries?

Discuss the topic in class and then write an essay about the causes of corruption, which is a serious problem for some countries.

Possible causes:
Problems with judiciary
The big money syndrome (small salary versus possibility of making huge sums of money)
Highly complex organizations of crime
Acceptance of the “fact” by the public
Indifference of politicians
Useful vocabulary
Part a
Bed the laws: break the laws in a way that is considered not to be harmful
Pervert the course of justice: put obstacles in the way of justice being done
Embezzlement: stealing money obtained illegally so that its origin cannot be traced
Perjury: lying when under oath

Part b
Bribe smo. (With a certain amount of money) to do sth
Accept / take bribes (from smo.)
Fight bribery/ corruption
Make/introduce/pass/impose/violate/suspend a law
Remain within/ respect the law
Go to law
Decide a case or a legal matter
Bring to court and punish severely
Punish with a prison sentence
Cover up one’s dishonest activities
Follow / pursue policies to reduce / alleviate poverty
Lie in deep / abject poverty
Make ends meet
Knowingly break the law
Put smo. On trial
To face trial on fraud charges
Be imprisoned for a fraud
Go on / stand / await trial for a crime
Be charged with conspiracy to do sth.
Law-abiding citizens
Breakdown / maintenance / establishment
Trial proceedings
Tax evasion

Sample Essay :

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